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  1. That file is in the sound drivers from asus, i even went and manually installed it... no change.
  2. Ok i built a new system with a M2N-SLI Deluxe mb, build in sound, and when i installed the bundled driver package, theres no sound. so i go to the asus site, and find 2 sets of drivers, both try to install and then come up with an error saying : "The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not found." Googled for a few hours and i find http://www.msfn.org/board/HDA_audio_bus_driver_t82137.html but all the links in there are for random crap and have no effect. the one is for HP built comps, dunno where that came from.... but that post is about my exact same problem. Though my winlite cd doesnt have IE removed... Any ideas?
  3. Anyone have an installer for Windows Media Player 11 Beta with no Wga junk??
  4. Anyone got an installer for IE7 Beta 2 or 3 with no WGA junk???
  5. When i go to windows update and it will scan and find the updates it needs, but then when i click download the download window will pop up and it will say downloading blah blah what ever the first one is called, and then after about 5-10 secs it will say failed and go on to the next one and they all fail within a sec or two. anyone know wuts up with that??
  6. when you double click it it says the drivers are not installed and to click reinstall drivers to fix it, so i do and try several different driver sets and it trys installing for a sec and then says it cant install because the data is invalid...
  7. Its an ecs nf4 motherboard with built in 6 ch audio. and device manager has several items under audio, but the one that says Multimedia audio controller has the yellow exclaimation point on it. the others say they are fine.
  8. Uhmmm already done that. ive followed the whole covert to desktop guide. it still says in dxdiag that there is no sound card.
  9. Ok i got ie7 installed, it just decided to work this time.... hellifiknow what its problem was. but it works. now any ideas how to get my sound to work? in the device manager it has the yellow ! on multimedia audio controller. and there is also an unknown device with one under other devices. But i have a super nice 5.1 surround sound system, and i cant use it help me!!!!! please? ok and i just tried to install updates through windows update. there was like 137 mb worth, and i hit download and it comes up for a sec says its downloading the first, then within 10 sec or so it says failed and all the others come up saying failed. whats up with that????
  10. Well why the hell not??? mine is for storing music! and movies... and pictures... so what if i wanna play some of the stuff i store???
  11. no event viewer was disabled in the converting to desktop wasnt it?
  12. in program files/internet explorer there are 2 folders, connection wizard which is empty and MUI which has afolder called 0409 in it and that has a file called mscorier.dll and thats it. and when i try to update the drivers for then sound, it says there is an error and it cant finish, that the data is invalid.
  13. K i got it installed after a lot of hassle on 2 200gb maxtor IDE raid 0 setup. And ive followed the convert server to desktop sticky, and it keeps saying that it cant detect a sound card. Im using the built in audio, ECS NF4 soc 754 motherboard. and i cant get ie explorer to work, i installed IE 7 beta and it installed fine but i cant find it or use it anywhere.

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