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  1. need a sig plz

    Hey, if your looking for a signature to compare it with here it is. address for image is right here Wolf I'm back in action
  2. Some Of My Graphical Work

    Love em, really do, pm me and teach me some of your secrets I'm not a noob at photoshop, but extra knowledge is always nice =D
  3. For all the pokemon lovers

    Lol, cute, I like the way they pop out of the image, but yeah, I like the pikachu that way, and on the other hand how in the world did you reverse engineer pokemon silver lol?
  4. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    E-Donkey just died.
  5. I need a cool sig please

    I'l make you a different one soon I've been really busy lately.
  6. IRC

    I'm glad I'm getting some support you guys pm me, we'll set it up together and spread the news.
  7. I'm pretty sure that would be in 1 of the programming sections, cause I have no idea what the heck your talking about.
  8. I need signature

    Lol Wolf, I hope you kept a back up of that picture... rofl I find that great, man is it funny.
  9. IRC

    I was just wondering do we have an irc channel for this board? It would be great if we did. Chatting in real time
  10. who wants gmail?

    Thank you td.
  11. http://jansfreeware.com/jfgraphics.htm It's free I havn't tried it so don't blame me if it doesnt work.
  12. I need signature

    Contribute to the forums, dont just beg for graphics. Talk to people, ask questions just participate .
  13. I need signature

    I did check my post from before
  14. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    You should probably add frostwire it's a good program.
  15. who wants gmail?

    I do royaltea8@yahoo.com