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  1. I found the solution: I put my "Kill Navigateurs.exe" file in a winrar sfx files I gave him the order to run it from the temporary windows folder after decompression and to pursue wpi installation without problems thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience, goodbye
  2. it's the same problem, WPI remains blocked in the first program instead of continuing with the installation of other programs I try the command "{TASKKILL} prog.exe" but there's a problem, sometimes the command is executed before the opening of a browser which is a problem, that's why I create a batch file to resolve this issue sorry for the inconvenience
  3. Thank you. Note to original poster I will not help you any more until your post formatting is changed. I changed the layout of my POST, then I expect your answer. I rephrase my question is how to force WPIW execute this program "% wpipath% \ Install \ Finalization \ KillNavigateurs.exe" and skip this programe without expectation? of preference I want a picture that shows the solution because I am a beginner in terms WPIW
  4. WPI run applications one after the other according to their numerical order. I create a ".bat" file that executes every second a list of commands that closes several assumed processes execute automatically during the installation of some application (browsers, yahoo, advanced system care ...) and at the end of the list of my applications in WPIW I add another file ".bat" so that the first and installation firm stops here. My question is: when I put the ".bat" file at the beginning of the list of applications to install (I give him the number 1), must WPIW execute this file and passes dir
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