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  1. I really do not care as long as it gets the job done for the purpose.
  2. A, Just be reasonable. Hook your display to your parents computer, Ask them how it looks. Ask them what are there routine tasks. Remember the display is going to be HD and is going to look sharper with higher resolutions. However certain programs/apps will look tiny and out of focus. Why is this important? because you do not want to buy a display that is blurred at the resolution your parents look at. Unless they like using pixel imagery. B. Buy a better display and give them that display C. Keep your original display. D. Do not be cheap with parents. E. If you have to purchase a TV display get a SONY 20". At least it is top dollar ( in my opinion ). 1. Your parents should just get the same kind of display they had before. In fact I looking for my old DELL Display ( it was petite but big ) and had to throw it out due to infestation issues. Of course I have my old monitors, that recently died ( but could still power up ). Again those things give off heat like crazy. So again in my opinion I would just save money and rebuy the same monitor. 2. WHY NOT A TV DISPLAY AS MONITOR? Because 1. It has a tuner inside which can give off high frequency noise. I have one of these piece rubbish/garbage displays ( not by choice but by force ) and it hurts my head and gives me headaches. However while I still hear the noise, because it is always on, I slowly lose the ability to hear these sounds. So I do not know if I have a headache or if the display is giving off sounds. Again high frequency noise ( usually from the tuner portion of the display/tv. 3. Why not flatscreens? Well while resolutions are really nice the problem is the finess of the display image. Meaning how sharp it is. With HD and 4K displays the image also needs to be HD or 4k for it to display sharp. On regular CRT/Monitors they can displayed a blurred image and make it look sharp. I have an Apple Display right now ( in fact I have two variants of the same display ). The Apple display makes my high end imagery looks great but only when it is on the highest setting otherwise everything looks like crap. Apple computer monitors from the G4 era had regular CRT ( which I would push you to get one day ). In my opinion if you had everything at HD resolution or looking to use photo-shop you would need one of these displays. 4. After experiencing high frequency garbage I would order all my flat panels from some company in Europe or Asia and lie to them and say it is for presentations and Photoshop work. If Zenith made displays only I would go to them. It is impossible to find a good display without having tuner crap or smart crap. Displays that are not tvs are the best option no matter what. If you want to get a 40" for 17.50 cents then by all means do so, but it will suck. Especially if it has automatic log-off bs. I NEED A MONITOR THAT WORKS LIKE A MONITOR
  3. Chrome ( google suck ballz ).................................................Google/Chrome filters out websites looking for direct links to archives and executable files/applications and then marks the websites as being malicious. Such you have to implement a password just to have anybody access the archives. I also have to block google from my own webpages, while the free provider of my content keeps putting Google inside of my HTML pages like crazy. Only reason why anybody have any google account is just to put stuff on Youtube. That is all. I have to get away from that,
  4. Then we just get a preprinted map, which I am sure there are tons of on the internet. Remember before GPS when you would hold the device in the X position and face north??? I am pretty sure if a gameboy game such as "kirby tilt n' tumble" could know which direction your facing, we could get away from GPS ( Smart ) phone devices entirely, having to use satellite data.
  5. I was working in a shop for a while. We just poured the clear gasoline straight into the ground. One person said "Shouldn't we catch it" and the other person was like "nah just dump it". Bare in mind this was on a gravel terrain water front.
  6. 1. keep in mind that Analog waves could travel the stars for eons and eons. A good chance our governments are lying to us because they are now using these waves to communicate with people in the stars. It is said that Hitlers signals from WW2 days are probably one of the most heard signals in the cosmos, next to regular television. If anybody remembers back in 2001 when the Twin Towers was destroyed by the US government. You could see communications from European nations, as well as Asian nations. This feat is also ( at least before digital ) achievable with a powerful dish ( like those big ones you see on various buildings or peoples yards ). 2. Speaking of Wireless, when I was attempting to install Debian 8 the other day, I did see an extra Signal. This signal had no name but was detectable and connectable via my Debian install. So I could assume that was the 911 signal it was connecting to as the police have access to regular analog signals that are not detectable by normal means. However when a police do use them, you could actually hear there business, mostly using code terms. Unrelated I was talking to a person miles away and a police cruiser went by. Hear the officers chatting and every time they talked, they cut off the normal conversation. A simular instance occured when I was walking through an empty park area. A person in there car, using the phone you could hear there entire conversation, and actually connected to the call. That is my assumption to what I was connecting to that had no name. 3. It could also be suggestive that these signals was reachable because the sun light ( AKA radiation ) was black by the darkness and something was bouncing off the moon ( thus the term satellite ) . We would need to know which equipment was being used and through which frequency or signal was being used.
