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  1. I know this is old but here is a small tutorial I did a bit ago. http://likuidkewl.blogspot.com/2007/09/zun...xp-pro-x64.html I figured with the Vista flop others may still be interested in this
  2. I know this is venturing off topic but since XP cannot be used that way(2003+ Without CAL's), you may want to look into Linux's LTSP program(s).
  3. I too stopped coming here gosh, things got boring and as stated all the same questions which were answered before got buried in the past 30-90 days old filing system. I would browse around as a guest and just hang my head and think where are the "good ol' days". Glad to see you are "back" maybe some life will be re-kindled here. I have removed myself from the PE world over the last few years, but who knows maybe it will be interesting again. I think MS "dumbing down" WinPE has removed a bit of its luster...
  4. Updated 17.03.2007 If any links are invalid please post a reply and I will try to get it updated asap.
  5. Jazkal - Will your builder be for company use only or will it be released into the wild?
  6. CMDOW is the one I use on my PE disks. http://www.commandline.co.uk/cmdow/
  7. Thanks, I'll try that, though I think that the problem is somewhere else -- most probably, in some HIVECLS.INF settings that are missing. I tried this and it seemed to work for me, I found an old build with similiar symptoms you are describing and gave it a test shot. Below is a snippet of the code I use in my START.bat: ~*SNIP*~ start /wait regsvr32 /s /i browseui.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i shell32.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i mshtml.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i shdocvw.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s devmgr.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mlang.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s msxml.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mycomput.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mydocs.dll ~*SNIP*~ As you know some of these are not copied by default to %windir%\system32 must be added by batch in the build process. HTH
  8. It all depends on your application, I would set mine up to run after screen selection via a batch and regsvr32. I never liked the winbom.ini option. Just personal. Looking for info on this I came across this list of files, that looked eerily familiar. browselc.dll fmifs.dll browseui.dll shdocvw.dll shfolder.dll mlang.dll advpack.dll iernonce.dll Or shell32.dll mlang.dll browseui.dll msxml.dll mshtml.dll shdocvw.dll mycomput.dll devmgr.dll mydocs.dll
  9. NM about the registry thing you alerady covered it, Have you registered any extra dll's, if I remember correctly they needed to be registered to work correctly. I can't remeber off hand which ones they are I want to say mycomput.dll, browseui.dll, and shell32.dll HTH
  10. Try copying explorer.exe to %WinDir%, that will fix the icons as for the actual use of virtual folders I got stuck and gave up. I can't see your images btw. /Edit - I forgot about the reg edit needed I will have to look for it later, I am at work and have no notes sorry.
  11. Post your begin.bat file.. That may shed some light on it. Also try changing your winpeshl.ini to reflect something simple like cmd.exe or the like to ensure it is not another problem with your build.
  12. Try AppPath = %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\Begin.bat That is what works for me.
  13. Here is a screen capture for those who are interested.
  14. As some of you may know Kaspersky Antivirus is a leader in signature based detection among antivirus vendors worldwide. They have added the ability in Kaspersky AV/IS 6 to have an on-demand only scanner in the Windows PE environment and have made it fairly simple to install and get working. It has caught everything in "PE mode" that I have thrown at it in "Normal mode" granted it is on-demand only and not real-time but who needs realtime in WinPE? If anyone would like more information please reply in this thread. I just found this useful to use along with Ewido Micro and Dr web, if need be. Amplifying information: I have setup and used this from WindowsPE 2004 and NOT 2005 or Vista, so these are currently untested. There should be no conflicts though.
  15. As stated above, use winpeshl.ini to call your own batch file, look in the help file to accomplish this.
  16. I can see that coming with this build, I like the fact that they allowed winpeshl.ini to call more than one program. I keep getting an error that all the winpe.wim's have been prepped (/prep) anyone else?
  17. WAIK is now available at the Connect website, it is huge 1,242MB.
  18. Some say we will see the new WAIK this coming week, which would be nice.
  19. First off I would recommend reading the opk.chm and winpe.chm, they are extremely useful and pretty much tell you how to add a XPSP2 install to your DVD. You also may want to look at the guides provided by MSFN: http://unattended.msfn.org/index.htm They cover the slipstreaming and unattended installation for both XP and Office. 1. Create your custom WinPE, with all scripts and UA answer files you need. 2. Copy XP and Office files to the winpe tempdir 3. Edit either your startnet.bat or winpeshl.ini to copy/launch your install 3. Build your pe ISO DVD 4. Test it in VPC or VMWare
  20. I hate to say this but read the manual, it is included with the OPK. Or use the search function on this forum, change the search setting to show threads older thatn 30 days, and type in "Winpeshl.ini" without quotes and read through the threads, do not rely on others to spoon feed you this information whilst it is readily available online. Also, adding Explorer is not supported, if you want to add an explorer type interface, use the A43 file manager from Bart's, or use the 7zip file manager included with 7zip.
  21. It says it is SP2 build 2180 PE which "should be", winpe 1.5 or 2004. Now if you are referencing the bootable cd version which comes on the same disc in the three packs, or now one packs, then you may be right about the versions.
  22. If you are using the setupreg.hiv method and it keeps getting reset, do this: 1.) Build PE to a directory and don't make the ISO 2.) Navigate to the directory where PE was put 3.) load the setupreg.hiv from the directory created in step 1 4.) make your changes to your files and them save them in that dir 5.) Use oscdimage or cdimage to compile the iso This elimiates the rebuilding process of the files and now all you have to do is compile the ISO and not the entire build again. That is the way it is done here. HTH

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