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  1. did u mean me ? if u set the pagefile to min and max its wont expand to full size till it used it all in server that might happened for client user, the most high i saw ~100mb used not you. That other guy I have seen bigger page files fill and never empty too.
  2. Have you come across this issue on Windows 10? You still appear to have a massive misunderstanding as to what the pagefile is and why it's needed. I really would encourage you to read the technet blog I linked to.While I study ten I refuse to use it. I won't give up my pc freedom and let MS rape my pc whenever they want. Plus I like a pc where I can actually work not just pretend to do serious computing
  3. Have you come across this issue on Windows 10? You still appear to have a massive misunderstanding as to what the pagefile is and why it's needed. I really would encourage you to read the technet blog I linked to.How about you find and read the in depth studies and practical tests several of us did here a decade ago regarding page files and the actual uses of then by the system? A page file (no matter how the system uses it) is hardly needed at all anymore with the amounts of ram a system comes with now a days. You have read allot but have you actually had any real practice? There have been systems run by senior members of this forum without page files for years. Get that? YEARS the page file is for the most part out dated and not needed. In essence a page file is only needed if the ram fills up. Some programs still use it to lessen the burden on the system but that's all
  4. Letting windows waste upto sixteen gigs is bs. We've seen many times windows fill a page file and keep it full because it had always had issues cleaning it. That's a waste of space and resource.
  5. Do you actually belive the crap you spout? The people here, including me have well over thirty years of knowledge and practice. I started during the commodore 64 age. I have used and studied every version of windows released and some not released extensively. Telling someone they actually need sixteen gigs of page file is just pure BS. I agree that a tiny page file can be needed on rare occasion but any more if you have enough ran to actually need a 64 bit OS you're rarely going to touch any page file at all
  6. I've always kept mine at two gigs for the past decade. Even when doing crazy stuff like running two VMware installs, SharePoint designer, a video, Web browsing and word I've never had a issue.
  7. Starting when? jaclaz I'd like to know that too I ran server 2003 as a desktop OS for awhile.
  8. Around here allot of people aren't happy with that little he might want less than two gigs
  9. How about from already proven experience every for months when milestones are pushed it uninstalls programs for no real reason? When you give up something it makes it not free. Millions also gave up their very expensive windows seven licenses for this crap and millions more gave up their not so expensive windows eight licenses.
  10. It's been proven many times that a small minimum large maximum page file fragments the hard drive more, a static sized drive is the optimal choice as it doesn't fragment the drive.
  11. Because of the telemetry, ads and that Microsoft themselves have said they can and will go through your files for any reason they want to. That makes it over priced. The price is paid in losing freedom of your pc and computing
  12. You have to make those entries your self there is a manual in the WPI archive that will tell yow how to do that and might have you language included.
  13. That is what the WPI interface can look like with a theme.
  14. The public release will be the end of the year. If you wish to donate and gain access sooner then you could donate via PayPal to kelsenellenelvian @ gmail.com
  15. That theme was lost and no longer exists. If you visit the site the is a theme package in the files section
  16. What's wrong? You should be able to attach files here
  17. It was simple for me I told her that if windows update was left on she'd end up with ten. Problem solved she didn't even bat an eye.
  18. That was sarcasm. My cat sat on my keyboard once when I wasn't looking and opened well over 100 calculators on my windows 7 system. That's freedom
  19. But we can use multiple calculators at once now. ....
  20. Point two makes updating to the new driver a must IMHO
  21. Why would you be surprised? Do you think hardware manufacturers stopped providind Win9x/2000/XP drivers for newer hardware simply on a whim? They always are in agreement and they never care about the end user as long as they know there will be income.Microsoft has to go, forever. Or there will be no more computing for the average user. That's the rub here. Most of the reported apps that are being removed are free ones like cpu-z
  22. I just love your gall posing all this bs in a test, experimental thread. This is not even a full release build and your here whining....

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