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  1. [Help] Formatting Windows XP Pro without bootable disk

    I am surprised that no one has said it yet but here we go.... First on your friends computer, download nLite.. Install it... Use this program to alanize your XP cd to see what version it is... if it isn't SP2 then use the program to make a slipstreamed copy... BTW it also will help you make your new cd bootable. Any issues message me...
  2. [HELP/QUESTION] Disable system restore on USB Removable HDD

    I like your thinking, but that was not the scope of my problem... I just want a USB HDD to act like a USB flash key. IE no sytem restore (ever, even after reboot).
  3. [HELP/QUESTION] Disable system restore on USB Removable HDD

    Thank you quinriva for the guidance...
  4. [Help] Strange hardware entry

    What do you have for hardware.... Did you install any virtual drive emulators??? Deamon Tools..... Please let us know so we can help you.... PS... Please read the Intro about posting with a TOPIC HEADER...
  5. Is there a way to make a USB HDD act like its smaller cousin the USB memory stick (flash stick). I have left USB thumb drives connected for day on end, restarted numerous times, yet windows never grabs the drive for system restore. On some systems my USB HDD, it takes a reboot before windows grabs it, on others it does this imidiatly... that prosses take about 4 GB on my USB 40GB one, and 8.9GB of my 80GB one.... I have had to resort to permanatly turning off system restore on my system, but i am looking for a solution that i can put on my drive so i don't have to configure everyone elses machine... Please Help.... -------------------------------------- 5 Mar 06 Does anyone have anything???
  6. [QUESTION]virtual drive pro 10 wont show the drive!

    maybe try re-download and reinstall... if keep failing, i'll send you my vd 9.....
  7. Help me PLZ with this error

    Re-check your edited files... setupldr.bin..... txtsetup.sif
  8. check all of the parts you needed to edit.... Setupldr.bin... txtsetup.sif...
  9. So, you want a remote desktop for your "home" to "work"??? Am i understanding you correctly??? Is for setup a VPN connections so you are on the "work" network, then use remote desktop... that is what i do....
  10. [QUESTION]virtual drive pro 10 wont show the drive!

    I have virtual drive also.... what do you mean you can't use them???
  11. to make you unatend easier, make a script to look fo a marker file on the drive, so that when it finds the drive that has that file.... it uses that drive letter....
  12. Have you tried useing the 2003 server admin pack for xp??? Your can get a slew of tools.... i use the "remote desktop connections" all the time to manage my 60+ machines.... no one has to be logged in , and if they are i can choose to kick them off...
  13. [HELP] WMI VBScript

    I am trying to make a script that will look for specific programs on the computer; then say if it passes by verifying the programs it finds againt a list. I try but i am getting nowhere.... I am useing scriptomatic 2 from Microsoft. I hope this is in the right section....
  14. Multi boot help

    what version of cd shell are you using....