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  1. What are the drivers you are integrating? For example creative sound card drivers.
  2. A 32bit driver WILL NOT work in x64. Did you try uninstalling the 32bit drivers and then seeing if it will work? Windows might have the 64bit driver for it already. Otherwise I would try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have a driver.
  3. What is the -! part in /qb-! for? What does CUSTOM=1 do? The ! flushes each line to the log. The CUSTOM=1 shows the user just the progress bar and removes the cancel button.
  4. I think the latest beta of the k-lite mega codec pack has all the latest codecs... I believe they keep them up-to-date. K-lite mega codec pack is my favorite anyway, I especially like the easy way to created a switchless installer for it.
  5. "whateverpath\jre.exe /qb-! CUSTOM=1 ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1 JAVAUPDATE=0 REBOOT=Suppress " That is what I prefer to use. But yes yours should work I think.
  6. Do the administrative install and you will get the .msi installer, the program files folder, and a folder called common. In the common folder you will see the archives for java like core 1, core 2, core 3, extra. I don't remember off the top of my head but I think you delete the "extra.zip" archive, and also the other one that is not named core. So you are left with core1, core2, and core3. Then in your command use ADDLOCAL=jrecore That will specify to only install the cores and not the additional languages and other things. To remove jusched startup entry you use the command JAVAUPDATE=0
  7. Well I just got my x64 install up and running. I used the 1.0.4 pack with the addons as well. Must say that everything went perfect. I did some heavy nLite'ing and this install really flys. Microsoft update reports no hotfixes. Thanks
  8. "Master" and "Slave" and all that has nothing to do with the drive letters that windows assigns.
  9. The answer is no right? I think Vista doesn't have any raid support yet, at least I haven't found any nvidia raid drivers.
  10. I would recommend to download Vid0's version. He did a much better job than me.
  11. Here is my switchless installer for JRE 5.0.5 if anyone wants it. It has all languages besides English removed, and also jusched startup entry is removed. 8.03 MB Download
  12. Well not exactly. You can't run any old antivirus program on 64 bit windows, it has to be compatible. I don't think norton internet security is compatible with 64 bit windows. Avast is fully 64bit. But for norton I think you need the norton corporate version 10 which is compatible with x64. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Program Files is used for programs written in 64 bit code (and hence making full use of your operating system and processor for speed and memory improvements) Program Files (x86) is used for normal 32 bit programs (which will run the same speed) When installing programs windows will automatically install to the proper corresponding Program Files.
  14. I personally wouldn't use norton internet security myself, but I do believe they make a version for x64.
  15. My switchless installer is working. I downloaded the full 7.0.5 version from here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_adobe_acrobat_reader.html Then I renamed it to adobe.exe and ran C:\adobe.exe /a Then with the administrative install files I made the switchless and used adobe.msi /qb-! /norestart Seems to work fine, although I don't know how to remove the adobe reader speed launch, does anyone know how? A special switch like with java maybe? It would also be nice if I could remove the help files but it doesn't work when I do so I'm not sure how to do that either.
  16. When I click that link I get the same thing... Maybepeople just aren't allowed there.
  17. Try using 32bit IE or 32bit Firefox instead of 64bit browser. And then make sure flash is installed maybe, because there are issues with flash sites and 64bit browsers because there is no 64bit flash.
  18. WMP10 for x64 has a different build number and I would like to know your pack applys to x64 as well?
  19. You can't use the drivers on the CD. Those are 32 bit drivers... You have to download the 64bit drivers from ati's website, and nvidia's website and same for everything else. Of course you are going to run into problems trying to install 32bit drivers on a 64bit OS.. This is not windows's fault, or DFI's fault, it's your user error.. And also, getting into your bios and changing the boot order, this all has nothing to do with windows or windows drivers. For my DFI mobo I push DEL to get into the BIOS, and I push ESC to get to the boot menu where I can just select cd rom and just boot to it that one time and install windows, then you don't have to save changes in the bios. You might consider updating your DFI BIOS if it is out of date, by the way.
  20. What drivers are you missing? And you can't install a 32bit OS on x64. You have to reformat.
  21. I have tried integrating the 2.08, the 2.05, and the 1.84 drivers. Every time the same thing as happened to me like you said. I will be really curious if you know of a way to integrate these drivers because they have never worked for me to date, nuhi even said not to integrate creative drivers.
  22. @ rick steele, that has nothing to do with integrating nvidia raid drivers. Creative drivers simply do not integrate properly, I have tried myself many times, this is unrelated to the nvidia integration and I am surprised you did not mention they were creative drivers because I think you have confused fernando pointlessly now. @ all, just use the "legacy" folder from the 6.67 drivers, don't mess with the 6.66 or sataraid folders, it will only cause pointless problems.
  23. dale5605


    Yes it should work.
  24. There are a very few rare exceptions. But there are alternatives anyways that do work. There is almost no speed difference between the two running 32bit programs. Running 64bit programs/games there is a significant increase. Because they often need 32bit to keep compability with all their various devices. Make sure there is 64bit drivers for everything you are to use on the computer. Like printer, tv card etc. There aren't many 64bit drivers for peripheral devices so that is the main reason why to stick with 32bit.
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