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  1. thanks ill try that when i get a chance. the goal is to get the sharp drivers from the xp cd and see if i can install the printer on win7 using the xp drivers
  2. hi, im looking for the printer drivers that come included with win xp - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/293381/en-us Sharp JX-9600Sharp JX-9600 PSi currently dont have windows xp install so cant grab them that way. i have tried following a guide to expand the files off a disc but its not working. it was telling me to expand the sysoc.in_ file in the folder i386 but all it does is produce a txt file. can someone point me to the correct file or upload the drivers here thanks.
  3. i would like to make a shortcut on my windows 8 tablet to be able to launch chrome in mobile mode as sometimes while im browsing with the full site it doesnt fit in the screen and is annoying while using in bed i know i can change the user string but what one should i choose? and can i set it up in a shortcut so i can open it when i want rather than it being default
  4. ok thanks i followed this use Mouse Keys to move the mouse pointer to setup mouse pointer and now it shows the mouse pointer and if i leave enabled it works fine
  5. how do i install a hid mouse device when i dont have a hid mouse device plugged in? so the program has a mouse pointer the only way i can get the mouse pointer is by having the mouse plugged in is there a way to fake it with the app so when turned on it recognizes it as a hid mouse device?
  6. ok so with a mouse plugged in it will move the mouse pointer around fine, when the mouse is removed the mouse pointer icon disappears. is there a way to have have a mouse pointer?
  7. thanks guys works a dream Edit: it appears the mouse pointer has disappeared now....
  8. it says im missing msvcr110.dll? yet its a new install that hasnt been played with
  9. with the android xtralogic remote desktop app you control the mouse pointer with the touch screen. is there a program that you can do this in win 8? something that can easily be turned on and off in taskbar
  10. after a bit of reading there appears to be 2 different types of apps metro apps and desktop apps. where do you find the desktop apps? whats the difference between them? eg twitter metro vs twitter deskop why are they called desktop apps and not just a "program" like normal desktop programs?
  11. thanks, yeah i knew xcopy could do that but its still alot of manual effort i could do it by hand quicker as each time i want to do it its something different so by the time i done it in cmd i could of already done it but after probably 6 hours of googling i have found out how to do it so anyone that actually wants to know how to here it is first you need total commander and then download the plugin copytree http://www.totalcmd.net/plugring/copytree.html then heres a snippet from the readme (comes with the file but a little hard to understand (although could be fro lack of sleep) an i will just edit the install instructions 1. Installation and configuration file to install it manually you should extract archive contents to any folder (i created a folder called plugin in the Total commander install Dir, then created a folder called CopyTree where i extracted the file), load Total commander and open Configuration - Plugins - Configure packer plugins, choose an extension for plugin It is recommended to use extension CopyTree (it will be displayed in the Pack dialog's list of packer plugins). and then specify path to plugin file.(where you extracted it before) Total Commander passes INI file name on plugin loading. If not (e.g. TC version earlier than 5.51) or if INI with plugin's name exists near the plugin, this file will be used as configuration file. File encoding may be ANSI or Unicode - you may change it manually using any text editor. Parameters in [Copy Tree] section: AskOptionsOnWin=1 Show choose tree level dialog before copying if Win key is down; AskOptionsAlways=0 Show choose tree level dialog before every copying; CopyDirTimeStamp=0 Copy timestamps of directories; DefaultCopyLevel=0 Allows to override folder levels to copy. If >0, specifies number of levels to copy (1 - first safe choice, 2 - first safe plus one level etc.), if <0 - number of levels from root folder to skip (-1 - full path with drive letter, -2 - full path w/o drive letter etc.). When choose levels dialog is shown, overrides initial choice. If this parameter is set, it disables mandatory displaying of choose levels dialog when you copy files from search results panel; Language Current language file name (just name w/o path and extension). 2. General features and usage to use select the files your after and press Alt+ F5, then select copytree and done (make sure your right window in TC is the location you want the Destination directory to be) the readme explains everything but just not as direct as this hope whoever wants this can get it working fine
  12. i do alot of copying single files to my usb stick and every time i copy it i have to type the 2 parent directory folders to the copy the file to is there a copy program that can copy the file with (2) amount of parent directories eg. Folder 1 - Folder 2 - - File 1 - - File 2 - Folder 3 - - File 3 - - File 4 if i want to copy all i just copy Folder 1 and use "send to" very easy if i only want to copy file 1 i need to create Folder 1 and then create folder 2 inside folder 1, i then copy file 1 into the created directories (now why dont i just copy all and then delete file 2? and folder 3) because theres normally alot more folders and files is there something that can do "send to" (or copy) with 2 leading folders?
  13. I am slightly confused with that, im not against having to reactivate, i was just wondering if i could do it without BSOD because of different hardware i will be upgrading motherboard cpu and ram and obviously the ssd i have read there are ways to do it but thought this community would be able to say the easiest way i did read windows backup could by installing windows 7 onto the fresh computer then recovering the backup onto that but havent been able to find too much about it its looking like a reformat, although not the best option for me at this time is still the best option, i may have to hold off on the upgrade for a few months or so until i can get it done properly
  14. i currently have my pc here and am planning to upgrade just about everything on it even converting my current hdd to an ssd can i use windows backup feature to back up the OS and then recover it to the ssd and it work on the PC after the upgrade? i know i should do a complete reformat but i really need to keep it going as is for now until i get the time to do a reformat. i have way too many settings, symlinks and programs that id need to change to get it back to how it is.
  15. im not after using it to share files just want to view the folder structure and see the files in the folder not open them if that makes sense. seems too hard just for that thought it could be something simple thanks

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