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  1. I accept what you say, but I am still puzzled by Windows' allocations. I would have thought that if you have only one hard drive in the system and you install windows on it it will automatically go to the letter C. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that I cannot read my external drives either and that is my immediate worry. Thank
  2. I have windows XP and have been going through the process of changing the primary internal drive. For some reason this not the C drive but F. The slave hard drive is C. I have installed windows XP on the new drive where the jumper has been set as the primary drive. It has been recorded as such but has been allocated drive letter ‘j’ I do not know why. All the USB connections and external drives were detached. I hold important irreplaceable data on the two external hard drives, one an iomega 80GB and another (new ) Western Digital 160 GB. They were working perfectly prior to the Hard drive change but now I get the message for both the drives that they need to be formatted. Not only that, I have tried them in both my laptops where they have both worked before and I now get the same message. There has been no smoke, noise or over heating and no action to delete any data. I am very anxious to read these drives and do not know what has happened. Can any one please advise me.
  3. Thanks Redcloud. Great help. I have a new Seagate and you just remove the jumper to make it a slave. So that bit is easy! Will follow your guide and see what happens. Very grateful. Cslg
  4. I have two internal hard drives of 40 GB each and two external drives of 80 and 160 GB. I need all this space mainly for audio files which I edit. Of the internal drives, Windows XP is installed on the primary drive and Win 98 in the secondary drive. I wish to replace the Primary drive because I think it may be developing a fault. I have used Acronis to copy the image and content of the Primary drive with a view to copying it to the new replacement internal drive. This Acronis file is on an external hard drive. My question is please, what is the process one uses to make the exchange and reinstate the old Hard drive's contents onto the new drive which will hopefully be automatically logged in by the BIOS as the primary hard drive. I am a bit stuck trying to fathom out how I do this bearing in mind that I will not be able to boot up from the primary drive. If somehow, I manage for this exercise to make the slave drive the first drive that the system reads on boot up, it would at best open up in Windows 98. Will it be possible through win 98 to undertake the copying to the new primary drive (elect). If so should I install the Acronis program on the slave drive? I will be very grateful for some help. Many thanks
  5. Thanks again. I have already tried with the Win XP CD Rom and also set BIOS to read the CD ROM first but it just passes it over although I see the CD Rom being noted and asks for a floppy disc to be inserted. I also tried an old start up floppy for win 95 a computer I had in 1997! and that started off with a promising menu but everything I responded ended up with the dos command prompt from where I can read directories, incidentally. I have another recent Symantec Norton Antivirus disc that says that it can act as boot up disc in an emergency. When I try it merely seems to test for viruses and then I get no futher. Its a real puzzle. I'm sorry!
  6. Thanks Takesh but how do I get to the recovery console. I sometimes get to the dos command prompt. Is that where I can start? Thanks
  7. Having shown how to clean up my drives, I have walked into an unrelated problem. I resurrected a copy of Norton Ghost 2003 that I bought some time ago but had never used. Cannot remember exactly but during installation, I was told I should make a start up disk to which I replied 'yes' but before I was able to do it the installation finished and rebooted. In doing so, it only got as far as requesting a boot up CD or DVD which I did not have. I went in to the bios and changed the order so that the primary HDD would be read first. No luck. I was asked for a floppy. I have two internal drives, the primary has Win XP and the secondary has Win 98. Normally on boot up I get the choice for 30 secs to go to XP or 98. The default is XP. I cannot get in to the operating system and am stuck. Can anyone help me out of this, please? Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Its been invaluable. I tried the Cleanit and it was amazing it has reduced the unused space from practically nothing to 25GB. It will do this automatically as you say when you boot up. I will put in hand the other advice also and it seems I will have a system as new again! Greetings and grateful thanks from this side of the pond. well from a rock in the pond actually. Sorry I meant 'increased' unused space.
  9. Thanks InTheWayBoy - I do record and edit a great deal of .wav files arising from my copious piano compositions and that is the bulk of the work I do. The editing function, I know makes a big demand on space for the 'undo' facility that is quite extensive. Whether these end up in temporary files and form the bulk, I would not know. I cannot remember where I saw the list of MS update files but there is a stream of them. They are not classed as temporary. I notice streams of text files and 'NLS' files in System 32 that are all progressively numbered but not temporary. These all grow day by day. Its all quite a puzzle to me!
  10. My primary hard drive was meant to contain just the OS and other programs with data being held on a 2nd drive. I was surprised to be warned that there was no more space on the primary drive. I discovered that Documents and Settings took up more than 26GB much of that being in Temporary files. There is also a long list of Ms 'XP' update files which gets longer by the day. Can all this clutter be deleted and is it in fact clutter

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