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  1. Wasn't fixed, have worked someting out though: On your freshly booted WinPE (I'm testing 3.1) do an ipconfig /all to check the lease obtained time then run time xx:xx where xx:xx hours and minutes is less than the lease obtained time... Do ipconfig /all and see the lease obtaied time..... ???????????????????? Tested on a win 7 box with an 8 hour lease and it done exactly the same thing....... Problem with this 1876 date is that the system cannot renew it's ip address when it expires.......
  2. Fixed: Removed net time and no need for w32time, just called an api NetRemoteTOD and returns the time correctly for a remote server... Thanks to http://www.codeguru.com/vb/gen/vb_system/network/article.php/c1637/Get-Time-from-Remote-NT-Server.htm and thanks for all the suggestions here....
  3. Thanks, secure standalone network - no internet might spoof an internal timeserver though... one of the things i am looking at..
  4. There is a reason for this! Net /time is deprecated, which would explain why the old version still works. Looks like you need to the use Windows time service now. But that is a great error! It is a fab error, unfortunatly w32tm is not available (or am I missing something) in WinPE 2 and above..
  5. Hi, Just noticed a problem here which possible has been happening since we first introduced WinPE 2.0. WinPE 1.6 and below does not have his error, I use WinPE all flavours here to deploy images onto systems. One task is to set the system clock using net time /domain:****** /set /yes but this corrupts the Lease Obtained time to a point in the past << see. Due to the qty of systems attaching, the lease time is eight hours. Under normal operation, the systems are complete and removed before the lease expires but some systems will remain connected and when the lease expires, it cannot obtain a new address and will drop off the network causing configuration issues. doing ipconfig /release and the /renew is hit and miss if it works. No errors on the dhcp server, and no requests sent from the client. w32tm is not supported in pe nor is _local_time part of its wmi subset,,, Anyone come across this at all... I use a windows 2003 wds with legacy. Tested: net time \\server_name /set / yes Windows 2000 domain Windows 2008 domain Logging on with domain credentials prior to running net time pausing script after network initialisation then running net time pausing all over the script after net time, including ip.../ /release /renew at varying pause times, sometimes the lease renews, most times it will not... and on and on and on
  6. Either works but cmd is the preferred MS way of thinking.
  7. Simplest form, in startnet.cmd CLS Echo "Select: ANd press [RETURN] echo "1. Run Ghost" echo "2. Flash Bios" then create two cmd files in system 32: 1.cmd [path]\ghost32.exe and 2.cmd Instert instructions to flash bios Messy but works... Good sample of an HTA menu is here: Could be easilyu adapted.
  8. Thanks, I know, we have been running WDS in mixed mode since release. The thing I am attempting is to enter a eight digit code into the RIS OSchooser screens, this then loads a custom PE1.x image. With PE2 and above, you can only get a list menu so when updating a core PE2/3 image, I can only hope that the legacy computers still work, and in the most part they do. If I keep adding PE images to the WDS then the list gets stupidly long and the engineer can easily select the incorrect image. We have 600 systems a day connecting to WDS or RIS, different models and manufactures, so managing a PE2/3 image is a nightmare. The above restarts the WDS process from RIS but displays all the PE2/3 options. I have nearly got there, just need to isolate and load the required BCD file, just cannot get the bootloader to change location from \\reminst\boot........
  9. I know i'm digging this one up from the grave but,,,,, What I am attempting is to get a winpe 2.0 or 3.0 to boot using RIS. I like the 'oschooser' menu system in RIS. Using the above actually loads the wds start screen again showing the options of wims available and the Remote Installation. I have tried using custom BCD's ect but keep getting back to the same wds screen. Has anyone acheived booting winpe 2/3 through RIS?
  10. Hmm, I like Explorer. Seems a lot faster and I switch between several different networks al the time and it's much faster adapting to the new network. With Vista and below I was having to release/renew ip and flush/register dns every network switch. Once the indexing is complete, searches are super fast. Oh, I think I prefere it over Snow Leopard.....
  11. Well, I really like the Win7 Start menu, the ability to lock programs to the Task Bar and hit Start and type nero sou to locate the program much easier and faster then running through a old menu system. I am a sys admin come developer and run/support all flavours of windows, mac os x, unix, and a lot of command line stuff... I have been using Win7 for months now and adore the interface. Its fast and easy.... Join the revolution..
  12. I would rename diskpart.bat to .cmd and do not call the batch file the same as the executable.
  13. Deleted. My post about PEShutdown is so dated, please ignore it.
  14. Don't forget, the assigned drives are only for thw winpe session. They may appear different in your installed operating system.
  15. Search for PESHUTDOWN.EXE on this forum

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