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  1. I've been beta testing it a fair amount and it is looking pretty good. But nuhi wants this to be 1.0 RC1 so he wants everything perfect. I would expect release as early as 4 days from now.
  2. Yes, you will have to wait for 1.0 b7 to come out, although it will actually be renamed to 1.0 RC1 when it is released. Kamil has been working with nuhi to add support for the x64 pack in upcoming nLite. Unfortunately most plans are stalled until new nLite is released. Because current version has many problems with x64. I am still waiting for that before I integrate the NFM update pack into my x64. Thanks for keeping the pack updated Kamil, very good job so far.
  3. Stephane I have used ProvideDefault unattended method many times and it has worked.
  4. Sorry about that forgot this was for x64. Wait for next version of nLite to be released soon. Then it should work fine.
  5. I personally don't like the x very much either. I think it could use a little sprucing up.
  6. dale5605

    Exe- Files

    I believe what it does is change the office xp icons to the office 2003 icons if you have office xp. If you have office 2003 then you won't notice a difference.. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Diskeeper Professional 9.0.532 is my favorite.
  8. I didn't think BitComet was p2p... My favorite torrent client is definitely BitComet. But my favorite p2p program is Limewire Pro 4.9.30.
  9. You SHOULD NOT be integrating SP1 and then integrating SP2 over top. SP2 contains all the things from SP1 but updated and more. So just integrate SP2...
  10. I would just get rid of prefetch, it seems to just make things slow and take space. Basically prefetch stores some info for programs you launch to try to execute them quicker next time. I don't think it's very succesful at it personally though...
  11. I think that driver removal method is actually my method but ok... You might want to wait for next nLite, seems to integrate nvraid perfectly without having to use my driver removal method.
  12. dale5605


  13. Maybe you should use nLite. Wait for the next version to be released which should do everything you require. nLite forum is down a few forums in member projects area.
  14. I would suggest using nLite. Look down a few forums.
  15. Thanks for the update Neanderthal. It's working perfect and it is completely up to date. nice work
  16. Or don't even bother recompressing it, just faster and easier that way.
  17. Even though 6.66 is working for me on nvraid 4.81 I'm curious where you got the information that 6.66 drivers won't work with nvraid older than 4.84 fernando. Because it works fine for me.
  18. Does nlite copy that folder then, even if you just point it to the Ethernet driver? You learn something new every day. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When you select a .inf nLite integrates that directory and subdirectories also...
  19. Don't integrate Sata_ide folder also lol. That will probably only cause you problems. Just integrate sataraid folder with nvatabus.inf added. I'm pretty sure that is your problem because windows can't properly integrate duplicate files. And when you are integrating both those folders they are all duplicate files. So the result is probably some kind of hybrid driver which manages to allow you to use your raid array but can't indentify properly in device manager. Oh and just a small tip, delete the "NAM" folder inside the "ethernet" folder before you integrate the ethernet driver. It is just the crap installer for nvidia's crap "hardware" firewall. Takes up a lot of space.
  20. @fatalsavior, that's nvidia for you... @Fernando I seriously doubt his "missing dll" problem is related to my method in any way. Using my method I get absolutely no missing file errors whatsoever, no problems with windows, no errors or question marks or anything weird in the device manager, nothing wrong whatsoever. And why do you think there is any harm in removing those windows ide drivers? It doesn't hurt the system like you imply it would. My computer runs better without them. If you have a nvidia chipset why would you want to keep VIA, Intel, CMD, etc. drivers in there? They do no good at all on a nvidia chipset, and you could have absolutely no use for them whatsoever. So I fail to see the concern here.
  21. Well since fatalzaviour was able to integrate with no extra changes like me he probably removed those ide and scsi drivers? I'm hoping that is the case because that would confirm this maybe being the solution. But I believe the problem he is speaking of is completely unrelated. Fatal, set your options to not automatically reboot when the system crashes. Then when it does crash you will see the blue screen and then note what that error message is. That will point you in the direction of the problem. But the rebooting we are talking about with regards to nvraid integration is just after the install of windows, not after windows has already been up and running for a few hours.
  22. @mj My folder looks like this (except it should be WinXP not Win2k ) http://teamicenine.com/images/IceNine/protag/nvraid.bmp @Fernando I simply select everything in the "drivers" section of nLite to remove. Oh and I had a brain fart and thought the ide crap was included in there, sorry about that. Besides selecting to remove all drivers I also select to remove these under the "hardware support" section. ALI IDE Bus Driver CMD IDE Bus Driver Intel IDE BUS Driver Toshiba IDE Bus Driver VIA IDE Bus Driver Perhaps removing those things is what allows me to successfully install without the reboot loop.
  23. mjswoosh, I also get those errors when I tried it the one time I did it that way. However after I installed those drivers I did not experience that reboot problem you are speaking of. Usually that problem only occurs after windows installs and you never make it into windows in the first place. I would recommend only adding in the nvatabus.inf and raidtool folder into your sataraid directory and leaving out the other stuff. You won't get the device manager errors that way, I really only suggested that as a *possible* solution to people having lots of problems. But I would just stick with the aforementioned. Fernando you mentioned that windows is install the wrong ide driver being the cause for the problem. I know I remove ALL drivers with nlite, this includes all the various ide drivers and the scsi/raid drivers. Does this have anything to do with it? I'm just curious as to what is causing these different results to be achieved. Again, I can get my raid array working fine with nlite 1.0 b6 with no "handmade" changes. Some things that may or may not be significant. -Using nvidia 6.66 drivers -Using nvraid 4.81 drivers loaded on my mobo -Remove ALL drivers with nLite and integrate all my own -Do not check "oem preinstall" box -Use DefaultHide unattended method -Integrate RVM1.3.1 + WMP10 + Addons Oh and I didn't realize the 6/23 BIOS has the newer nvraid version because I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the changes. I am considering flashing to that BIOS but everything is working the way it is now and I don't really feel like messing it up.
  24. Umm Fernando, I am on 3/10 bios with 4.81 nvraid and 6.66 drivers. Odd? What BIOS are you running that got you 4.84 nvraid?
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