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    Unsupported OS

    http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/36/ That's basically all that nLite does when adding the drivers itself for Mass Storage.
  2. framedyn.dll errors are usually the result of an error in SYSOC.INF or one of it's child files. Usually because it can't find the file. Sounds like there's a problem there
  3. Useful could also be considered critiquing artwork. Not a simply "that's great" but actually mentioning specific things you like and dislike.
  4. Now, you're requesting a new/changed forum rule, while at the same time you're breaking another. I hope you didn't include yourself in the "disciplined in forum rules" group. This is not the proper channel to make this request. Contacting us personally is what you should have done. Now, when you do contact us, be CLEAR AND CONCISE as to what you want and we'll consider. At the moment, I honestly have no idea what you're asking for besides what appears to be a change in forum rules, but in what respect I don't know. I'm closing this topic now, so that you can take the proper course of action in discussing the forum rules.
  5. Discussion Closed. It's blatantly obvious you're using a pirated CD KEY, reglardess of where you got it.
  6. did you happen to contact the creator's of the applications you're using, for their permissions to include them?
  7. No idea. You'll have to find out yourself. I personally hate the AddOn. Now, you could just make a simple TXT file and copy it over yourself before creating the ISO. I'm aware what %17% means, I was just explaining why RunDll32.exe %11%\AdvPack.Dll,LaunchINFSection %17%\wmp11.inf,RunOnceEx didn't work.
  8. Did you ever stop to think, that nLite has NO idea what the INF Directory IDs mean? %11% is useless to it, you'll need to use normal DOS variables. Even using this method, RunOnceEX will execute on the NEXT restart unless you force it. As for one the first scenario doesn't work.... They're imported when WMP is installed, and a RunOnceEX call is made later on. The entries are deleted once RunOnceEX has executed. What you could do instead, is create a seperate INF file, execute the INF directive at CMDLINES.TXT and then they'll execute at first logon.
  9. Step 1 : Don't use nLite to add programs. Step 2 : Read http://unattended.msfn.org to learn to do it yourself. Step 3 : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=8381
  10. Alright, let's trim down this argument. I may question your work ethic if you have no interest in learning what you're doing. But if you were to use nLite to do something quick and dirty and then learn to do it yourself later, then i wouldn't question your work ethic. Time is money in the business world, however, repairing broken system caused by a crippled OS is even more moeny. By that point, you've wasted not only YOUR work hours, but also the people's who use the computers. This just comes down to the lesser of two evils. Do it right the first time, or screw up and fix later on. Now i'm not saying nLite screws it up (though, it could have been the cause if say you removed a service), but if used correctly, the Unattended portion to create the WINNT.SIF is no different from using MS's. It's the using of unsupported packs that the grey area is caused, and the removal of content should simply NOT be used in a corporate environment.
  11. Business is paranoid. One stupid mistake, can cause the loss of thousands of dollars.
  12. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?...68f8f60f825b9ac Try there, and that's just cheating editing your post.
  13. Ideally, a seperate SUS server would be ideal. Distributes the updates based on need.
  14. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/33/
  15. god help you if you ever want to add an update to it.
  16. Instead of trying to use CAB files, why don't you read the guide http://unattended.msfn.org and do it the old fashion way. Then change to the CAB, which are far more limited in what they can do. Also, without having an error, it's not easy helping you.l
  17. DISCLAIMER:: I mean this in no way to disrespect nuhi or his program. These are MY OPINIONS on the matter. I'm going to have to lean on the side of businesses shouldn't use nLite AT ALL. And now I'll explain... If you want to get into licenses.... technically, most of the Addons probably violate one somewhere along the way. If they're not, you're in a way forcing users to accept a license they have no knowledge of when doing a silent installation. No corporation or business should use RyanVM or the BTS packs and DEFINATELY NOT XPize. Some of the hotfixes in Ryan's pack aren't public fixes and are meant to fix specific issues, and could potentially cause more. If you're any sort of competitent IT person, you can add the hotfixes the MS way or install them via script upon first boot. True it takes longer, but god help you if you're lazy and don't want to do some work. As for the driverpacks, I really have no reason, except where I work we like to get the drivers ourselves for out systems (not that I have anything against Bashrat, it's more of a self security thing knowing where things came from). Then there's XPize...must we get into this? XPize is cosmetic and specifically alters system files (not update them like a hotfix does). If you wish to get into the "hacks" that are included in nLite for UXTHEME and such, no company would use them anyway (atleast no IT guy would up the number of connections within a network, nor allow for users to use unauthorized third party skins that could cause damage to a system). If you're a friend installing for a friend, go for it. Let them know what you did. but when you have a mass system of machines that all have the same fault because you used a program...well....it's your fault. I work in a place where we have to support some thousands of machines. We have MULTIPLE Windows installs configured for different systems, all custom scripted. It takes time to learn, but it's well worth it. You then know everything works properly and why it works.
  18. It's really on a per program basis. Windows Installer routines that ask for the SERIAL during install, typically have a property that you can use on the CMD line to import the KEY during install. Installshield installers have a ISS answer file that works in the same sort of way. The others are on a per program basis. Some can be inserted into the registry and you're good to go. Others have a license file. You'll have to experiment and search these forums for your answers. Creating a copy of a recorded program might not be the best solution, as some applications customize themselves to one machine when installing certain files.
  19. is Wales a Country or a Province of England? You'll have to forgive me if I offend you with my question, but after all I am American and not entirely sure. I know from the states, that even though you have a seperate flag, doesn't mean you are a seperate country. If that were the case, I could ask for 50 US States flags to put added too EDIT:: I just did alittle research, and it's a constituent country. interesting.
  20. Alanoll


