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  1. While i Know and use Darren Stone's WinXScreensaver, it doesn't have BSOD and Webcollage and is not up-to Date (Major Version number at least) I Know about Sysinternals' Bluescreen but I Want Mac, Amiga, Linux and Windows Error screens. I have tried WinLock but It has a Trojan horse. and so on... JWZ Hates Windows with a passion so no official support for windows How About We port Xscreensaver to Windows (XP And Vista)? OpenGL is recommended as a main version but a DirectX spin-off is needed for Intel Integrated Graphics Users... like me!
  2. to remove explorer, I Don't know to make Media Center Load on start up, either add the shortcut in to the startup folder or edit the registry If you want to install this on all users (not recomended) 1) open regedit (start menu > run, and type in regedit) 2) go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. 3) Change Shell from explorer.exe to the new shell path e.g C:\Litestep\litestep.exe 4) log out and log back in. or If you want to install this on just the current user (i.e. make a new Account) 1) open regedit (start menu > run, and type in regedit). 2) go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. 3) add a new string value (Edit > New > String Value) called shell. and set the value to the path of the new shell e.g C:\Litestep\litestep.exe. 4) log out and log back in. If media center is your shell, make sure you can use the task manager to open programs.
  3. sorry for the Double post/bump It seems that i need an image or a floppy disk. Help!
  4. I Would like to boot bartpe but my DVD drive cannot read burned discs, so i'd wan't to either: load and boot an iso image load and boot a flat vdmk image set up a 1Gb Flash drive with bartpe and set up grub4dos to enable booting from it. i cannot boot from a usb key natively as my bios cannot boot from it. help appriciated PS it's a Toshiba satalite R10 Tablet PC maybe an SD Flash card will do the trick as Toshiba has an SD Boot Utility. and hence I have a workable removable system.
  5. thanks, I was setting up a VM in Virtual PC (64 bit vista 16bit) and i want to add 98mp10 to the mix, does this install after 98se2me? thank you in advance Mandrke
  6. most probably, a file with extension .doc only means that it is a Microsoft Word compatible file but most word processors (even those on Mac OS X and Linux etc) can read/write word files as an act of compatibility with office. same thing with .xls
  7. agreed! But a Super Pack of Windows Would be cool, Now What do you want is vista? Now I want all of systernals/winternals software ia a vista geek's CD!
  8. Miniature=Thumbnail Mosaic=Tile view JohnS' translation done
  9. Ok, the paid-for components (exept the AV) was a little redicous so I have ajusted it to the freebies (the programing tools are probally not needed. the games were just a silly idea office is negotionable (see linux) and the AV is just a good service (but the term is negotionable) Starter, I'd like to see myself! Mandrke
  10. I Think that as well as what MS has said about Vista ultimate, to improve it more I Think that the below should be incuded: Office system 2007 Professional Edition? Visual studio express (Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual J#) [Would Most End users use VS Pro with MSDN Pro] Plus Vista Edition AOE+ROR AOE2+Conquerors AOM+Titans AOE3+Warchiefs Freelancer Halo Halo 2 Windows Live Onecare subscripion for 5 Years(and Defender Antispy), ? Tweak UI(or all of the powertoys) Paint.NET Encarta Premium 2007 Microsoft® Digital Image Suite PLUS You may ask why all this to be added to the distro but this is Vista Ultimate and is to compete with the amount of packages of linux and to have a install then use system! Mandrke
  11. well there was a byte change to make home to "pro lite" with the consenquence that you can't install real (non-Priated) Windows products. It was /.ed here is the info: 1 German computer magazine C'T claims that by changing only 2 bytes from the file setupreg.hiv in Windows's XP Home kit, users can get access to certain functions only avalaible in Windows XP Professional, such as Remote Desktop, User management and enhanced security features. C'T writes in its latest print issue (in German only) that you need to copy the root directory and the i386 directory of the WindowsXP CD to your harddisk, extract the Bootsector of your WindowsXP CD and change only 2 bytes in i386\Setupreg.hiv by using Regedit. In fact all you have to do is edit the binary key "default" and change "01" to "00" and "02" to "00" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Homekey\ControlSet001\Services\setupdd, C'T claims. There is one big drawback, though. Users won't be able to install Service Pack 2, unless they integrate SP2 in the installation CD. And that's probably too much trouble for most users, who of course are better off buying a legal version anyway. It is expected that Microsoft will change the setup files soon to prevent this hack. ® and a regerstry hack to turn pro tho server 2003 and vice versa: A routine currently circulating on the web reawakens the old controversy over how different the workstation and server versions actually are. NTSwitch, apparently produced by Hungarian outfit 3am Labs, is claimed to allow various versions of Microsoft workstation operating systems to be turned into server versions, and vice versa. 