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  1. bumperty for this awesome pack Hey I didn't even realize you updated the addons package. Good work as usual, thanks a lot it works great. You da man Kamil.
  2. dale5605

    XPize 4.1 MCE

    Very good job XPero. Thank you much!
  3. You still get spyware with 64bit IE. You need good antispyware if you want to block spyware. Like spy sweeper, microsoft antispyware, spywareblaster, ad-aware, and spybot are the ones I use. All are very good.
  4. An interesting conundrum isn't it? But seriously though, I think it's because of how few people even have 64bit capability. Once more people have 64bit systems then software will be popping up all over the place and then people will want to switch to a 64bit operating system.
  5. Yea you could actually see slight speed improvement, pretty unnoticeable but it is there. And if you do some serious video stuff and have 4gb of ram then you will def see an improvement. But also there isn't speed loss on any programs besides certain older games. Because the WOW64 system is basically the exact same thing as the x86-64 hardware emulation that the amd processors do when they are running 32bit windows. Except now most of the windows crap is running 64bit so you might see speed improvement just because of the newer NT build and windows components running at faster 64bit speeds.
  6. Simple, because not many people have 64 bit processors/64bit windows. A lot of software developers just go where the money is, if only 0.4% of computers are 64bit then it might not be worth the development time to them to port their program into 64 bit.
  7. I do see great benefits with video rendering/encoding on x64. But I also use 64bit version of VirtualDub. If you are using a 32bit program then performance increase might not be noticed...
  8. Actually fernando people have been having fewer problems with .NET 2.0 but 1.1 and 2.0 sometimes creates problems.
  9. Running lower memory 32bit programs, no you will not lose any speed. What programs exactly are not compatible though? In my experience almost everything is compatible. You might consider finding alternative programs that are compatible. XP pro does not support 4gb. You will only be able to make use of about 3gb of it. And it won't be super effective at that as far as I know. The 667mhz doesn't matter.
  10. Same exact thing happens to me. I've been trying to figure out a way to integrate Creative drivers for some time now, but no luck. Most people just suggest using the kx project drivers, but I would much rather use the creative drivers. Unless someone knows a solution you might just be out of luck. And about the multiple .infs in a folder, no that does not matter. I'm thinking what might need to end up happening is just making a program addon for the creative drivers.
  11. Don't expect the NET framework addon to work either. Hopefully it will be working soon. sry for off-topic
  12. Mekrel, I think delete the raidtool folder and then just integrate that folder there.
  13. hehe, can't wait. Not sure if anyone would know why but I can't get call of duty 2 right. I can play fine with the cd in the drive. I clicked "explore" on the 1st cd of CoD2 and then copied all the files into a folder on my computer. Then I used nero to make a .nrg image file of all those files. Then I mounted that image with daemon 3.47 and clicked on "safedisc" emulation. Multiplayer loads up fine but single player asks for the disc. This is on windows 32 by the way.
  14. Run the setup with the command-line parameter -MakeUnattended to create an unattended setup.
  15. I ran into this problem as well. I think it had to do with changing the path of Program Files with nLite.
  16. Well... if you'd tell me how you got the size down, I could upload it for ya... I've already fixed it. Zxian, vid0 doesn't use StartX, he uses msistub which is very small (2.5 KB).
  17. Really? My copy didn't work properly the last time I tried it... Might have been my DVD drive which I had to replace the month after. I haven't tried to install it anytime lately as I don't have too much time to game. heh....My bad for the bad info. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Produc...1_10543,00.html
  18. I think this would work. ProgramFilesDir="d:\Programs" ProgramFilesDir (x86)="d:\Programs (x86)"
  19. I personally use FantomDVD for mounting images (although it doesn't support mdf, it support most major images). Filedisk is another alternative, but I did originally have problems with it for whatever reason.... You do realize that there is a 64bit edition of far cry don't you? I find it odd you would have problems in one of the few games that is actually coded completely in 64bit.
  20. Basically 64 is better than 32. It is a more recent windows based off server 2003, NT v5.2. It is more stable and faster. When running 64bit programs there is performance increase. Also if you are the type that might use 4gb of ram, x64 can actually properly address the full amount of that. The negative point of 64 is compatibility. You have to have 64bit drivers for everything, check and see if you do. If you don't, don't get it...
  21. I personally wouldn't recommend updating RAID drivers with windows. It seems to me to be a risky procedure. Myself I reformat with the nvidia raid drivers integrated and I do not update them, but if I do want to update then I reformat.
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