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  1. I've downloaded and tried it again today but still the same result. After install it's winamp with a classic skin. .....CURSES! Alright, I'm compiling another build now, and I'll test it in a VM real quick to ensure that the setting works now. I'll post back when i'm done. Done. Should be working now.
  2. now quite honestly, you know what's the best part of people writing and releasing malicious programs for a beta OS that's still in development? It usually means they won't have an affect by the time a final is released. I know i've done this a few times for things i've written. I also noticed you didn't make mention of what build you were using, or what you crashed it with. Heck, anyone can screw up anything with a few right commands regardless of security.
  3. did you download the MSI within the last 12 hours? I did a silent update when i realized that the skin setting wasn't being applied. it SHOULD work now. I'll double check the ISM anyway, but it should be working. As for teh parent switches overriding the child ones....yeah...it's always done that. I haven't had the time to sit down and do the KMAPs to figure out the more precise system. Windows Installer system for conditions isn't all that precise anyway.
  4. So then by the lack of reply, i'll asume the modern skin bug is fixed...and that there are no other bugs
  5. It's all good, you were just trying to help him out.
  6. No, if he's using the included Modern Skin, it's the MSI's fault (and I've reproduced it). I'm testing the latest build now, to make sure i've isolated the problem. EDIT: Rebuilding both distro's now and will upload when done. MultipleProfile support has also been included. Also I should point out the new switches.... XWMV - Windows Media Video Support XPM - Portable Devices Support XIPOD - iPOD Support XCREATE - Creative Player Support (Nomad Jukebox) XPFS - Microsoft PlayForSure Device Support XONLINEMEDA - Online Media Services Support XSEPPROFILES - Seperate Profile support. Each User gets their own settings. =1 enables
  7. ....ok.... You do realize you haven't given me ANY information besides that you used RyanVM's pack, so that i can try and track down the problem?
  8. perhaps you could describe YOUR problem if there is one....
  9. Uploading updated MSI and CAB versions now. They're update to 5.21. However, I gutted the original ISM file, so i could have missed something, and considering the size difference I'm almost sure of it. But I'm extremely exhausted and so I put the tast to you to find if there are any missing files and giving me a list. (ATTACH THE LIST DON"T COPY PASTE INTO A POST!) I've also attached the raw ISM file if you wish to compile this yourself. Be warned, it's an InstallShield 11.5 project file, and none of the Winamp files are included. Those if you know anything about MSI's, you can find out how i had everything stored (HINT: Files table). All I ask, is if you use this MSI and make a derivative work from it, mention the creator and where you got it from!
  10. Did you even bother looking yourself before posting? I mean seriously.... do a simple FILE search of your XPCD and you'll find it. And quite frankly....where is everything else setup related on the CD?
  11. Man, they're so close to getting their installing silent it's sickening.... If only they didn't have Winamp start up or that last reporting screen, this MSI would become a mute issue. Anyway, I'm currently looking into how Winamp determines what mode (Single or MultiUser) to run in before i start updating the MSI. EDIT: Scratch that. There's a trigger file called path.ini that all it has in it is the PATH to the real INI files. EDIT2: Scratch the scratch. MSI is updated, but multiprofile support is not working. I didn't see hw they did it, so....yeah....any ideas?
  12. No... especially when they are from sites like themexp.org... but i want to create my own bootscreen... do you know any program to do it ?? i mean it can be paid... /better free ahem... http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/51/
  13. That's not a valid XPlode4 XML file. Looks reminiscent of XPlode 2. XPlode4 SHOULD scan it's local directory (unless told a different directory) for all plugins. So you don't have to specify each one you use in the XML file. That being said, your syntax is ALL off. It may be a valid XML file, but it's not a valid XPlode file. The program and arguments attributes you have specified, are supposed to be child tags within the execute tag. Infact the only ones you ahve correct are your shutdown and power config entries. <item display="Installing Applications..." /> Needs to be removed. I suggest starting the file over again, and possibly redownloading the XPlode distro.
  14. no one reads anymore.... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41821 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=8381 Those are the first two that come to mind. One is a sticky post at the top of the forum, and another can be found following the links in the ANNOUNCEMENT post at the top of the forum. (Not to burst your bubble or anything, just thought i'd point out it's been mentioned before......LONG ago.....I've been here awhile )
  15. This is more of a general comment on the subject.... I understand that yall want to have a cool looking bootscreen when you start your computer, but do you really trust kernel files that you download from the web? Even making them yourselves run the risk of accidentally screwing with a couple of much needed bytes in the kernel. That's why i wrote the batch script on the Unattended site. The MAIN reason i made it, was because along with adding the little switch to use a different kernel, it also made a backup line in case there was a problem in the future.
  16. There are no such tools. However, it's a pitty you have YET to take my advice a search. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/38/ Take the time and READ!
  17. ...yeah....about that..... I have 4 more days till spring break, so....how about during that?
  18. I bet NHL 2006, NBA Live 2006, Madden 2006, Battlefield 2, and NFS: Most Wanted won't run on junker Windows 98/ME. There is a reason those games were made for Windows 2000/XP only. It is because Windows 2000/XP are so superior to junker Windows 98/ME!! Windows 98/ME have next to nothing in common with Windows 2000/XP. Windows XP has much more in common with Windows NT 3.1 than it ever did with Windows 98SE/ME. Heck, Windows 98SE/ME has more in common with Windows 1.0 than they do with Windows 2000/XP. New games like the ones I mentioned above are most likely written for the native Windows NT based OS and thus won't run at all on Windows 98/ME. @Link21 If you continue to hijack Windows 9x threads just to give your opinion of the OS, you will have your posting ability suspended. If you wish to express your opinions: do so in YOUR OWN THREAD on the subject, and keep away from all the others. Understood?
  19. Just had to comment on this... In regards to a SMod being online at any point...I tend to come to the forum frequently, however there are days that I don't make it. That being said, whenever I recieve a reported post, I do go and look as soon as I get the mail (which go out about every 10 minutes or less depending on size of mail queue). I do ignore a couple reported posts simply because .... well .... some are just people who don't know the difference between the REPORT and the REPLY features. Those are usually fairly obvious of which they are. In the end, a PM also sends out a eMail to myself and I try my best to respond to all that I recieve.
  20. I take it you still get it GM? Do you visit the Unattended site at all between page loads? Like, login to form, view unattended site...close browser and come back?
  21. I'll start working on it this weekend....assuming life doesn't get in the way...
  22. @cn0saj Add XREGAUD=1 to the command line and try again. @RJARRRPCGP It's actually a server setting, and nothing to do with the coding of the website. That being said, it is the problem of the download managers and not the server. Download managers send their own headers when resuming downloads and as such don't match those of MSFN's that are required to download.

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