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  1. I know this is old but here is a small tutorial I did a bit ago. http://likuidkewl.blogspot.com/2007/09/zun...xp-pro-x64.html I figured with the Vista flop others may still be interested in this
  2. I know this is venturing off topic but since XP cannot be used that way(2003+ Without CAL's), you may want to look into Linux's LTSP program(s).
  3. I too stopped coming here gosh, things got boring and as stated all the same questions which were answered before got buried in the past 30-90 days old filing system. I would browse around as a guest and just hang my head and think where are the "good ol' days". Glad to see you are "back" maybe some life will be re-kindled here. I have removed myself from the PE world over the last few years, but who knows maybe it will be interesting again. I think MS "dumbing down" WinPE has removed a bit of its luster...
  4. Updated 17.03.2007 If any links are invalid please post a reply and I will try to get it updated asap.
  5. Jazkal - Will your builder be for company use only or will it be released into the wild?
  6. CMDOW is the one I use on my PE disks. http://www.commandline.co.uk/cmdow/
  7. Thanks, I'll try that, though I think that the problem is somewhere else -- most probably, in some HIVECLS.INF settings that are missing. I tried this and it seemed to work for me, I found an old build with similiar symptoms you are describing and gave it a test shot. Below is a snippet of the code I use in my START.bat: ~*SNIP*~ start /wait regsvr32 /s /i browseui.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i shell32.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i mshtml.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s /i shdocvw.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s devmgr.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mlang.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s msxml.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mycomput.dll start /wait regsvr32 /s mydocs.dll ~*SNIP*~ As you know some of these are not copied by default to %windir%\system32 must be added by batch in the build process. HTH
  8. It all depends on your application, I would set mine up to run after screen selection via a batch and regsvr32. I never liked the winbom.ini option. Just personal. Looking for info on this I came across this list of files, that looked eerily familiar. browselc.dll fmifs.dll browseui.dll shdocvw.dll shfolder.dll mlang.dll advpack.dll iernonce.dll Or shell32.dll mlang.dll browseui.dll msxml.dll mshtml.dll shdocvw.dll mycomput.dll devmgr.dll mydocs.dll
  9. NM about the registry thing you alerady covered it, Have you registered any extra dll's, if I remember correctly they needed to be registered to work correctly. I can't remeber off hand which ones they are I want to say mycomput.dll, browseui.dll, and shell32.dll HTH
  10. Try copying explorer.exe to %WinDir%, that will fix the icons as for the actual use of virtual folders I got stuck and gave up. I can't see your images btw. /Edit - I forgot about the reg edit needed I will have to look for it later, I am at work and have no notes sorry.
  11. Post your begin.bat file.. That may shed some light on it. Also try changing your winpeshl.ini to reflect something simple like cmd.exe or the like to ensure it is not another problem with your build.
  12. Try AppPath = %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\Begin.bat That is what works for me.
  13. Here is a screen capture for those who are interested.

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