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  1. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtualpc...nloads/sp1.mspx Enjoy
  2. I'm just curious.... when do you get these messages? If you're slipstreaming a XP source with SP2, it shouldn't prompt you with those messages. Perhaps you're trying to install SP2 while within windows?
  3. That one line told you what was wrong Reading the error reports comes in handy fixing things
  4. Alanoll

    nLite 1.1

    Again, I'm not talking releasing the source code of Nlite. As for commercializing, many commercial applications allow for addons to be created (IPB anyone? ). WMP has skins, Winamp has it's plugins, so on and so forth.
  5. Alanoll

    nLite 1.1

    Actually, no i didn't. I say make a sort of SDK to ALLOW for opensource modules to be created, but I never said nLite itself should be opensource. I remember all the old discussions of open sourcing nLite, and I still agree with nuhi that it should stay closed.
  6. Alanoll

    nLite 1.1

    My request isn't so simple, and could prove quite complicated and possible rewrite of a majority of the code. Make nLite modular. Have a base engine that loads modules. Module for removal, one for cosmetics, and what have you. Along with this, the ability for others to write their own modules (say to include something you never would have though of). I understand you don't want to make nLite opensource, and so the modular idea with allowing users to write their own modules (granted the programming ones) and then could take some of the burden off you for different "components" of nLite.
  7. because you could just as easily update them yourself? because both nLite and the Update packs update the I386 FOLDER and not outside of them?
  8. you ran two instances of nLites at once?
  9. I'm more of a Halo 2 person myself.
  10. Alanoll


    Has anyone had any luck in using the SEARCH of this forum? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=Se...highlite=iTunes
  11. Alanoll

    Nlite Timeline

    nLite.inf is executed at "Registers Components" and at first logon. CAB files with apps are typically either first Logon or SVCPACK.INF (T-12) Some of the windows components are parts of sysoc.inf. Do a search and you'll learn a good deal. RyanVM's update pack uses this method to install it's tweaks and such.
  12. Alanoll

    Nlite Timeline

    http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/13/ Do remember, nLite is not an install process. You use it to modify Windows. You're installing Windows when you reformat, not nLite.
  13. Alanoll

    Nlite Timeline

    now, do you mean a timeline for the 10 minute process of creating the disc? or the timeline for Windows Setup? Windows Setup != nLite
  14. Alanoll

    hotfixes list webiste

    Most people don't use the Administrator account as their normal account, they create one for their own. In fact, Windows hides the original Administrator account unless you unhide it or it's the only account on the system.
  15. are you aware of all the intricacies of the XP setup?
  16. They were valauble questions. A request is worthless without a reason. I still fail to see how this could be useful. There are numberous other pages on the web with service listings and settings. As for another way, you could import registry entries (nLite uses this method) to disable the services.
  17. I guess I can ask Vad is he happens to have an english copy, thought i doubt it. Good to know, originally that site started as a translation of MSFN's.
  18. Why would it be useful? Who would maintain? Why use WMIC?
  19. I honestly have NO IDEA what you're trying to do. Elaborate alittle more?
  20. Leave the script. I don't mind the script. I just mind it when everytime there's a new version people feel the need to tell me. Then, everytime a new script is made they post in THIS thread....a thread about an MSI. If people weren't happy with the MSI, they could do a search for Winamp and come up with atleast 4 other ways to do this...including another MSI.
  21. Not to be rude...but... EXCELLENT! JUST WHAT I WANTED! I came to a thread looking for a MSI and get directed to an AutoIT script that has EVEN LESS functionality then what I see here. Sure it's a work around till i get time, but still....i HATE it when people hijack threads for their own. (You did write the script)
  22. Did you happen to notice how that RAR with the ISM in it is just under 150KB? Perhaps the ISM is the original file that i used to CREATE the MSI using InstallShield 11.5. I uploaded it incase someone wanted to use it. As for 5.23 MSI, I get to it. But my laptop is currently out of commission with a busted LCD.
  23. Considering how close that deadline is, i can see how they wouldn't want to make any more patches.

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