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  1. reg.rarHi Kullenen_Ask , Many thanks for your help . I saw the "AudioEndpointBuilder","Audiosrv" sevice in the taskmgr was stoped ,and couldn't start those sevices by manual , Pop up the warning error message after start the service by manual: "The operation couldn't be completed ,the executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service." The attach files is the my register: I configed drmk.sys,drmkaud.sys ,ks.inf*;*wdmaudio.inf*;*hdaudio*;*hdaudiobus.inf ,and copy the dll ,sys,..to \windows\system32 , windows\inf \windows\system32\drivers.... Online register the *.dll , *.ax, *.acm as below for %%f in (*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %%f|@echo ..%%f for %%f in (*.ax) do regsvr32 /s %%f|@echo ..%%f for %%f in (*.acm) do regsvr32 /s %%f|@echo ..%%f
  2. Hi Kullenen_Ask , Thanks for your help,it's still doesn't worked following you method. And I builded this dos-shell windows 7 PE for automatic testing so don't need to GUI. I couldn't find the below register key in the win7 system , So i don't know how to write the sub key information from "AllowStart\AudioEndpointBuilder" ,"Setup\AllowStart\AudioSrv" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM_00\Setup\AllowStart\AudioEndpointBuilder] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM_00\Setup\AllowStart\AudioSrv] 1: I updated the register in offline mode reg.exe load HKLM\NewSys x:\winpe_x86\mount\windows\system32\config\system reg.exe load HKLM\NewSFT x:\winpe_x86\mount\windows\system32\config\software reg.exe import AudioEndpointBuilder.reg ; (was copied from win7 system) reg.exe import AudioSrv.reg ; (was copied from win7 system) reg.exe import Svchost.reg ; (was copied from win7 system) reg.exe import AudioEndpointBuilder.reg ; (was copied from win7 system) 2: and install the wdmaudio.inf ,hdaudio.inf,hdaudiobus.inf used the dism.exe in offline mode. 3:copy the *.dll files (related audio device) from win7 system to x:\winpe_x86\mount\windows\system32
  3. I builded a win7 PE used the WAIK for windows 7 base on the winpe.chm help document. 1: add the win7 pe package using the tool of "dism.exe" 2:add the hdaudio.inf ,hdaudiobus.inf offline driverinstallation using the tool of "dism.exe" 3:boot from UFD WIN7 PE ,and load all of the x:\windows\inf \*.inf using the drvload.exe ,register DLL files in the x:\windows\system32 using the regsvr32.exe in the "startnet.cmd" 4:Run "singen.exe /time:20000" in dos-command WIN7 PE , then NO audio output , It's same like the need to add some audio service such as (SVCHOST,)in win7 pe at first . Could you help me on the audio function in WIN 7 PE( dos-command windows)
  4. Hi everyone, Now I have a label printer type is (DYMO Label Writer 400). I hope the label printer can work normally under in WINPE 2.0 system. have anybody ever done it sucessfully?. Thank you
  5. Hello Friends, How to support Visual Basic tool programming in WINPE 2.0?
  6. Thank you for your reply it. And I also looking forward it. Hoping someone can solved it in future.
  7. Windows PE 2.0 plug-in.NET Framework 2.0,Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In? I'm urgently for it.! Thank you Now Any body know ? as The below web link,If anybody have got the answer? http://zoronax.spaces.live.com/blog/cns...4!218.entry
  8. HOW Could i Extract a bootable Windows PE2.0 Image on to the hard disk?, and Configure BCD store? I Want to extract to boot.wim file and configure the BCD store so that computer can boot WINPE2.0 form hard disk . if anybody know the method, could you help me?
  9. I found another question again.! I couldn't found "autounattend.xml" in the OEM recovery DVD,and unzip the "boot.wim&vista.wim" are the same result.! How did the OEM recovery DVD automatic install vista,application and the dirvers?
  10. when apply the BOOT.WIM, and found the WinPEShl.ini file contain string as below. "[LaunchApp] AppPath=Recovery.exe " So the OEM recovery DVD boot winpe and run the "recovery.exe" and the menu list the deployment vista as below. "prepare up/RP create up/rp copy recovery files copy OS images apply OS images" could you please expain what is the "prepare UP/RP " and "Creat UP/RP" The OEM vista deployment stage?
  11. Now I have a OEM Recovery DVD of the vista. when i boot computer from this recovery DVD, it run the "system revovery tools". and the menu show the deployment list as below: prepare up/RP create up/rp copy recovery files copy OS images apply OS images could you please expain what is the "prepare UP/RP " and "Creat UP/RP" The OEM vista deployment stage? if this OEM Recovery DVD is builded by WINRE? the "system revovery tools" is the software of the micorsoft ?
  12. Thanks for you reply.! HI gadget: could you tell me how can i legacy RIS to load a dos boot image ? Could you provide some document for me? Thanks.!

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