3am's free download of the routine has been pulled "due to legal considerations," but at time of writing was still being hosted by ADTW, which presumably either hasn't had a take-down notice yet, or is ignoring one. 3am is still running a description of the operation of the routine here, where it is modestly described as "a quick and dirty hack" which backs up the system hive of the registry, edits and then restores it. The sole purpose for the creation of the software, according to the readme, is to demonstrate that Windows workstation and server operating systems share the same binaries, and that the only difference lies in the registry. ADTW's write-up of NTSwitch (which seems to be based on testing by gentlemen called Sephiroth, SideWinder, AngelDeath, and NeoLojik) majors on switching .NET Server to WinXP Professional, although it also notes that that it works the other way too. They say that converting XP Workstation to Server produces a memory leak, however, so using it to turn one of the prime things certain people might want to do with it doesn't look feasible: According to sephiroth: "I attempted this on .NET Server and have sucessfully converted Build 3615 to Windows XP Professional. Using an app called NTSwitch, .NET now thinks it is a workstation OS , in this case, Windows XP Pro. All of the features of XP that were disabled, such as fast user switching, the welcome screen, and DirectX now work perfectly. I have personally always got much better performance out of .NET than I have out of Windows XP. This program works by changing certain entries in the system registry to trick Windows into thinking it is a workstation OS. Once you run this program, you can reboot, enable fast user switching and the welcome screen from Group Policy Editor, gpedit.msc from the run command, your boot logo will be changed to that of XP Pro and many other things. This can also be done on Windows XP Pro (thanks to NeoLojik for the testing, the app says it does not work but it will). He gained an extreme amount of performance. What we basically end up with here is this. .NET contains patches and bug fixes for Windows XP that you likely won't see until SP1, but you are getting them in this way. And there is no draw back. Each and every feature of XP is there, you just have to enable some things on after running this program. For example. Norton Antivirus 2002 would not install on 3615 as it is not compatible with a Server OS, however, after running this program, Norton installs perfectly fine on my system." Changing .NET Server into XP Pro largely seems a harmless piece of fun for people with access to .NET Server beta code and a thirst to apply patches early. Clearly, as and when the product actually ships NTSwitch and similar aren't going to be impacting Microsoft's revenues that way. Doing it the other way around is of course entirely different, and protestations that the routine has only been produced to demonstrate a point aren't going to cut much ice with Redmond. Some years back a similar controversy raged over NT 4.0 (remember Microsoft getting seriously angry about Netscape server software running on NT Workstation?). Microsoft at the time argued strenuously that there were major differences justifying the price difference, while others argued the opposite fairly convincingly. You can pick up some leads on that discussion here and here, although as you'd expect many of the links don't seem to work any more. A discussion thread in a private .NET beta newsgroup seems to be going over this old ground again. According to one Microsoft operative contributing: "There are of course things that are mere registry changes between versions, but there are many other things that are not. Even if you dress your cat up as a dog, you in fact will still have a cat." But a cat that is functionally a dog may have some utility; we make no comment whatsoever as to the appropriateness of that image when used with reference to certain companies' operating systems. You can currently read ADTW's write-up here, and although we have severe doubts as to how long ntswitch.zip is going to be available in the open, it's now in the wild, so presumably anybody who wants it will be able to find it. Presumably also Microsoft will view it as a tool that can be used to pirate its software, and will therefore try to hunt it down. And indeed, that is one of the things it is. But if it is possible to alter the registry in order to turn a workstation OS into something that at least looks and feels like a server one, the only way Microsoft can stop people doing so is by cloaking the vital parts of the registry in secrecy, and suppressing information leaks. While of course strenuously denying that it is that simple. ® all from the register
  12. sorry if i sound noobish, but i can't understand the igors thead so i'll ask: I want to setup Optusnet dial-up during setup before/during the RunOnceEX step but i dont know how. the more personal replaced with (field name) eg: username: (username) so now the details: username: (username) password: (password) phone number: (phone) connection: PPP ip: not static DNS: Isp will give me one conection name: Optusnet OE as email client... NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! and How do you dare to insult my intelengence then to set up thunderbird email do I just copy setings from cd to the prefences folder? mandrke

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