    Along time ago we did, and then we tried a simple chat program. Not many people joined. I did rerecommend this about a week ago to some of the others however, we'll see what comes of it
  21. apparently, by providing the ISM file so OTHERS could update the MSI, has failed. people have tried to RENAME the file to a MSI and get upset when it doesn't work. ISM is the Installshield project file for the MSI. The new Winamp versions from5.21 - 5.24 are practically the same, just updated files. Someone could verywell have taken the initiative to update the files themselves and release it. For those wanting to know how I created the MSI, look at the ISM. It's pretty straight forward. You shouldn't have to update any scripts, just add in new properties if you add a new component and new compoents for files. It's REALLY simple. As for getting the files, all I did was log the installation and copied the files over. Use whatever tool you wish, the end result should be similar
  22. @Yzöwl do a tracert www.msfn.org from one of the affected machines, and see if it reaches MSFN.
  23. So what is the point of the "slipstreamed" software? and when do you get to install the software? so that it installs ready to use without you having to do it yourself. that's the WHOLE point of it. To have a system configured the way you want it "out of the box". Softare can be installed from 4 general places. T-12 aka CMDLINES.TXT, T-13 aka SVCPACK.INF, T-9 SETUPPARAMS, or GUIRUNONCE (first logon, also known as RunOnceEX [technically they're two different processes, but occur around the same time]).
  24. quite wrong....there is an addon that slipstream ff into xp....... I'm actually going to have to say you're both wrong, only you're more wrong. 1. The addons aren't slipstream or integrated into XP. They added to a built-in mechanism that's put in by MS to allow for system builders to include their own software that is installed AFTER XP is installed. Though the act occurs during Windows Setup, at T-13 XP is pretty much already installed in a limited working sense. A slipstream/integrate in the sense that's common among system builders is most easily described as when a file that is physically a part of XP is replaced by a "newer" version of the SAME file. By that definition, the nLite addons aren't slipstreamed/integrated in that sense. 2. As for bumping a thread. There is NOTHING wrong with bumping a thread. That being said, that's of course if you aren't obnoxious about it. You bump thread after 3-4 days go by, that's fine. Bump a thread every hour till someone else replies...that's annoying and pointless. Perhaps we need a glossary of terms so that there aren't any future misconceptions and misuse of the terms. @hyipo With regards to MSFN being blocked by your ISP, I would ensure it's not being blocked locally without your knowledge before accusing your ISP. If it's not your local service, call up your service provider's support and complain.
  25. I personally didn't answer because of this second post. It wasn't till i saw this till I decided to post. Because this isn't a mailing list. You don't have access to alot of the features. We WON'T enable users to delete their own posts. Why would we? There should be no need to create multiple topics for the same question. If you wanted to call attention to it (AFTER a couple days) then you can reply to yourself to bump it back to the top of the listing. Well, you would find your answers if you SEARCHED. I don't know how many times I've said this. Maybe it's just me, but in your 3 other topics related to this issue, you never stated your OS that you're working with. There is no IT Tech or nlite Support for nLite, because quite honestly...it's a free program that makes NO MONEY TO PAY PEOPLE WITH. All the support for nLite is here in this forum, amid all the pages of posts. The Admins of this site, I can say with great certainty that they aren't even fully aware of what you're talking about, they would be absolutely be of NO HELP to you. This isn't nLite's website. It's not owned or operated by nuhi. This is just the support forum for nLite, where everyone helps eachother. If you search the Unattended forum, for posts by a user named "RaveRod" you may find something helpful. You could say it's partially where RyanVM started his update pack.

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