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  1. I checked my extensions and the only one that has an audio setting is Fireshot but it is a sound of a camera click when saving a cap from the browsers page. This one is definitely a mystery.
  2. I didn't hear any sounds when running in safe mode but I have a newer problem now. When getting back from safe to regular mode mymedia plugins are all gone. Windows media, quicktime, shockwave and the adobe player for playing Youtube videos are cleaned out. I tried reinstalling Adobe flash player but Firefox didn't take to the install. According to about:plugins, nothing is there. My extensions however all seem to be working. I read about using the reset option in the safe mode dialog but I'm not sure if this would fix the problem with media plugins? I'm taking it this is only for reseti
  3. Frequently I have been getting a scratching sound no matter what web page I am at. I can be solely on this site without any other tabs opened up and I get the following sound every couple or so minutes apart: http://rjschat.dyndns.org:8080/Aud/sound-from-browser.mp3 I use Firefox, rarely use Internet Exploder. I had this very same sound happen when I had my older drive running. I am apparently clean of spyware and malware. Viruses or Trojans are exceedingly rare for me to get and I have scanned for those, nothing. The spacings between each time these sounds occur are variable. Best I can descr
  4. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Your right. It wouldn't be worth it. I could just see the sound getting choppy and destroyed when trying to use something even as simple as Audacity to record singing with a working sound card in this old machine. That is if this machine could even handle opening Audacity which I think this machine would choke on it. I'll look into the low cost and refurbished lines. Thanks guys.
  5. My girlfriend has an old Intel 440 motherboard with a pentium 2 processor running Wimdows ME. This was a custom built computer: 256 megs of ram, 350 mghrtz processor and, get this, a 4 gb hard drive!!, loool. I hope my girlfriend never sees this page, she'll put me in the dog house for bashing her computer :-) Her computer's sound card seems to be able to record but not playback sound. The sound card is an "analog devices 1816" brand and I have done everything from removing and readding these drivers, reseating the card into different PCI slots, playing around in bios and using different
  6. Update - 08202009: I got my replacement cpu fan, whoo hooo! Rosewills are pretty good Jcarle. One of the links was to a Rosewill but the one I got was a Z300 model that has a copper heatsink. It's a Rosewill hypersilence RCX-Z300 fan. **** this thing is quiet!! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...will%20rcx-z300 The red fan blades are a nice touch :-) Thanks for the help Jcarle.
  7. I have been looking around for an intel cpu fan, part # D34017-002 - 0.60A. I am finding other intel fans but they have different specs but say they will work with 3.0Ghz chips. The pin on the connector is a 4 pin, I am seeing 3 pin connectors for some fans? Is there anything equivalent to an lga775 stock intel fan that came with the 64 bit, 3.0Ghz cedar mill chip? I sent in a message to zipzoomfly but it takes a few business days to get a response and locally the computer shop in my town only deals with Mac hardware. The bottom legs of my cpu fan broke off! The little plastic pieces on the
  8. I have knowledge of the stuff but when I'm under stress my words don't come out correctly because of rushing. I don't take offense at all. I was stuck on the way my friend's cables were connected. I haven't seen a computer yet, besides my friend's, with that type of layout and it seemed foreign to me that's all. I connected my friend's drive to my computer as slave and was able to view contents of the disk and all of the folders and files appear to be intact as they are on my friend's computer. Why the drive won't boot on his computer is something I'm working on. Some time ago one of hi
  9. Thanks for responding. I'm just a little nervous about the whole thing so I apologize for putting too much into the post. I will be cloning from one drive to another. The old drive is an 80GB western digital and the new one to be copied to is a 160GB western digital. The file system will be NTFS but there FAT partitions also on it for probably the restore portion. The computer I'm working at to do the cloning is at friend's house and I didn't think to make any screen caps but I will the next time I go back. Paragon keeps the free space intact. ---------------------------------------------
  10. If anyone may know what could cause a copy process to not copy correctly that would be great. I hope I describe the situation accurately. Yesterday I used Paragon partition manager to clone a friend's hard disk through the "copy disk" wizard. The process started off ok but then I noticed that the progress bar, when doing the task, reset and then stated 16 minutes for the whole operation. When I rebooted the computer, no secondary disk could be found. I had partitioned the second drive as one primary partition, gave it a drive letter designation and had formatted before the copy process. I
  11. I tried an earlier 8 and version 7 of the OS. I never could figure out the GRUB initialization error at the time, about almost a year ago, where a loader couldn't be made for some reason or another but as of a few days ago trying the 8.10 version I must say that I am hooked. All of the hardware I currently have works with Ubuntu 8.10. I connected my Olympus DS-30 and the OS detected it as a DS_30 folder for opening, no need to install the Oly software which is really cool. One problem users are going to run into is that of having Ubuntu, or any type of Linux for that matter, to work with the
  12. This sound doesn't record using audition through the stereo mix. Maybe Total Recorder could do it? I could use the external mic from the Logitek but then that would defeat a good quality sample. I did find out that there are two people in the building that have been using police scanners for quite a while now. Though this interference is recent, just a thought. I'll check outside the building when that noise happens again to see if I can rule anything out. Power supply could be a possibility. i'll look into this also. Thanks.
  13. No neon lights, nor any part of computer decorative with lights or other fixtures for display purposes. I would need to save up for a good sound card. The ones at Wallyworld, geforces, are hit and miss. Must be poorly made or are send-backs from the consumer. I generally order online though in emergancies will go the Wallworld. I am using inline audio directly from the board. RealTek HD audio chip in an Intel d945GCCR motherboard.
  14. No wireless headphones. I don't own anything wireless. My sound card is built into the motherboard and I updated the software for that and for the bios last year sometime. I did have an audigy card at one time but it ended up not working after a short while. Bad batch maybe. I then went back to mainboard audio. I'm thinking it might be interference from somewhere maybe in the building or outside nearby.
  15. I have confirmed that this sound comes through even when the audio is muted through the windows mixer? Uhmm. When I did the reseating of the CPU not long ago I went over the computer and everything looks clean and organized. This system is one-year old.
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