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  1. True, missed that The ones pertaining to Vista which require the use of map command as it says that Vista and XP won't boot from non-first disks While "messing" with the BIOS you are probably changing hard disk order. lol, no i didn't mess up the order When I boot from the USB which has grub4dos installed to it, the USB is set as (hd0) and all disks get shifted 1 no. up here 'xp hdd' becomes hd3 instead of hd2 I haven't made any changes to boot.ini. I'm aware that i can have a boot menu by adding entries to the boot.ini file. I just wanted to learn to use grub4dos...
  2. I've got 3 HDDs. One with Vista(hd0,0) , one with Ubuntu (hd1,0) and the 3rd one with XP (hd2,0). Each OS was installed with the other HDDs disconnected. I was messing around with GRUB (which I installed to a USB using grubinst.exe and then copied grldr and menu.lst to it) and am facing some probs. I tried following the instructions given here http://diddy.boot-land.net/grub4dos/files/multiboot.htm but I'm unable to use the "map" command as it gives an error. So, I tried the following commands from the grub command line XP: find --set-root /ntldr # this works properly as the root is set to (hd3,0), my XP partition chainloader +1 # this doesn't give any error but... boot # as soon as I type this, it gives an error saying "NTLDR missing" I'm unable to understand why as if I select the hd3 (in which XP is installed) from the Boot BIOS Menu, XP boots properly Also, if I change "chainloader +1" to "chainloader /ntldr" and then enter "boot", the comp restarts. Btw, I face none of the above issues while booting Vista. Both methods work (ie. "chainloader +1" and "chainloader /bootmgr") and Vista boots properly Can someone please explain why... 1. "map" command flags an error? 2. "chainloader +1" followed by "boot" says "NTLDR missing"? 3. "chainloader /ntldr" doesn't boot XP but restarts my comp? Thanks, in advance
  3. Hey tomorrow, you were right. I checked C:\Windows\Media folder and tho it wasn't empty, the .wav file corresponding to folder opening sound (NavigationStart.wav) is missing. Have no clue why or how.
  4. Setting Local Account Password didn't work. Will try setting admin pass. Rest all is same. Thx..
  5. So, do you mean to say that description and password is mandatory? Tried it, didn't work. This is the code I used <UserAccounts> <LocalAccounts> <LocalAccount wcm:action="add"> <Password> <Value>Password</Value> <PlainText>true</PlainText> </Password> <Description>The Compulsive Tweaker</Description> <Group>Administrators</Group> <Name>KS</Name> <DisplayName>KS</DisplayName> </LocalAccount> </LocalAccounts> </UserAccounts> In fact, this part of the code isn't executed at all. Can't understand why. OOBE always pops up for account creation and Automatic Update Settings. Rest all are automated
  6. Hi, I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1. I tried to install MySQL and installation completes successfully. However, when I try to start mysql as a service it gives the following error. Windows could not start the MySQL service on Local Computer. Error 1067 : The process terminated unexpectedly What's that? Any solution?
  7. Used to work without a hitch in XP for me too, that too customised XP. Anyway, installed a unmodified version of Vista. Virtual PC works just fine. However, after I used vLite to remove components, it doesn't. Will go over the component removal list again.
  8. Here's the exact method I followed to make the UA setup 1. Use vLite to remove crap (have attached the LastSession.ini file) 2. Use Vista-Tools to integrate Drivers and remove gadgets 3. Use Vista-Tools to mount and replace standard notepad with notepad++ 4. Modify the AutoUnattend.xml file using WSIM following FireGeier's guide (have attached AutoUnattend.xml too) Can't understand where I'm going wrong Autounattend.xml
  9. Yes, I know. However, in the session previous to this, I'd removed UAC and yet Run as Admin wasn't greyed out. Is there any other explanation?
  10. What are the dependencies for MySQL Server 5.0 in Vista? I am unable to configure a new instance. K, the prob doesn't lie with component removal by vLite. Am facing the same prob with untouched Vista too.
  11. Haven't removed Shell event sounds either. C:\Windows\Media folder isn't empty. It has .wav files. Which file should I look for in particular? All sounds are working except for the one that's made when you open a folder. Dunno why that doesn't work.
  12. After using vLite, I'm not able to use the 'Run As Adminstrator' option. Which component is responsible for that?
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