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  1. OSCDIMG error

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  2. OSCDIMG error

    I will look into mkisofs and let you know if I have any questions. Thank you for the tip.
  3. OSCDIMG error

    FYI... -u -u1 or -u2 give the same error that install.wim is over 4GB.
  4. OSCDIMG error

    Thank you for the information! Just to verify: this oscdimg -o -n -bC:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Distribution\boot\etfsboot.com C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Distribution C:\VLITE_AIO.iso -m should be oscdimg -o -u1 -bC:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Distribution\boot\etfsboot.com C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Distribution C:\VLITE_AIO.iso -m Lastly, I'm not familar with UDF. So what is the difference between -u1 and -u2? Thank you!
  5. OSCDIMG error

    Ok, finally got my Vista AIO completed. Then I used vlite to intergrate service packs and drivers to each image within the wim. So my finally x86 n x64 AIO is just over 4GB. However, oscdimg willl not create the iso due to install.wim having a file size larger than 4GB. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? I will remove Vista starter and N versions from the wim if I need too. I just don't know how to do that without starting over.
  6. device manager annoyance

    No thanks I actually want to use the device. I'm just being anal about the fact its listed as #2 when its the only wireless device. Only after updating the driver did it change to #2.
  7. device manager annoyance

    I wish to uninstall and reinstall my wireless networking driver. However, this is to remove "#2" from the end of the device listing as its the only one installed. I have force this once before and have search for the past hour (prob. wrong search terms) with no luck finding a guide to this. Does anyone know how to force windows to stop labeling the reinstalled device as "# 2,3,4, etc..."?
  8. explorer.exe error in windows 2000

    I have just recently come across a system with this same error. My is recreated while attempting to copy/paste particularly when pasting. It will also show up while browsing files in my computer. I have yet to fix the isue, but will keep everyone updated when I find out more tonight. Shansravi, have you tried anything so far to fix the issue?
  9. Has a valid key slipped through?

    Same first and last group here too!
  10. Xp and networks

    What kind of systems are we talking about? How old are the kids?(old enough to change something on the system?) If I'm correct you can only see c:\ and nothing deeper than that?
  11. RunOnceEx.cmd and office 2003

    Just wanted to let everyone know all is fixed and running well. Thanks to all that helped.
  12. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    Wow, That was fast! thanks guys.
  13. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    Anyone care to post links to files? Maybe a zip with all of them easy for others and myself to find. sfc_os.dll (to disable Windows File Protection) uxtheme.dll (for using custom themes) tcpip.dll (to allow more than only 10 connections per port, now allows unlimited) termsrv.dll (to allow for concurrent sessions) winntbbu.dll (cool Matrix setup screen) All of the above in one zip for SP2 slipstreams.
  14. RunOnceEx.cmd and office 2003

    Thanks Aaron for the head up I was just coming back to post about it not working...lol. As far as the other error. Its currently installing on a test setup.
  15. RunOnceEx.cmd and office 2003

    Ok I check out the Nlite forum and found out about a newer version. So I will try that one first before I post anything more.