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  1. Best guess? It's completely crippled. It's possible to cut these things back pretty far, but they end up no semblance of their former selves...though I must say, 694 is pretty small even completely ripped - maybe there's some extra compression in there or something...auto-UPX the entire CD perhaps?
  2. Thanks very much - good to know I'm sorry, I'm being a bit slow this morning, but is there any way this may let us get round the problem of *having* to use MS's bootloader if we want both vista and 2008 on the same disc?
  3. Unfortunately, it's pretty non-trivial. There is no way to directly copy over an ISO and have it work - you'll have to do it part by part. Moreover, some are very hard to get working...luckily for you, there's already been some work in this area. You may wish to start with http://www.msfn.org/board/Install-XP-from-USB-f157.html . So I'm afraid it's not possible to guide you step-by-step. But why not try and figure it out yourself? Keep a log here, and you may get help on individual bits..."help me do a complete project" is rarely a reasonable request! The following may also help you: http://ww
  4. I took great pleasure in reading every last page of this thread to be honest. I know it's nice to have a little summary but...don't be ungracious for the immense work these people have done. They have provided a solution to what you are looking for. If you are too lazy to even read....think! These people were in your position and had to *write* a solution!! [for the record - I submitted a post on 'Nick's site...and it got deleted. What a tool...sometimes militant solutions really do seem attractive...]
  5. Tihiy: thanks for the links. I'm not sure I'll need de-inf; I'm not planning to remove any components, but only to replace and add (at the moment), although the source code would have been useful to make sure I was absolutely certain on the mechanism...oh well The hardware re-install should be very useful though - it will add a couple of extra restarts, but if this is the price of better support and more recent features, it may be a necessary evil. The 98IF page is very interesting - I've not come across it before, and though my Russian is a "little" shaky, it'd be very interesting to see how
  6. eidenk: Thanks, exactly what I was looking for Though I did have a thought - as glaurung's slipstreamer can only slipstream in existing files, I guess I need only parse the copy and perhaps delete sections? Then I can update the source files with the new files, and use an inf installer to do the remainder. It'll leave a lot of leftover files, but that was always going to be the case, and if I can integrate packages to avoid too many duplicate files, then compress the entire thing, and decompress to a temp folder during installation, it would still save quite a lot of space whilst minimizing m
  7. Ok, my bad...I did mean CSIDL - I'm claiming early morning syndrome on that typo (It was before 2pm where I am...). You are correct - for the standard folders, there is no correspondence, but as explained here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms790174.aspx there is for some numbers above 16384. However, for example, the table on that page doesnt list the folder corresponding to 13, which is used several times in one of the .inf files I was using for testing; what I was actually looking for was a more complete version of that list. Thanks for the link; I don't have .NET on the computer
  8. Well, a lot of the installers are in inf format, so I hacked together a little script - it'll take a .inf file and parse it (basically putting it into batch format, the intention being to figure out how many of the commands can be eliminated using glaurung's slipstreamer, then do the rest manually). At the moment, it sorts out custom directories, and figures out all the copy/delete sections. I know that still leaves rather a lot to do, but it's start. However, I need some help with a couple of things: 1) Does anyone have a complete list of CLSID directories? (e.g. 11 corresponds to "%windir\\
  9. Ok, I have seen one or two others express an interest in this, and I hope setting up its own devoted topic may help, and also stop me littering other threads (sorry MDGx!). The idea is to attempt to create a complete win98 CD so far as is possible, with everything slipstreamed as neatly as possible. There are several reasons for this: 1) Speed: The windows 98 setup is already slow - getting to the end and having a giant post-setup .bat to filter in all extra files is going to dramatically increase the time even on top of that. 2) Space: whilst windows 98 is not that large, after including all
  10. Glaurung's slipstreamer only works for files that already exist in the 98 install files, so, thinking perhaps naively, I figured out which ones could be replaced: I found 628 files could be replaced directly using the slipstreamer, but 197 couldn't (so it would seem you have over 800 new files in this package!). Would I be naive to attempt a direct replacement for the first 628, and use a modified version of the method suggested in the FAQ section of your read1st document for the remaining 197, i.e. add To my msbatch.inf, and in InstallExtras, manually copy in the extra required files? It occ
  11. Hey everyone, I'm playing with this slipstreamer a bit at the moment - congratulations glaurung - it's incredibly useful! I wanted to make an all-in boot disc for 98 - 98SE2ME, 98MP10, kernelEx, USP etc. But, if you don't slipstream them natively, then tend to take up a rather large amount of space, which is a pain as I'm trying to shoehorn it onto an already crammed multiboot dvd! So I was wondering if anyone had looked at any of this? At first, I'm looking at 98SE2ME as it seems the majority of the files for that are simply replacements - so I take it they could be put in the updates folder
  12. Just incredible work as always MDGx Though I did have a question - I've not yet performed a manual installation by myself but, would it be possible to use glaurung's native slipstreamer to add in the contents of 98SE2ME natively? That is, are all the files to install direct replacements? I assume not, as I know you can add games and so on not originally in 98 - are these the only exceptions? Also, is the list on your site of files to replace (under '... And finally, here are the "goods":') still complete? Many thanks, Wrayal
  13. Ok cheers, thanks very much I'm working on a rather ambitious project (home server, server 2008, Vista, XP, 2k3, 2k, OSX + various live and linux variants together with mountains of software, though it'll require a dual layer DVD) so I was trying to figure out the bootloading! Alex
  14. Ah, ok. Although, is "with some source patches grub is able to load ISO images and can even boot iso images." a typo? Could you possibly point me towards these patches, as I've searched for similar things in the past to no avail. I am aware of the second method (and the opposite way round of doing it - easyboot -> bootmgr etc), but was really hoping to avoid having two bootmanagers ^_^ can bootmgr be used to chainload arbitrary bootsectors? That way I could load my bootsectors without need for grub I guess...
  15. Guys, I've got rather stuck on this little problem, and I was wondering if anyone had some insight? I wanted to multiboot Vista, VistaPE and a few other OSes from a DVD. However, as Vista and VistaPE have the same boot files, they can't exist unless you use the bootmgr boot menu. However, for this, I would then need two bootloaders (one to select whether to use say, linux, or to use a vista variant, then another to select between the vista variants), which is not so aesthetically pleasing! Does anyone have a way round this? I'd happily even just use an iso emulator if I found one which would w
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