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  1. Heres a website to check the security of your server and browser against different prototocols and ssl certs. https://www.ssllabs.com/
  2. I have windows XP SP3 Home edition and Outlook 2003 Pro SP3. I'm trying to connect to the company exchange server (outsourced) that is exchange 2013 with OWA. I can log in via the OWA and a browser. I can create IMAP and POP3 connections using outlook 2003 to the exchange 2013. However, I can't connect to the exchange server 2013 by creating an exchange server account on outlook 2003. I can't connect through activesync 4.5 using outlook connector but can connect to a msoft outlook email account. Since the prototocol is RPC over https I had to enable the RPC encryption value in the registry
  3. WIndows 7 professional will try and update with Visual C++ 2008 SP1 redistributable x64 but during the installation it errors out with code 1395 and 0x80070091 for VC90_ATL. Searching the internet these were the proposed solutions. 1). MSOFT KB2714434 Fixit 2). download and run SubinACL on the registry//directories with system and administrator set to full priveleges. This seemed to work on changing most registry entries without error but not all. Items 1/2 didn't correct the problem even when running the C++ 2008 redistrib as a user with Administrator privelges or using "run as". 3). R
  4. this goes to windows service debug. I see in the article where one could change the service name timeout value. Is this a common problem where one has to change the service timeout value?
  5. I've been getting the Error 1053 in the system event logs that says the service didn't start in a timely manner of 30000msec. This wasn't a problem in the past. This is Windows XP Home Sp3 with the latest patches. The services complaining are, This is an HP compaq presario v5000 with maxed out memory and a 2.2 gig processor. FSB is 800mhz. Windows image acquistion (WIA) Hp Support Services Framework garmin core update service Randomly sometimes is the tcp/ip service Is there a command that will tell me what prevents these services from starting in a timely manner? If not, can the time be updat
  6. I have installed garmin express v2.3.17 (latest) software which upon startup wants to be put in the system tray. However, when XP starts up, a "run as" popup is displayed asking for me to give "garmin express" permission to run as the 'pc name xyz/user' where my user account is called "user" and has adminsitrator rights. I have to answer the question three times before it goes to the system tray. If disabled from going to the system tray and i start it manually from the desktop or start menu, it asks three times using the "run as' popup. Why should it being doing this since I'm administrator?
  7. I've quite a few programs on the start menu under "All Programs". There is four columns of 34 programs per column. However, I need to still the remaining ones which should be on column five and beyond, but i can't see them. I came across this solution, but now all the "All programs" entries showup in one column and not multiple columns (max 4) and have them scroll left to see the columns on the right side of the screen. How to get max columns on the screen scrolling to the left to display the remaining installed programs?
  8. Can I update all the Win 7 versions on an install disk with the current dotNet and associated fixes using dism?
  9. http://msiworld.blogspot.com/2011/07/windows-7-language-pack-installation.html maybe at this weblink
  10. Hi., I have windows 7 sp1 installed on a AMD processor with language pack for bulgarian. All the windows and tools show bulgarian except for the bulgarian version that shows "starting up". The shutdown is cokay. Anybody know how to fix this?
  11. 'll need to disable AVAST to see if this cuts down on my 2 hours on 2ghz machine to integrate 132 w7 x32 patches. Don't forget to disable the auto defragger running in the background too. If one is creating an AIO, there are 5 OS' at 2 hours a pop to integrate... Sigh!!! Can dism integrated MSI's vs. just exes? What about dot Net full/patches, windows media player full/patcches, messenger/communicator etc?
  12. I'm running version 2.5 build 1002 along with the following download packages retrieved from www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com For win7 sp1 x32 the following can't be found Windows6.1-kb2823324--x64.msu Windows6.1-Kb947821-V25-x86.msu Question: why an x64 for the Win 7 x32? should this be x32 in the file? (kb947821 v25 should be v26 now) For win7 sp1 x64 the following can't be found Windows6.1-kb2823324-x64.msu (same as above) Windows6.1-kb947821-v25-x64.msu (v25 should be v26 now) NOTE: for the kb2823324 x32/x64 version Msoft removed it per the internet postings due to it causing boo
  13. ok. I found a video on youtube that shows the black paper thingy near the end of the video which is left of the fan and which is covering the processor at the 3:14 minute mark and on. Now to take the computer apart again..... See
  14. I have a v5306US compaq presario de-featured laptop model. The laptop was used and had to be cleaned of dust internally. However, there is a black stiff internal paper that is about the size and shape of the fan outline which was originally in the proximity of the fan. I believe one side of this internal paper had glue on it originally and was attached somehow but isn't sticking now due to all the fine dust/hair etc that collected on it over the years. The compaq maintenance manual for the v5000 series shows me how to take the fan out, but the diagrams and instructions don't explain where or h
  15. Now that office 2010 is out, perhaps this forums name should have "/2010" appended to it.
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