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  1. Does removing gwx and related windows ten files off of earlier OS count?
  2. You'd better IMNSHO:1) start a new, dedicated thread to these comments 2) Remove IMMEDIATELY from your site this crappy flickering .gif: as it could easily induce epilepsy to a number of people (to me it has the effect of becoming very, very angry at the web designer ). Great point on the gif. It'll definitely go after your point.
  3. I would be interested in having you guys critique my site. Please be honest and brutal if needed. Www.wpiw.net I think I might benefit from your opinions
  4. +1 I and WPI have taken a stance that windows 10 is a off limits OS for me. WPI will not officially have windows ten support. If people send me mods for WPI and ten I'll ad them but since I will never use ten even in a vm I can not officially support it.
  5. Yeah most of both those iso files are legally redistruted. However there are a couple of even the freeware ones that explicitly forbid distribution from non authorized sources. Plus as you already know the ms files. I'm glad you took the time to research and hope you still visit here more.
  6. Hbcd and f4ubcd are both warez and not allowed to be discussed here. They contain windows files and versions that are not allowed to be redistributed. Please read forum rule one closer
  7. No WPI will never officially support windows 10. There are reports that it works on ten bit I will never use win 10
  8. www.wpiw.net/downloads/WPI_v8.7.3.7z Pass = (&xsdgfs5241sdtgf@ Here it is I don't have time to update the site right now but it is public. Enjoy your new year guys!
  9. The is no legit source outside of a msdnaa account for xp iso images anymore
  10. Of the twelve plus years I've had WPI I've gotten less than a hundred dollars per year in unsolicited donations. That not even enough to cover hosting and net costs much less hardware and educating resources. Mind you this is also for software that is fully free for private use no limits, nags or differences. I've had as many as a hundred thousand downloads in a month also.
  11. The funniest part is the whole area he has dedicated to managing licenses and activating/deactivation of them, this in itself belies the fact that you are actually buying licenses. You only gain access to them by donating. He can call it what he wants but blue is blue, the kettle is black and most are only donating to get rid of the watermark.
  12. Part of that update: General improvements are made to support upgrades to a later version of Windows.This is one of the updates they have piggy backed the telemetry spyware on. I would suggest he find another solution.
  13. Windows update has long been known to lock up a system with that service for a long time while checking for updates. I bet that's what it is doing. You boot and WU checks for updates in the background locking your system up.
  14. I would bet it boils down to video card manufacturer and driver version or types.
  15. Maybe because he knows what he is doing?
  16. I have updated iso images of windows seven that I made in July I install that and disable windows update service after. It works great.
  17. I'm half asleep, ok how about jaclaz proved him a horrible reader also

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