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  1. Changing the Resolution in WinPE

    OK I have rebuild my PE image and I added the following Switches to the MkImg command. /PNP and /WMI and now my video resolution is working!!! Albuquerque thanks for your help, I do have one question. Is it possible to use Explorer.exe as a shell? If so, how? Any links or info on this. I would rather do this manually as I am learning how PE works more than anything. BTW: I am using PE 2005 with Server 2k3 as my source. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Changing the Resolution in WinPE

    OK I think I am missing something here. I have tried to add the drivers using DrvInst with no luck. By installing the drivers using this method will WinPE detect the Video card based on the drivers available and then load them? Allowing me to use a resolution higher than 640x480x16? Is there a generic driver that I could use to display 800x600x32? I am not sure if I am on the right track.... Albuquerque you stated using a Plugin for BartPE any suggestions or links? I haven't found anything that will work. Thanks...
  3. Changing the Resolution in WinPE

    When I run the SetRes.exe no matter what I set the resolution to I get the following error: "Display mode change requested and windows replied.... The graphics mode is not supported." Do I need to somehow install video drivers? If so, how do I go about installing them? BTW, I have an NVidia GeForce FX 7600GT. So I know it will support it. Also, if I have to install a driver then I would like to install drivers for several video cards.... The whole 16 color is a little annoying. Thanks...
  4. Changing the Resolution in WinPE

    I have made a WinPE boot disc and I have been experimenting with different shells. When WinPE boots it has a screen resolution of 640x480x16. I have tried to change this in the Winbom.ini file with no luck. Do I need to load video drivers? TIA
  5. What Shells are available for WinPE

    Actually I have already created the PE cd. It boots but it comes up with the dos promt and that is it. I am just having issues with using a shell such as explorer so I am looking for another interface. The OPK that I downloaded from microsoft did include the WinPE BTW...
  6. What Shells are available for WinPE

    I am a n00b when it comes to WinPE. I have a CD that I wrote several years ago that has all of my diagnostic tools and AV software on it; however, I think it is time that I upgrade to PE. I would prefer to use the M$ PE as I am a system builder and have the OPK CD's. I have been having some issues running a shell program. I am looking for a shell that looks and function similar to XP and has a "Start Menu" and Desktop, etc. I have seen screenshots of some of the PE disks and I must say they look good. What shell programs do you use? Thanks in advance.