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  1. Should I hilite the pertinent parts? I note that you joined nearly ywo years ago and all of a sudden you come back as an Expert on WinX. I suppose you didn't notice all the folks getting th Previews or the tragically long WinX First Impressions thread? Please also note my status on MSFN. I didn't get it from providing misinformation or belittling someone's accomplishments. Who's the rude one here, Sir J. Monroe? YOU came onto this thread and trounced on someone. NOW (once again) STOP IT, please! I've already proven this guy has major issues with reading. Even jaclaz proved this also.
  2. I only really argue when I know someone's wrong. I can admit when I don't know something.
  3. I didn't know something so I actually asked. Wow that's something bad?
  4. And like a pidgen on a chess board he's out.What's wrong can't keep backing up your bs? You've not proven me wrong once I've proven you wrong at least six times. Some with your own words.
  5. Can esd files be made on a personal system? If so actually tell us how.
  6. The glass is simply twice as big as it needs to be. .....
  7. I haven't argued with you as to why that update was pulled. Yet another wrong statement by you. When a mother board puts say windows xp as the supported OS but later READ LATER ads drivers for seven or Vista it's because the board was sold during the xp time. They then added support by making drivers. You make it sound like the front page says we do not support this OS that's not what the main page says it says at the time of manufacturing this board supports xp. It has always been this way. Again that's where real experience comes in. You are not actually researching at all you are just looking at the front page.
  8. The thing is though you are just spouting half read articles and not fully quoting them. My point is that (myself included) people here have multiple decades of real knowledge not just reading. MS has been proven wrong on so many occasions on their printed works that they cannot be used as a reliable source (kinda like you) If a manufacturer has drivers for Windows seven yet says on the front they only support Vista them they are actually supporting seven they just didn't update their front page. You really need to learn to think for yourself not jus read
  9. Have you come across this issue on Windows 10? You still appear to have a massive misunderstanding as to what the pagefile is and why it's needed. I really would encourage you to read the technet blog I linked to.Read that. Did you though? It refers to servers only and says that you should set a static page file essentially because windows sucks at managing it. Do you really fully read anything?
  10. Ok but go back and read my posts and actually answer ask my questions. Especially in this and the thread regarding page files. You have yet to answer one of my questions. You are only interested in proving what you half read somewhere is right. Not answering anything else
  11. That was just the second board I looked at. Look deeper like I've asked several times do you have any actual experience? You have been proven wrong at least twice here because you seem to have a reading problem. You are only seeing what you want to see and misquoting lots of information. Then trying to prove us idiots when you don't actually know what your taking about. The people here have actual hands on knowledge not just half read bs.
  12. Vista you know pushed to millions as their home pc operating system? Does it ring a bell at all?
  13. Vista is a desktop OS dilbert. It's right there!
  14. So umm yeah windows 2008 server and windows Vista what don't you see. Both desktop and server supported. Plus there drivers for seven and other desktops
  15. Again, show me a desktop board that says a server OS is a supported OS for the board... there's a reason why there's two different boards for the two different types of OSes and it's more than just drivers. Edit: I've opened up 5 random desktop motherboard pages from both Asus and Gigabyte, and not a single one says it's compatible with a server OS. The second one I looked at has drivers for several desktop OS. http://b2b.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4468#dl Now answer me do you have any real experiences?
  16. Sure you did but you weren't particularly original .jaclaz Well of course but I'm not as old as you either
  17. Most gigabyte and asus ones actually there is actually only one reason. Server boards typically have bigger capacity. Again do you have any real life experiences?
  18. So tell us what the better way is then.
  19. Do you actually have any real experience at all? Or are you just spouting bs for the fun of it?
  20. Still full of crap except for drivers every server OS I've used at least half a dozen ran fine on pc hardware, and the server blade I had ran XP,2000 standard, Vista and seven
  21. Didn't I say that back there somewhere?

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