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  1. people come here for help - ok they should read but thats does not happen - its like the search button - its there but 99% never see it or use it - as someone making money from your software - yes i know its donations and they dont pay for the software - bla - bla - bla - a post like that is insulting - theres a saying in the UK - the customer is always right - not sure how that translates - but however you wrap it up CUSTOMERS are coming here for help my 2 penneth Just HOW MANY times do we have to tell people the door says push though? Simply reading for a minute the first post saves everyone time and headache.
  2. For the ones I have that's all you need. Some have radically different start menus and some have different start buttons. They're not super special except for a handful.
  3. I know something about ten I like. It might bring MS down a peg or two
  4. Hey look! You get to download a three plus gig file again! And share your bandwidth to send it to others!
  5. I have over a thousand windows xp themes and all you need is a uxtheme file replacement
  6. Hmm, under the "beautiful mansion" analogy of Windows 10, I suppose this means that when the contractor renovates your home (sends out a new build), he assigns himself the right to remove your perfectly working furniture and appliances at his own discretion. --JorgeA How is this legal? Shouldn't other companies be suing because MS is deleting their apps?
  7. A "tag" file simply refers to really any file you know is going to be on the source that you need. It can be any file as long as it is only on the disk you need not others! For example Windows XP looks for these files during setup to know where to get all of the files it needs from the disk. Win51 tells it that it is a Windows XP disk Win51IP says it is a pro disk Win51IP.SP3 is added when you slipstream SP# This is the key thing here <-- While setup os being ran it looks for the files it needs and to see where they are (Disk Letter) It looks for the file. So when setup os ran and it needs to copy the 5,000+ files it searches the disks for the "ident" files. Looking specifically for win51, finds that and sets the driver letter then uses that in all of the variables to know where the files are. What he is saying you need to set your drive letter by having your script look for a ident file that you designate. We used to do it with WPI. Any simple file will do it doesn't have to have a extension it just needs to be unique. Here is a example when we were adding WPI to a XP disk: @ECHO OFFREMREM WPI startup something.REM REM Example, how to look for CDROM-drive. Must have a file called WIN51 in its root.for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i:echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM%REM Determine the WPI startup path. REM If WPI should run off the CD the replace %dp0 with %CDROM%\PathToWPIset WPIPATH=%~dp0echo WPI will run from %WPIPATH%REM Font installation - the easy wayfor /R %%i in ( *.ttf ) do ( echo Installing font %%~ni.ttf copy /Y "%%~fi" "%windir%\Fonts" > nul "%WPIPATH%\common\installfont.exe" "%windir%\Fonts\%%~ni.ttf" > nul)REM Hide this command window"%WPIPATH%\common\cmdow.exe" @ /HIDREM Special registry tweak neededregedit /S "%WPIPATH%\common\wpi.reg"REM Make WPI driectory the current directoryfor /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO echo %%i:cd "%WPIPATH%"REM Start WPI and wait for its endstart /wait WPI.htaREM call any cleanup code here, or after this script.exitIf you look at the first few lines you can see where it searches for "win51' and sets the drive number.... Hope this helps :end
  8. The same as the xp cd files. The win51.sp ones. They are just there for setup to find the disk
  9. Yeah that is kind of how WPI is designed. I thought it might work. The only way to achieve what you are looking for is to either run your script before WPI runs or add taskills to each app that is starting processes.
  10. There is also a option you can put during each entry to kill processes. That way when you have program c start a process then you can have WPI kill said process. Look in the drop down area when configuring a app
  11. There is a section in the options menu I suggest you try. It is execute before and execute after. It might be a little messy to you but have a command run your bat file and exit so WPI sees the file start and end. Then have execute after end the original file. I can't do pictures yet my pc is down at the moment. Also as a side note try not to be so demanding it's really off putting and likely not going to get you much help.
  12. So let me ask you this: suppose that, one morning, you woke up to discover that the doorknobs had all been moved to the opposite edge of the door and were located five inches off the floor; that your stereo system had been replaced by a tinny transistor radio and your windows were now as opaque as the walls; and that cameras were installed to watch everywhere that you go in your home, what you do there and for how long -- would you "embrace" this "change"? --JorgeA That makes life interesting at least
  13. Yes sorry you don't want to be readily spied upon and have your files looked through and monitored.....
  14. Thank you. Note to original poster I will not help you any more until your post formatting is changed.
  15. Does it include a compehensible pospect with a peview of pocedures to poperly add pograms in pactice ? jaclaz Ummmmmmmmm sure!
  16. Naw that's a rootkit note how it seems to have come from the disk drive

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