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  1. Sorry, I know this is old but I just had a quick question. I noticed your sysprep line says halaacpi.dll but then you say to copy the halacpi.dll file to the C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386 folder. Is this correct, or should the sysprep line and file match? If they should match, which is correct, halacpi.dll or halaacpi.dll? Thanks!
  2. My attempts so far have all failed with the same result. I am prompted to start in safe mode. If I attempt to start Windows normally, the system continues to try to load Windows then reboots (No BSOD). The system will attempt to start in Safe Mode but I get the message that Setup cannot run in Safe Mode. The image was built on an Intel ACPI MP HAL and this system also has an ACPI MP HAL but an AMD processor. Any suggestions or theories?
  3. I'm currently trying to find a solution to resolve image incompatibility between Intel and AMD processors. I read somewhere that manually deleting the processor in Device Manager before running sysprep will force a redetection of the processor, but I haven't had any luck. First off, I can't even seem to delete the processor. I also tried to manually install the Generic processor, restart, then uninstall the processor, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions? I know this is not a supported scenario, but I also know that it is possible. Is there a way to detect and inject the correct HAL or processor "drivers" using Windows PE? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  4. Is there a way to force startnet.cmd to run minimized? I have a nice splash screen that I would prefer not to be covered up while PE is booting.
  5. Would you mind sharing that file again? I currently maintain about 30 images and I would really like to get down to one image. The information here has been very useful. Are there any links for further information on your Barts method of swapping HALs and injecting drivers from a share? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone succesfully used this method to install Tablet PC? I have tried several different methods and the OS loads, but the tablet features don't seem to be working.
  7. Thanks for all of the comments and help guys. I did a search for Avast Bart CD and the only thing I found cost $200.00 which wasn't an option. I did however find a solution which I will explain for future reference. 1. I pushed my Ghost image down to a clean Hard Drive and then shut the system down. 2. I slaved the Hard Drive into another system and copied the new driver folders to the Hard Drive. 3. Next I opened the registry editor (regedt32), Highlighted HKLM, and clicked on Load Hive. 4. The File I loaded was "%systemroot%\System32\Config\Software" (named it zzz). 5. From there I was able to locate the DevicePath value under "microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion". 6. I added the value for the folders containing the Drivers I added to the image. 7. Unloaded Hive and closed the registry editor. 8. Shut Down the system and saved the new image. It worked like a charm!
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll try it and see how it goes.
  9. Check to see if you have the value of "%SystemRoot%\inf" Under the following registry key. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DevicePath
  10. That's not much help. What folder should I be looking in? Will it be a a *.dat file extension?
  11. So what you are saying is that once the image is on a HDD and the HDD is slaved in I can just use regedit to load the appropriate HIVE and edit it from there? Where is the HIVE for "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DevicePath" located?
  12. I always delete everything that starts with $ in my Windows Folder.
  13. Yes, I need to remove a line in the registry in the image.
  14. I have a Ghost Image that I want to add some drivers to but it seems that the OEMPNPDrivers line will not modify the line in the registry if it is already present. What I planned to do was push the image to a clean HDD, Slave it, modify the sysprep.inf oempnpdrivers line and add the drivers folders but it will not work. Is there a way to modify the registry on the slaved drive so I can remove the pnp drivers line so that it will be recreated on first startup? Please NOW in Microsoft Windows XP section, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. See rules --Sonic
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