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  1. Greets Tux, I see what you're saying but why can' the program do what I do anyhow? I just manually change it upon entering windows anyway before I even install my ATI drivers You realize nLite does nothing with regards to screen resolution right? It merely sets an entry in WINNT.SIF. If setup takes it, it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. It something to do with how Windows installs drivers and when it sets the resolution. The Default Windows Drivers for most hardware don't like being set till after restart.
  2. Alanoll

    caldera dos

    Last i saw, a Windows XP CD doesn't have DOS on it
  3. you'll have to start from scratch
  4. Because you already have an older version of the update pack integrated. Perhaps if you READ Ryan's site, it'd inform you
  5. I prefer the term Javascript rather then ActiveScript. ActiveScript could refer to a proprietary language from Microsoft. And while I see your point of having a nonJavascript version of the site, Javascript is becoming common place on alot of websites. Of the number of people that visit the site, you're one of the first to actually mention it. Also, you must be logged in to edit the page, and the links appear at the bottom of the page.
  6. http://unattended.msfn.org By definition, slipstreaming means adding to another. What you want, sounds more like a scripted install, where you write a script that installs your applications on an already running machine.
  7. Alanoll

    help please

    "install post screen"?
  8. Alanoll


  9. is this someone not bothering to do any reading?
  10. Alanoll

    Features request

    god i hate the improper use of the term "integrate"
  11. I'm going to point to the user, since he didn't attempt to tells us what specifically he did and how it doesn't work.
  12. umm....wow.... you started a topic that is the exact same topic as one that was recently closed....
  13. You just rephrased you question. Now we know your NOD32 is cracked.
  14. and in what way did you use nLite to alter your OS?
  15. Alright, do you want a general understanding or an indepth line by line description?
  16. http://unattended.msfn.org You could cheat and let a program do it for you, or you could learn what actually happening. I like learning myself. (no offense to nLite or anything)
  17. now, this "go deliver system" wouldn't be for a customer would it?
  18. could it be because they changed teh package from IE Beta 3 to RC1? Or perhaps because nLite was made to work with Beta 3, and RC1 just came out yesterday?
  19. We were testing something.
  20. It's been a busy summer, and I finally had a an hour to update it.
  21. do keep in mind, the default path for INF files is %windir%\INF and the extension is .INF And I don't feel the urge to expand on the visual tweaks issue.

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