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  1. Nope that aint it 'cause i upgrade a lot and the modified stuff fromm winntbbu.dll shows...
  2. I am sliming down my XP sp2 disk and i want to know this: Are winntbba.dll & winnt32a.dll really neccesary and if so what are they for???
  3. I got a lot of file not recognized errors.???? Please keep tryimg to fix it or show me a list of what files i should have at the end. I really want to do this.
  4. I have used this one several times W/SP2.. If it won't work I also disabled WFP using sfc_os.dl_ in my 386 folder.
  5. I really an interested in this but i thought WMP10 was not integratable....
  6. It is the quotation marks man I just did mine with the sp2 deploy tools and no quotes it worked fine... PS>I also made a bat file that point to winnt32 and tells it to look for winnt.sif so I can do one click re-installs or upgrades through windows.

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