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Everything posted by dale5605

  1. I really wish that unlocker would add support for x64 though.
  2. Yay for new nlite, a lot of improvements for making the perfect x64 installation.
  3. I said it could be released then at the earliest. Nuhi said recently that it will be out tomorrow or the next day probably.
  4. dale5605


    Who's copy? If it's the same version of windows then yes. i.e. if you have a key for professional edition then it will work on professional, but not home...
  5. dale5605


    This might not be the preferred solution but you can download a copy of windows off the internet or get one from somebody you know and then use your cd key on it.
  6. All x64 users should really wait for next nlite before making disks. There are just too many problems with the current version.
  7. I just updated my wmp10 package. I noticed picozip 4.01 is out. This new version is really sweet, it's so much better than the previous 3.x version I was using. Thanks again for recommending pico boooggy.
  8. Oh and you got the number for the old outlook filter in your batch.
  9. In your first post it still says August for the mail filter. thank you for updating it though
  10. This might interest your pack boooggy. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907658
  11. Use nLite to do some of the initial customizations and then do the rest yourself, using runonce, or WPI or something.
  12. Did you look at the link I posted? There's a screenshot of it in action here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The screenshot doesn't mean anything to me if I cannot reproduce its results. It is possible that they have changed that since the screenshot was taken, but nonetheless I cannot reproduce.
  13. dale5605

    ? Boot Screen

    I think you need welcome screen turned off. Because I have it turned on and I don't see the boot screen either. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. 1. I have not been able to reproduce MSAS "ignoring" the gator spywares. 2. Spywareblaster is awesome of course. 3. I've never had a good experience with Norton's antispyware/internet security line. Even trying to uninstall them they leave crap everywhere, they just put themselves so deep all over the system. After uninstalling there are still startup entries everywhere, services, folders, registry keys, and other craps.
  15. 1. Forum rumors and blogs don't make something true. 2. Yahoo anti-spy is terrible. 3. Norton is bloated and not good at all..
  16. Service Pack 2 has been released. Not sure if you can include it soon but it would be nice.
  17. dale5605


    You can't just rename to sy_ extension, that won't work. You have two options. Leave it as .sys extension in 1386 folder or compress it with makecab to sy_. For ease of use you can just leave it .sys.
  18. That's just a false rumor. Microsoft does not contract with spyware companies to make profit and not clean their spyware. Maybe MSAS doesn't pick up certain spyware, but that isn't because of a secret deal or some other conspiracy theory, it's just because it isn't in their spyware database yet.
  19. You could try the 6.67 nforce4 chipset drivers. They have updated IDE/SATA/RAID drivers. Personally I don't use norton because I consider it bloated and pretty crappy. For x64 antivirus your best bet is probably avast. http://www.avast.com/ The home version is completely free, there is also a professional version you can pay for, which is what I have.
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