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  1. i think you have problem becuse you think you are a super hacker and you are a little bit gay .... when the only thing you do is using a program that you dont know how to use that another one have made ...
  2. that happends to me too when i integrate Spanish languge in x86 version of Windows Vista ...
  3. im using 32-bit version ...
  4. @Nuhi i also have problem with the system restore (and im think im not the only one) , i mean it dont work and i leave it there i did not touch that option , i have made about 20 vlite vistas and tried all kinds of variants but the system restore never works i really dont know what im taking off that dont make it work (dont know if you have understand me nuhi) i leave this photo of the error PD: i also take off volume shadow copy , culd it be that ? anyway thanks for the Vlite , you are the best Nuhi ....
  5. Mcfly000


    i did check de preset and leave the aero glass on , i did a lite copy with beta 09 and it work very good , with vista full i can also use aero glass but with beta 95 i can not use aero glass
  6. Mcfly000


    why don't the aero glass work with 95 beta ? i leave the areo glass but i cant find it , it don't work , please help me
  7. That's the applet used in Longhorn Server to add/remove windows features... is it present in Vista? that's strange strange or not , that's the error i get .
  8. i get this error when y try to install the FULL package of .NET 3.0 i download it at microsoft its the full install
  9. yes i did , and it's when i update when it happend , it let me download , but i can't install it is it very bad ? ...
  10. why do people keep saying it's empty ? ok then i'm so sorry it was just that... in his first post he look so inteligent .....
  11. hi Nuhi i still get .NET 3.0 intall error , what's did a take out that give that error ?? Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: x86 (KB929069) Error Details of the error: Código 80073715 please help ...
  12. Mcfly000


    hey by he way .. when are you going to release the next version .. tomorrow ?
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