  7. I agree now lets get back to using broadband internet instead of being capped.. Recently I was searching for 100% internet phone plans on ishbay. I searched and searched and eventually the ad monitor show me an advertisement for $100-$200 ( a year forever ) phone plan for CDMA phones. I have to switch but everybody in the household is locked into a stupid $150 a month plan. I mean I have my CDMA phone that is stays charged almost 24/7 without being plugged in, and can run Java games. There is also the android lolipop I am so tempted to upgrade this CDMA phone with. Smart phones aka GPS phones basically are fully loaded PPC. You can hook one up to a display and use a wireless keyboard. I wish I could have told that actress I had drawn nude about that option but she already mentioned she brought a new computer just for tpying her resume. Death to the GPS thank god. Seriously in China you have these Foxxcon and iphone constructors working non-stop. Some of these factories pay these people in iphones because they get the amount of money/exchange they get is probably less then $100 dollars in some cases ( Chinese exchange pay rate yaun/rub??? ). Causing these factories workers to jump of buildings and commit suicide. The result was the installation of a safety net, but that does not stop them from jumping off other ledges, or the net itself. Personally looking at these phones and the amount of work and effort it takes to put these things together is insanity. Compared with an N64 game controller that was manufactured places in Asia. It is insanity for a person to put these little bastards together and still get that same payrate.
  8. I and you are being forced to use these stupid OSes. I hate computers sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, I hate em all. I hate every single one of them. We had some good times, yes but honestly I could have actually been learning something all of that time.
  9. All of this for CCTV that you could otherwise port through the connection of a beeper............????/ I mean if I wanted a security system, I would just have the regular motion monitor with the motion sensor light. I remember when I was a kid I set off the one in my house. We had red lights and flashing lights blinking with nuclear-reactor sounds. . . . No we are going to use the same system that phones have been using from 1970 something ( UNIX ) and call it a security system with a little help from JAVA. Speaking of JAVA ( which I turned my back on ) it is actually really amazing the things you can do with it, outside of the web.
  10. This belongs in the funny section. It makes me think of that Gateway commercial with the hair blowing out from the little girl, parent, or etc. Bottom line you have an IT department/ Tech support person there because Health instructors ( gym/coach ), Models/actresses,construction, and historians do not know anything about computers...........
  11. I think it is the same issue with permissions from Vista but somehow. I will have to deal with this when i get the chance. Right now I have to deal with other life whatevers I do not think it is a startup item. I think it is the OS itself. The problem is all over the net. It is because the explorer.axe will not boot. In my case even if I did a run around to activate cmd.exe I am still unable to start explorer from there because "The account has been disabled". I am pretty sure there should be a way to activate the root user ( the real admin regular user ) account, in order to make changes to all users as with XP. Just yesterday ( last week on and off ) I was dealing with moving my Vista installation.
  12. Tried that just now. Same results. .................... Tried running the Task Manager. same stupid error. 0xc0000022 Application was unable to start correctly .................... Isn't there a set of backup files you could manual copy or something??? I just want everything to pop up. I feel there is a security issue, of some sort blocking the OS from starting up the necessary files. ................... I have an installation for the 64 upgrade for Windows 7 but not the 32bit. Anything else please see previous post
  13. I think it has to do with the memory controller ( just pulled that out of thin air ) or the bus itself. Many motherboards from the 1990's was easy to update the bios and thus could have more RAM to use. Again this was back in the dark ages when 64bit was not 32bit compatible. So it was ramdom ( you get it ) to run into these problems unless you really needed the RAM. Again Amiga and Apple at this point was the dominate in the RAM department. As it was needed for mostly high end graphics production. Which was usually a computer being used between a compatible device similar to a recording studio or a PC-VCR ( which I sadly own ). Most windows users barely knew or acknowledged anything about RAM. By most users I am to say the self-proclaimed techie you would run into related field of studies/professionalism. Many people including myself usually owned one of the many Compaq or even sadder the HP clones. Gateway E-machines ( in my case ) had an updatability to 1Gig at least ( or was it 512MB ). Now I am not lying to you but this was my primary computer during my later high-school and college years. I sure did enjoy every bit of that computer and it's 1990's space-age looking self. Enough about my sad life. Point being is that running windows 98 is far under-power for these space age clones..... abominations. In my opinion these machines from the 1990's is what is making up most of useless junk-pile in today's world. I prefer the stylization of the 1990's PC days but they sure are ugly in the heat department. Right now those Gateway mini's are currently the most popular computers from those days.
