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  1. If you choose step by step confirmation you can choose what loads including autoexec.bat and config.sys. This is of course if my memory serves me correctly hopefully I am not thinking about XP...
  2. Yes it keeps a "history". Just look at the linked page for the very first image here. There's even a yearly graph on there. It's meant to monitor SNMP devices, but you can make it graph really anything you want using simple scripts (gotta understand basic scripting though - which I would hope you do if you're monitoring servers). Also, check out RRDtool for somewhat nicer graphing. There's a bit of work involved to make it all work, but it's totally worth it. You can find tutorials, guides, FAQs and all kinds of resources using good ole google. This looks really great. I can't believe I have not looked into this sooner. Thanks a lot. This will be a huge help to me.
  3. That looks promising. Does it keep a history so that I can look at the statistics for a previous day? Or can I look at the data for a whole week. For example it would be nice to look at the processor load and memory load in a graph for the whole week so I can see if some days the load is more than others and track usage patterns?
  4. I am looking for a way to log server performance data to be viewed later as a graph. This will help we tell the times which our servers are under the most load as well as show me possible performance bottlenecks. I would like to monitor things like cpu load, memory use, nework activity and disk activity. The operating systems I need this to run on are Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003. Can this be done with the Performance Monitor snap in that comes with windows? If so does anyone know of a good guide because I can't figure out how to use it? Thanks in advance
  5. Calm Down a little bit. We have this forum because we all like Windows 98. It is really that simple. It is true that I do not think we need an "official guinea pig" thread because we are all guinea pigs. Lots of us test out the patches and updates here. I really do not know what you expect with the last post you made. It accomplished nothing. Also I do not know nor is it any of my business why any msfn member was banned. It has never been ok to discuss such things reguardless of the reason. Just my 2 cents.
  6. It has been a while since I have installed 98SE2ME. I was just wondering if it still uses a batchfile based installer. It seems like it would be "cleaner" to use an inf based installer. Also it would be nice if their were an option to not make backups. Thanks
  7. The directx 7 interface is present in Windows 98... Or at least it is supposed to be. I play several games in windows 98 that use directx7 with no problems.
  8. That page hasn't been updated in several years. I don't know why it was left up. More recent versions of Arachne are here: http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/arachne/ Sorry about that. It was the fist thing that came up in google.
  9. Yep that is it. I think this is the home page: http://home.arachne.cz/
  10. about 2 years ago I I was board and decided to try to get my old 386 on the internet. It is a 386 with 4 mb of ram and 100 mb hard drive. I think 25mhz. Loaded MS-Dos 6.2, set up my old network card, and loaded a dos based web browser. I believe it is called Archane and is still being activly developed to some extent. Although some websites did not work browsing speed was much better than I expected. Most pages loaded in less than a minute. Other Comments: I use K-Meleon as my default web browse in both windows 98 and XP. As someone mentioned FoxitReader would have probably been a better choose for a pdf reader. I am pretter sure it still supports windows 95 and is much faster than adobe acrlobat..
  11. Based on my own experience I would have to recomment Windows 98 Second Edition.
  12. Just to be sure I would build one system first with those specs to test everything out on before buying the parts to build lots of them. Just one mans opinion.
  13. Yes. I have used many of the programs on that site. It is a great resource.
  14. Windows 98 does not support large hard drives. But fortunatly a member of these forums LLXX has created a patch to fix this. Here is the post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78592 I would read the whole thing to find out any issues you may run into for example even with this patch I believe that scandisk and defrag will still have problems.
  15. I would not worry too much about cooling. Most ITX chipsets are designed to produce a minimum amount of heat. If I am not mistaken many ITX boards also have an integrated processor that does not produce much heat. I am not sure if I would go completely fanless though. I would have maybe one thermal controlled exhaust. Also be sure to keep cable clutter to a minimum.(I am sure this will not even be a problem for your setup.) Other thoughts: 256mb of ram should be plenty for your purpose. Also I think you can find a premade case that fits your size requirements if you look hard. (but this takes the fun out of doing it yourself.)

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