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  1. The main purpose of WGA isn't so much to deter pirates from using the software, but to identify those that have been fooled by pirates who "bought" XP thinking it was legal.
  2. What part of the US do you live in? Pirating software is considered theft in the least, and copyright infringement at worst. The first considering the price of hte software is a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas (punishable by up to $5000 fine and 2-3 years in prison), and copyright infringement is a federal offense where the punishment is substantially more. Even after THAT, Microsoft can then sue you.As for the MS engineers not being as smart as the hackers....i would have to disagree. They are equally as smart. Speaking as a software developer myself, you try to make things work. You don't think "How could this possibly be misused?" because you're entirely focuses on getting it to work. Hackers on the other hand already have the software written and they just must find the hole in the code that the developer never thought of. When you make a GUI, you try to think of every way an user to screw it up (whether entering a non-usable value, or clicking something or what have you) and even after that, there's those few users that find SOMEOTHER way that you would NEVER have thought of to use the GUI and thus leads to over concerns. I would agree with you there. If you ever look at some of the laws....it's considered a more major offense to download a movie from the internet then to kill someone (i'm talking man slaughter not Murder 1). Download a movie can lead to 20 years in prison, Man Slaughter is 10-15. There are other laws in place that are similar that were enacted though input from the "intellectual property owners". It's not like killing anyone, or molesting children, or rape, or anything like that are serious or anything right?
  3. The system is the same as with no connection as it is with a connection. No popups and no running process in the background.
  4. WGA doesn't continually run though, so there's no performance loss. The only time it DOES run is during startup and whether you're running a pirated copy. The WGA Check that installs from Windows Update and the Microsoft has ONE program that runs, and exits when satisfied. Whether or not your copy is legal, you may not have right access to a file it saves or any other number of variances that are caused by you. I have WGATRAY.EXE run every startup, and exits within a second or two. After that, there is NOTHING. Nor do I recieve any WGA notifications in the system tray. Out of curiousity, did you use nLite or change any system settings or remove any components?
  5. Not entirely accurate. Spyware sends and recieves data used in a malicious intent or to produce a profit. WGA recieves a value from the server whether to run or not. It's not used for profit but rather to reduce loss of profit by theft. Everyone to jumping to conclusions in this day that somehting is against privacy or some sort of spyware because it acts in a way you didn't know. Oh my! Forgive the developer for NOT diclosing every little detail about a program to you. Quite frankly, you have no right to say they have to. You can request and demand all you want, but they're sitll not required.
  6. Threats are only warranted when the targets a numerous. There's no reason for a hacker to target a browser utilized by a small percentage. Toute all you want about browser security regardless of browser, but if there's little gain for the effort it won't be done.
  7. Of late, AntiVirus vendors have been including spyware/malware into their definitions and any program that could be used to support them. CMDOW is such a program. It is not a program, and all it does it hide a window. It's detected because one or two pieces of software could use it maliciously so you don't see what's happening to your computer. You people are too paranoid.
  8. Now seriously....are you stupid? You've violated two rules already, and now you've violated one of the two A SECOND TIME! Then you goad us into banning you. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Removing WGA is legal. Disabling it is not. By modifying ANY file in the WGA to disable it while still giving the appearance it's installed, you've violated the license agreement deeming it illegal.
  9. well.... Alittle browsing would be a great start. http://unattended.msfn.org/ is linked at the top of EVERY page. There's several forums here devoted to Unattended CDs, as well as numerous member projects to accompany them. Browse, read, search.
  10. I understand where you're coming from....however... what you are requesting, is in itself a MOMUMENTAL task even for the current staff of MSFN. The cleanup process would take over a month to complete and that's working about 12 hours a day (every Mod [when i actually put thought into this, there were only 4 Mods that could actually do this, there are more mods now, though still only the 4 Super Mods that have the power to control topics in all forums] workin 12 hours). 12 hours a day is unrealistic in the scope of things, and would really come to maybe 4 hours, if that. That increases the time to 3 months. Now again, I last thought about this about a eyar ago, and as such the number of topics have increased dramatically. All in all, ALOT of work. Again, I understand what you're asking, and why....it's just unreasonable. Especially when in 1 months time upon completetion there will be duplicate topics again made by those who don't want to search and want an immediate answer with little work.
  11. two of the three are. I've been around since before you left as well. Man I feel old.
  12. I'm personally not fond of the UI's in either the Vista beta or the Office beta. They just annoy me. All visual effects no real usefulness. XGF though the same thing, is more impressive since it'd be the first time linux would have ANYTHING to that scale of GUI graphics.
  13. You seem like the right person to go and do it yourself and then share it.
  14. I see no reason to make this a sticky. Anyone searching, will be able to see this. Also....wrong forum.
  15. I must admit, I have been pretty adsent in regards to the Unattended site. I'll make the modifications to the site in due time though they probably won't be soon. I'm working on another project at the moment, and that plus schooling and life doesn't leave much other time. lol.
  16. Yeah, I remember recieving the eMail for it. I didn't touch it, and since it was a FAQ, there's only two other people who can. What could have also happened, was I accidentally deleted it when I truncated the tables while disabling the move feature.
  17. The only time I deny ANYTHING on the Unattended site, is when an Edit is submitted and no reason is given. If it's a new addition I approve all of them. Now, it could be that I accidentally deleted a few entries when I disabled a feature of the site. People obviously didn't know how to use it and it was bogging down the Pending Operations. It should be noted however, if the entry is denied through the site, then you should recieve an email of why (unless you didn't specify a reason for an edit, then I see no reason to give you a reason for denial) as well as the entry you provided.
  18. the part that gets me, isn't so much that you're copying things from neowin, but simply that you're not citing your sources. Instead, you see their article, copy paste what beheaves you, and site the source as their source and not Neowin.
  19. You can NOT have normal command line commands in the CMDLINES.TXT file. If you followed the Unattended guide, it tells you to create a seperate CMD file and then to CALL the CMD file from CMDLINES.TXT or GUIRUNONCE
  20. could you possibly point me in the direction of a site with a detailed spec of a WAP file? As for the 'lite' version, it's the printer friendly version of the site that you're refering.

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