  14. Been looking for a way to solve this on my home premium edition of Windows 7. Basically the computer loads like normal but when entering the OS the explorer does not load. I have been reading and apparently for some reason the Explorer.exe somehow is removed. Maybe thanks to Microsoft updating????? The safe mode loads and works fine but regular programs are unable to utilize the actual computer. I am unable to print, and I am unable to watch videos via the pllayer. Anything outside of normal usage like MSWorks. Some program functions whlle others uses limited functionality. This is a regular Eee PC machine. It says 64 bit but will not go into 64 bit mode ( I attempted to install a 64 bit version of Windows over this one ). The operating system is 32bit Win7. I have been reading and many people seem to blame the hardware adapter of the Eee PC machines. I really doubt it is the display hardware as everything seems to function in color. I have tried tricking the computer, by switching around cmd.exe with the ease of access ( AKA shift, shift, shift ). However I discover the computer is locking out the user from accessing explorer.exe. In fact I believe THANKS TO SOME SORTA OF SECURITY USER LOCK ( like lock everyone bs ) the computer has locked out the user from loading explorer. Again you know the security bs from Vista and so forth. Is there some way to access to the top level Administrator of Windows 7 via the cmd. Or what do I have to do unlock the user access. In my opinion I just want to do things the old fashion normal way and just load the disk into Ubuntu ( which I did in order to swtich around the cmd file ) and maybe just maybe somewhere stored on this machine is a back up of major files I could just load over the corrupted files. I am just mentioning this as this was the way I would fix things with Windows 98. Just load the hard drive into another machine that has nothing to do with Windows. In this case I am using Ubuntu. .................... I have been reading on the net, this is occurring with almost every single Windows 7 installation at some point in it's life. Usually people would reinstall all together, but this is computer, primarily for printing, web browsing, watching and typing things. It is an ASUS Eee PC. Typical store model and somebody who did not listen, probably paid too much for it. I just want to get this thing back into normal mode to do it's normal things. I am pretty sure it was a windows update that gave it a problem.
  15. You want to protect the data on a disc, you will have to either 1. encrypt the file ( so that it is all ones and zeros ). Meaning the key in question is the only thing that will be able to open the file. 2. get an encryption program ( which you could find in almost every single current trending storage device ) of some sort. Even if the encryption program is considered out dated, it might be able to block even the most advance snoopers. 3. A bigger question. How to encrypt a DVD for casual play back but disallow computer agent from reading??? Is that your question??? Well The DVD table of contents would have to be readable, even if the data is not. But the actual data would have to be encrypted so that a regular computer without key ( like how female and male parts matches....see Ghost Busters ) will be unable to read the file. HOWEVER this does not stop the DVD from being read as a regular image/Video. Meaning almost every single DVD backup program would be able to get the video data that has been readable since 1992 or whenever DVD first was around. HOWEVER you could still have files written to the DVD but the video would still be accessible as an official dvd. The only other way would be to toss out every single regular DVD drive in your household, and switch to a later format that is still considered DVD but is not universal. 4.Since June 2009 ( correct me if I am wrong ) all DVD components have firmware locks on them. Another way would be to create an artificial firmware lock for your Disc. Then apply the encryption to the data you want stored away on the disc. Write the dvd file as normal so it could boot on that specific DVD model. I have not gone to those extremes, as I believe the right of privacy and thus a personal computer is considered YOUR ELECTRONIC BRAIN. So you ELECTRONIC BRAIN should have the same rights as your regular brain. An easier solution to anti-privacy is just to challenge the law itself, by boycotting, or some other form of passive resistance. The end result will probably be a retaliation by sadistic methods of manipulation including the various strategic tactics whether they be known or unknown. But that is another subject all together. AKA time cop ( like the television series ). 5. Just to get insane on encryption. You could copy other models used by consumer models. From the do not open and if open then erase. To outdated reading mechanisms. Of course the item should be accessible by a child. There is also retina scan ( demolition man ), to thumb print ( which you could find on most hardware nowadays ), or even sound scanner ( as seen in Richie Rich the movie ). Television advertising even have face scanning ( which is included in your out of the box 360 ). So much bs is being made which otherwise could be used bypassed by simply changing the law and promoting the idea of better people

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