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  1. Ohh... i see... Thanks alot. So are there any problem that really cleans your harddisk?
  2. I got a question here... Any advantages over using Lowlevel format on harddisk? And why would anyone trouble to destroy the data as in described in the first few message? Why can't just format the drive?
  3. Well, so how? I've read the messages but now I'm blur whether if the Hacked File Pack are usable and the link are working or not. Cos' I'm looking for Pack, but I'm seeing more of the individual files... Thanks alot if someone could post a working and most recent Pack. Thanks alot!
  4. Now I got another question, can the program still work fine if I installed in other locations? Eg: D:\ drive [Anoher partition] instead of C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
  5. Hmm... Seems quite hard... Anyway, thanks alot, dale5605!
  6. I still can install back my old Norton products right? Since it will automatically install in the correct Program Files folder... Think still should be able to work.
  7. Why is there 2 kinds of Program Files folder created in XP 64? I read it from somewhere so I wanna understand the usage and purpose before I installed it. Thanks alot!
  8. I was wondering whether if it's stable when installed in XP 64 Bit Edition? Currently I've not installed XP 64 yet but I want to make sure before I does that. And how do I know currently which version of Norton SystemWorks or Internet Security are make to be compactable with it? Does the latest 2006 support 64 Bit? Thanks alot!
  9. Even though can't access to the website but most importantly is the program itself. Many thanks to the person that created the program.
  10. Hahaz... Anyway, I managed to get the download of the WPI_4.3.5.rar done. Now trying to play with it. Hahaz... ~ Cheers ~
  11. I wasn't able to access to this website for the Windows Post-Installer located at this homepage. I was able to view the webpage only for awhile before it redirects me to the forbidden website. I wasn't sure where does it went wrong... Please help.
  12. I not sure whether if I'm posting at the right place. ~ Hope I didn't cause any inconvenience. I was wondering what's the differences and purposes between this two formats, .bin & .iso. I only notice that it's like zipping all files into one file. Is burning the images into a CD = Extracting all files out first and then burn them into a CD? Sorry that it might sounds newbie but I'm curious about it. Thanks!

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