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  1. I use Gaim but… can’t say it’s low resource.
  2. Restorer2000 I have used this several times on computers where people have done exactly the same thing. If all you did was a quick format everything should be recoverable.
  3. I’ve tried just about every firewall out there and I personally think (so far) that Comodo is the best. Right now it’s sitting in my systray using 15K with Bittorrent and Soulseek full on. It has never crashed unlike Zone alarm (which I used before). And the forums are very helpful.
  4. I see that it has been a while since the last post; I hope it’s still alive. I have just found this tool I was using a batch file I had written but, this seems much cleaner (and I hope more correct). On my system SMSS.EXE is needed and not copied. That would be: BOOTFILES - \SYSTEM32\SMSS.EXE otherwise I am greeted with a lovely BSOD. I also think that it would be a good idea to have all the files copied into uppercase as cdsh requires this. Thank You.
  5. @Aegis I’m sorry but if you were able to access shares the way you describe, then it sounds like you need a password. That is not MS's fault. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows file sharing is very easy to setup. Most problems I have ever seen are from people not understanding how to configure there router/firewall Or, they have gone through and modified/disabled services not really knowing what they are doing. They find some article that recommends disabling this and that. But they don’t take the time to actually READ it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And as far as complete file access goes. They can read your files, not write. What’s hiding in your closet? That kind of information should be locked-up and encrypted anyway. Again not MS’s fault. TrueCrypt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While I’m at it. EVERYBODY SHOULD BE RUNING UNDER A RESTRICTED USER ACOUNT. The whole root kit fiasco (and most viruses/trojans) would have never happened. It’s amazing all the garbage that tries to get installed on your system, and you have no way of knowing it when running as an admin.
  6. Argh…!!! This section of winnt.sif Is worthless now [RegionalSettings] InputLocale="0409:00000409,0409:00010409" InputLocale_DefaultUser="0409:00000409" Language="00000409" LanguageGroup="1" I need this section to work or at least give me an alternative.
  7. Zoofield

    Nlite Timeline

    Thanks, but I’m referring to Nlite modified/created inf’s and files that are run during the windows install. And maybe a bit on what their doing when they do it.
  8. Zoofield

    Nlite Timeline

    Nlite/Windows install timeline. I’m sure there’s not much to it. I can’t think of a reason to need the CD creation timeline. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  9. What has changed since RC1-? with Keyboard Layouts. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload] "2"="00000409" "3"="d0000409" "4"="d0010409" "1"="d0020409" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Substitutes] **This key was not present before** "00000409"="00000461" *Nepali "d0000409"="00010409" *US-Dvorak "d0010409"="00020409" *US-International "d0020409"="00000409" *US As Layouts are added They are relabeled(Substitutes) alphabetically. Example: "00000409"="00000461" *Nepali "d0000409"="00000463" **Pashto** "d0010409"="00010409" *US-Dvorak "d0020409"="00020409" *US-International "d0030409"="00000409" *US Why is this happening? How are you supposed to add Keyboard Layouts using winnt.sif? If you need more clarification please ask.
  10. Zoofield

    Nlite Timeline

    I wish there was a sticky of Nlite’s timeline. Something simple and nothing else, this would help with Trouble shooting. Thanks.
  11. Here are a few programs i install using sfx rar. Basically what you are talking about. This is a big help with Nero. I can install it with out all the extra garbage i don't want. EAC foobar2000 Gaim GoldWave Nero Opera Spybot - Search & Destroy Vim WinRAR The reason i use a rar file is for space saving but still these install much faster than standard. some people use 7-zip but to much work to update and work with.
  12. Actually I think that when you are creating an unattended install using the “All Users” folder is a bad idea. The “Default User” folder is better and the reasons are; Shortcuts are created for new users the same as they would be for the “All Users” folder. The shortcuts cannot be customized by each user. If Sally wants to move Gaim.lnk but it is located in “All users”, she can’t (restricted user account, also highly recommended) or she also moves it in Tim’s account (this does not make Tim happy). She could have if it had been created by the “Default User” profile when the account was created. This would be the case with a clean install. The “All Users” folder in my opinion is for administrative purposes, when trying to lock down a system for the reasons stated above or adding a program after account creation. For A home pc it hinders enjoyment and functionality. (Sally likes to "customize")
  13. The only way to get OE.lnk where you want it is to add this to your winnt.sif. This only removes the shortcuts not the program. [Components] IEAccess="off" Internet explorer OEAccess="off" Outlook Express WMAccess="off" Media Player?? Then (what I do) add your shortcuts by using. ”$OEM$\$Docs\Default User\Start Menu\Programs” As far as moving other shortcuts it’s easier just to delete them and re-add using the above “$OEM$” folder. How I go about deleting what i don't want. first in winnt.sif; [GUIRunOnce] command9="%windir%\END.cmd" the batch file that is put in the "WINDOWS" dir using "$OEM$\$1\WINDOWS" folder "END.cmd" Example: del /q /f "%userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Remote Assistance.lnk" rd /s /q "%userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Entertainment" del /q /f "Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Remote Assistance.lnk" rd /s /q "Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Entertainment" Or, for programs that have to be installed after first boot and not during cmdlines.txt run. NOTE: I add programs during cmdlines.txt to insure that my program settings are installed for all users. I do not add everything under the sun as some people do. But for example, codec’s have to be run after the first login. :: Clean up bad installs. set Codecs=%userprofile%\..\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Image-Video\Codecs set AdminCodecs=%userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Image-Video\Codecs move /y "%Codecs%\Real Alternative" "%AdminCodecs%\" move /y "%Codecs%\QuickTime Alternative" "%AdminCodecs%\" rd /s /q "%ProgramFiles%\Executive Software\Diskeeper Professional Setup" del /q /f "%windir%\END.cmd" I hope this helps and/or makes sense.
  14. The 'runas' idea is better I was just going to say you could change permissions on that particular programs folder to allow access. Works for games but not CD rights, I guess Good to see you using the Restricted user acount. Should be standard in my opinion.

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