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  1. Of course you can - my update was smooth (64-bit).
  2. I can confirm that too, however manual installation using a link above (64-bit version) was successful.
  3. Don't waste your time on him, he's clearly here for trolling. Btw, 5800X3D it's Zen 3 architecture with increased L3 size through vertical stacking.
  4. Looks like the best idea would be to put you just on ignore because you are behaving like a troll. This is just another confirmation of trolling.
  5. D.Draker, care to explain what is purpose of your presence on this section of forum? Because to me, looks like you're an annoying Windows Vista fan, who is trying intentionally p*** off Windows 7 users.
  6. No, just because it was impossible for you to install Kaby Lake on Windows 7 it doesn't mean automatically it was impossible for others as well. Just read this article: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/guide-installing-windows-7-on-a-kaby-lake-pc.3025661/
  7. No, it's not custom made laptop (Dell E6440). I know that Intel Skylake (6th gen) officially support Windows 7 and best proof is this driver: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/18799/intel-graphics-driver-for-windows-15-45.html Btw, check release date! One more thing, here someone is confirming that i7-7700K is working with Windows 7: https://www.sevenforums.com/drivers/405289-i5-7200u-graphics-driver-windows-7-a.html i5-7200U is from the same generation (7th gen aka Kaby Lake) as desktop CPU above. https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/installing-intels-kaby-lake-drivers-on-a-windows-7-laptop.18779373/
  8. This is somehow ridiculous statement - I have Dell laptop with Intel integrated graphics and last version of drivers for it was released in April 2021! Btw, I recall also drivers for network card and USB released around 2020 and 2018.
  9. OK, my mistake but still problems are to be expected with beta version of KeX.
  10. I'm using KeX 4.5.2 and GOM Player 2.1.43 (build 5119) and haven't got any problem (even small glitches). I presume that issue could be hardware/software related, because of various DLL's, etc.
  11. Leyok, it would be possible to use a good defragmentation tool like Defraggler when you release a new version of KeX?
  12. Could you download and install latest version (0.4.3)? It should work with your Firefox 2.0. tabhomepage.zip
  13. Xeno, I'm very much sure that majority of members here have greatly appreciated the incredible effort you've put into KeX project. I hope so too!
  14. As far as I know Firefox 3.6.28 is the last version which you can use without problem (maybe except Java support). Of course it's possible to run newer versions but there will be issues with bookmarks/history etc. Regarding your second question: it shouldn't have any. Alternate browsers use their own rendering engines - Firefox/Gecko and Opera/Presto. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_browser_engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_browser_engines
  15. You can't use exe installer - try msi version instead from here. Yes, it's true - it works without problem (non-IE version).

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