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  1. I was trying to suggest things to make it work for others. And yes I am very happy that it works for me If others are unlucky that is their problem
  2. Are you doing this on x64 then? I haven't even tried it on x64 yet, because my x64 install is already good the way I like it. I have tried it before without nvatabus.inf or raidtool folder or anything else and it did work. So I think nLite is doing it fine, I don't see why it would be any different for you. But it appears to work fine for me whether I add a few of those files, none at all, or a whole bunch like I said before. I got those few device manager errors one time but it has still worked. I must be doing some right or getting lucky or something.
  3. This should work for you fernando. Go into the extracted folder from the driver package. Then go into "IDE" and then either "Win2k" or "WinXP" whichever your OS is. Go into the "pataraid" folder and then copy "nvatabus.inf". Go to "sataraid" folder and paste that file in. Copy the entire "raidtool" folder INSIDE the "sataraid" folder. If you have done this correctly this is what you should see. http://teamicenine.com/images/IceNine/protag/nvraid.bmp You should not select the oem preinstall option.
  4. This is the same reason why I cannot understand why it doesn't work for you. Nuhi fixed nvraid integration so now it works through nLite and you don't need the handmade stuff anymore, works for me. You could try just putting the "raidtool" folder into sataraid along with nvatabus.inf. I know those 2 in there worked for me. Maybe raidtool folder is your problem.
  5. Ok I think I have solved the problem, some of this may or may not be unnecessary but should work. Hopefully this will work for you fernando, otherwise I am not sure what we are doing differently since we have same motherboard and same drivers and same nLite. This is what I do: Take folder: E:\nforcedrivers\IDE\WinXP\sataraid and cut and paste it to a safe place like the desktop Now copy nvatabus.inf from "pataraid" folder into "sataraid" folder. Now copy nvata.inf AND nvata.sys from "sata_ide" folder into "sataraid" folder. Now copy the "raidtool" folder (yes the actual entire folder itself) and paste that INSIDE "sataraid" folder. It should install properly and everything. Now when windows loads up device manager should give you an error. Click ok and then device manager will pop-up saying it needs to install PATA controller or whatever. Click "install automatically(recommended)" and let it install it. It will pop-up again for SATA controller or whatever. Again let it install. Now everything should be properly installed and you should have no problems.
  6. GUIattended? I use defaulthide, but I don't think those should matter anyway? If I understand correctly what I have heard then as long as you are doing an unattended option instead of no unattended then you are ok. But I will give benefit of the doubt maybe something else is the problem. I know that I removed with nLite all IDE drivers such as Intel, VIA, etc. I also removed RAID/SATA drivers.
  7. I don't see how the nvraid is a problem anymore. Are you on a nforce3 board or something fernando? I have tested twice on actual install. Once I tried just integrating sataraid folder without using nvatabus.inf and it failed with endless reboots. Then I first put nvatabus.inf into sataraid folder and integrated sataraid folder and it worked perfectly just like that. Didn't have to do anything extra. This was all done with the 6.66 WHQL drivers. I did not use "oem preinstall" option. Also, if it matters I used unattended mode "DefaultHide"
  8. I think this thread might help you. http://www.planetamd64.com/lofiversion/index.php/t1040.html
  9. Do not use nvidia firewall. It is absolute crap. It's not even a hardware firewall like they claim, just a really crappy software firewall.
  10. Hehe, well thanks for updating the guide anyway. And thanks very much for this also. It was very simple to do and worked wonderfully.
  11. Well in that case the directions are very misleading... Thanks for the help, it works now.
  12. I can't seem to get this to work. I have the CD in but when I run the admin program it just does nothing. I have autorun disabled, what should I do?
  13. If they are 64 bit games or 64bit video programs, then yes quite a performance increase. If they are 32bit then not really. Some 32bit programs run a tad faster on x64, some a tad slower. But overall, performance of 32bit programs on x64 is exactly the same as on x86.
  14. Basically if you are using this computer with printers, maybe older ones, cameras, webcams, other various multimedia devices, wireless internet, etc. Then you might not find the drivers you are looking for and getting x64 would be a bad idea. If you just run the basics and you are using the computer primarily as a workstation and/or gaming rig then I think it would be a good idea. And to back up ender I have seen benchmarks that show x64 to not bottom out as much as x86 in the fps during intense scenes. And for 64 bit games there is quite a large difference, you can see that about far cry 64 on amd's website. And also x64 is based on the Server 2003 SP1 codebase, meaning that the operating system itself is very reliable and stable. Oh almost forgot, this is a good deal and it is where I got mine. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=604652
  15. That's what i'm going to do.. I have Epox Nforce 3 Ultra, AMD 3000+ running 2.26, 2Gb of RAM, NVIDIA 6800GT and SB Audigy Platinum ZS2 and that's all I got. Network card is integrated and NVIDIA provides complete 64bit driver package for NForce 3 chipset. This station i don't use for nothing, absolutely nothing but gaming. I don't even need antivirus... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well in case you do I think Avast! is the very best antivirus program, it is fully compatible with x64 of course. And its good you have 2 gigs. X64 is a lot better at addressing a good amount of ram and you should get very good performance. And look at Far Cry if you are looking for a game written in 64 bit code.
  16. Well for a server I would still think that Server 2003 64bit would be better than x64. I think x64 is suited for users who like performance and reliability and don't use a lot of crap like printers, wireless devices, cameras, etc. But if you just use the computer as a workstation and for gaming, then I think it is perfect.
  17. Actually there are a number of wireless lan x64 drivers out there. They aren't provided by the card maker itself (like linksys for example) but you can find them through the makers of the transceivers or whatever. For example Ralink offers some x64 drivers for their products. They are in some linksys and other brands of wireless. You can see they have some WHQL certified drivers here: http://www.ralinktech.com/supp-1.htm
  18. Well grafx your computer isn't really the fastest. To speed up your boot make sure "quick-boot" is enabled in BIOS. Also check if there is an option for HDD delay and make that 0 seconds. And if there is an option for full-screen logo make sure that is on disabled. Also disable anything your aren't using in BIOS. Examples include firewire, IDE channel 1, SATA channels, serial/parallel ports, etc.
  19. I know this is a bit off-topic. But I like the smilies you have in your RUN_ME.cmd. B) You might want to try the CODE tags?
  20. Don't use 2 software firewalls. Use 1 hardware firewall (router) and 1 software firewall.
  21. Go to services.msc in the run box. Disable "messenger" service, then stop the service. done
  22. Hey, you have your very own forum!! Congratulations. Thanks for all the good work you do, like the powerpacker and the ryanvm integrator, I really appreciate it.
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