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  1. You can receive money on any paypal account , just business ppl get charged slightly due to the constant use of paypals resources for all the transactions.
  2. Java and .Net are totally different.
  3. What do you mean AMD dont overclock well, Are you insane. I have seen ppl with Opty 144s that come stock at 1.8Ghz clocked at 2.9Ghz, Also my 3700+ San Diego That i recently purchased has been over 3Ghz and stayed below 50c at full load after running prime 95 for 12hrs. I was lucky and got one of the best steppings
  4. DDR and DDR2 DIMMs arent compatible, Either your motherboard supports one or the other, Also are you using Intel or AMD, Intel would be better if you have low latencies AMD tend to work better with high Freqs
  5. Its already confirmed, AMD now owns ATI , they bought the company for around $6 billion. Nvidia have also stated they will continue making chipsets for AMD processors. Intel have said they might go back to making integrated graphics soloutions for the meantime, All this hype about Conroe and Kentsfield and its not gonna be much use when they have no graphics cards to play games on PMSL
  6. Plextor seem to be the best of the DVD Writers but ive heard lots and lots of good things about LiteOn DVD writers too.
  7. Although i think the Nvidia chipsets are clearly far superior to the Ati ones it will be interesting to see what happens , Those new fancy Ati PhysX demonstrations were rather impressive. http://www.bit-tech.net/news/2006/07/24/in...hipset_license/ It has happened , and Intel have already ditched ATI now because of it. Seems Intel fanboys are gonna be abit screwed seeing as nvidia doesnt like intels garbage and would rather make chipsets for AMD
  8. The 805 Overclocking guide is very cool but not really advised, those guys are pros n have some expsensive cooling systems, Did you see the heat it gives off and power consumption when overclocked ? it was very high, The cpu should be good enough for the 7600GT to use its full potential, DVD burner , Plextor or Lite-On would be my choice, Sony and philips are good too so should do fine. I would rather have the 805 over the venice but if ur tight on budget then it would do fine too. They overclock well.
  9. I wouldnt put that power supply anywhere near the parts now, shocking a motherboard can cause serious damage, it can totally fry capacitors, transistors and circuitery. Send it back if its under warranty or go and buy a new one and pray it hasnt done any damage.
  10. The virtual pc will work just as if u were installing it on ur normal machine, if your visual style doesnt work in the VM then youve done something wrong, Only thing you cant test in a VM is drivers.
  11. WMP11 isnt worth downloading anyway , Do yourself a favour and save the bandwidth, Its the biggest pile of crap ever, Just like the rest of the vista garbage.
  12. It has been tried and tested by hundreds of ppl and works perfectly. Copy the R2 disc to the root of the cd and it should install everything. dont ask me how but thats what works for everyone else
  13. Someone plz just let this topic die, Its OLD and should never have been brought back to life in the first place. Maybe a admin should lock it.
  14. Dont get a 7600GS, The 7300GT with DDR3 Memory will beat it hands down and is cheaper. As for ram, try looking for OCZ, Corsair, Kingston,Crucial, G Skill, Mushkin as they tend to be the best of the bunch. OCZ does a 2GB PC5300 and PC5400 kit with 4-4-4-12 timings, As for NCQ, its only really useful in a server environment when you have ALOt of different processes trying to access the HDD.
  15. First off , Scrap the X1600 they are garbage, you can get a 7300GT or 7600GT for either cheaper or the same price that will outperform it. With Intel it is best to have ram with tight timings instead of high freq, Case is kinda a preferance, theres plenty out there Lian Li , Coolermaster, Thermaltake etc etc. thermaltake tend to be the cheaper of the 3 but they do have 4 nice cases. Soprano ( only downside is its steel not alu) Tsunami ( tends to be very popular ) Armor and Armor jnr ( Pricey but have extremely good airflow) As for processor id say dont bother with the 805 now , the conroes and allendales are here now, a recent test has shown the E6300 Allendale killing off a X2 3800 even at stock of 1.8Ghz, at 2.5Ghz overclocked on air it comfortably gave it a kicking in every benchmark and totally obliterated the X2 in Super PI. Should be very good for multitasking. E6300 + gigabyte GA-965p-DS3 M/B combo has tested to be very good. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=106685 Hope this helps
  16. Bottom line is that all forms of exe protecting type programs can be got around, Its pointless why companies do it , if it can be done it can be undone, its that simple.
  17. copy the entire contents of the R2 disc into the root of ur standard 2003 SP1 CD and thats it. Voila
  18. Scubar


    I have always loved Slax , its an excellent full featured OS that can be used for recovery purposes along with XPE and a XP install disc.
  19. Does anyone know the names of the default windows cursors, I am having a hard time determining which ones are the standard default and which ones arent, the only ones i can tell apat are the gold,blue and stupid dinosaur ones. lol
  20. I was playing on halo earlier and i was driving around in my warthog as ya do and i decided to see just how many places i could get it. I started driving it through this doorway when it got stuck I decided to blast it in abit further by using grenades and rocket launcher. Then it occured to me that there was another warthog on the level so i went and got that, I drove that back and decided to cram that in the tunnel aswell, I wandered about the island before finally finding another warthog. I drove that back and rammed it in aswell and finally the one at the other end popped through, I then reversed one blew up the second one and managed to get that one in far enough so that i could get in the drivers seat to drive it through . Just thought id share this as it was quite amusing.
  21. UGH, I just discovered that M$ bought winternals\sysinternals. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they better not start charging ppl for their programs.
  22. Scubar


    I too would really like to see some kind of real time chat for these boards, Once created just put a message on the forum for a week or so like the ads or something saying Join the new MSFN Channel for realtime answers. Or atleast some crap to that effect.
  23. OCZ, Antec, Seasonic, Forton, Hiper, Tagan, Enermax. Any of them should be excellent. Also once you have picked out one that you like, Check on the nVidia website to see if they are SLi Certified becayse that is always a bonus to have. Least then youll know it can take the beefy cards like 7900GTX and 7950.
  24. Paint.NET definatley wouldnt be included as its not even written by them. I know they are making Virtual PC 2007 Freeware and making it fully vista compatible, maybe they might include that.

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