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  1. As for teh script error thing, that means the MSI can't find the location of the INI file for whatever reason.
  2. and what kind of websites are exploiting this? if they are reputable websites, they wouldn't employ this. Again, what kind of websites are you visiting that would employ this tactic?
  3. you then run into problems for actual hosting of the files. RapidShare isn't a viable option since after a while they delete the files from their systems, or most other free hosting services do the same.
  4. Well, i updated the MSI a few days ago to fix those other two issues, guess when i get time later this week, i'll add this minor update. Now seriously, this "security issue" doesn't affect all that many people. Last i saw, Winamp isn't capable of browser integration. So you'd have to first download the corrupted MP3 file to your computer and then open it in Winamp. Now my question to you is simple, where are you getting this file from and are you supposed to be doing what you're doing?
  5. it's working here. Do you get a 404 error or does it redirect to MSFN's homepage?
  6. could it be because they haven't been? I'm very busy at the moment, and the few times that i do have time for something that's NOT school related, i choose to relax and go have fun. I'm in the first week of school, so i should have time by the weekend to fix the issues.
  7. the problem arises from the drmclien.dll file that the MSI includes as part of the WMA plugin. I'm fully aware of the problem, and how to fix it.
  8. well, for those who come across this later... it's because he instantiated the class, but the constructor wanted an argument and he didn't specify a default one. one easy fix would be function myClass( $x = "" ) That way, if you don't specify an argument to pass, it SHOULD then see that it's defined in the function already.
  9. Since technically, the drivers are already on the system....you could just set it so that the Windows sees them when using the typical installation. Windows searches C:\Windows\INF for all driver files currently installed on the system. You could A. Just copy the plain INF file there (though you may need to edit it a bit to correct for file paths) B. Register the INF file. Depending on how you could do it, there is a Windows API to register INF files and load them into the INF folder to be searched for new devices. The Device Drivers forum in the Unattended Forums (check Drivers from CD: Simple Method). There is a file in the download called SetupCopyOEMInf.exe that does just this. However, it's one more file and all it does it call a API function i believe. Somewhere in that forum, i'm sure the exact call is described somewhere.
  10. thanks for the tips. the first method still returns a lot of useless pages, however the second method is somewhat better. as long as i've been hanging around here, i've always ignored the option to search within a topic. still, neither method is as intuitive as some forums that provide a link to the page(s) where your search term was found, and then highlight the terms as well. the latter is minor however, as the google toolbar or 'search as you type' can do that. thanks! i feel like you're not using the search results as posts option correctly. If you click the link with the post #number, it's usually at the bottom of the result, it will link directly to the post, instead of the first post in the topic.
  11. The can be solved two ways. First way, is when using the search form, to actually tell it to return in post form (there's a radio button to select). The second option, is after finding the thread, to search within the thread. There's a search box at the bottom of EVERY topic, to search WITHIN that specific topic.
  12. Not true, depending on what kind of mouseover the author was talking about. I considered the author was referring to the mouse over text, also referered to alternate text for when an image doesn't load. This can be done simply by adding in the ALT="" and TITLE="" attributes within the IMG tags, and it will work on ALL browsers.
  13. disable your firewall and any "personal privacy" software that you may have installed. Then ensure that REFERER IDs are being sent by your browser.
  14. i was wondering how long till someone noticed that text string error I'll get to fixing the WFP problem in a sec. I reformatted my laptop (finally, after a 1.5 years), and so i have to still reinstall a few things.
  15. hehe.... i personally don't use, I just remembered in the changelog of IPB that in 2.0, it was added, and it's not set by default for use. So i was curious who all took advantage of it. lol. Not many it seems.
  16. I'm not referring to the text code (BBCODE) for formatting. I'm referring to how it's displayed on the page. When you wrote that...did you see the [tags] or was it in the form of a WYSIWYG display?
  17. Go into "My Controls" at the top, then "Board Settings" on the left of the new screen. At the very bottom, there should be a drop down for the type of editor to use. On the next page load, the settings should take effect. Press like CTRL-B and the typical formatting hotkeys and see what happens.
  18. You'd be surprised how many Microsoft computers browse MSFN. Testing the set of IP addresses that are registered for Microsoft brings up quite a few hits. Just means they're reading this place during office hours...
  19. i've been using mp3Tag I think that's the name. It allows for you to select a group of MP3 files, say an entire album, and the search freedb or Amazon for the ID3 tag information.
  20. I was just curious who all uses the rich text emulator for forum posting... I'm leaning towards options C
  21. it's syssetup.dll causing the problem. The other two are related to setup background and windows logon. Replace the other two, but NOT syssetup and try it.
  22. i'm personally all for making a little niche of the forum for the nonmicrosoft people. I'm not sure where to put it, but just forums for Linux/Open Source and whatnot programs. Perhaps only one or two forums for all that stuff.
  23. when you plug it in, does the Zen's screen say that it's docked or not? @the_guy I don't know about canadian models, but the US models only come with a USB cable to charge the Zen and does not come with a wall power adapter. The power adapter needs to be bought seperately.
  24. A quick around would get you started. Glad to see you put forth no effort to find your answer. http://unattended.msfn.org
  25. MSI Updated to 5.12. To Encode to WMA you will need to download the WMASDK seperately just as the original installer would.

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