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  1. this is from another forum. I tried it works. Use vistalizatür, choose express mode.
  2. 1. echo Enter path to mount point (ie: C:\WORK\MOUNT): I think i dont understand what to do here. Can you help me what is this for? 2. I get these errors. Error: 0xc1510113 The specified image does not exist in the WIM. Check the WIM first for existing images. The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 6.1.7600.16385 c:\work\lp\lp.cab: Destination directory required for a multi-file CAB. File not found - * 0 File(s) copied File not found - * 0 File(s) copied
  3. yken

    windows 7 reboots

    i dont have those hardware. only flasget is running all the day and when i go home, i see its rebooted nearly once every hour, and i cant dl anything. The problem is about a usbsys file so i dont think its about flashget but i will try other downloader to see. How can i fix this problem? İ installed only a few software. Acdsee, nokia, ultraiso,acronis..a few more. They are not running while this reboot happens. Somone says virtual cd software cause this. So can ultraiso be the reason? But its not running, i did not mount any drive.
  4. yken

    windows 7 reboots

    On Fri 30.01.2009 17:26:52 your computer crashed This was likely caused by the following module: usbport.sys Bugcheck code: 0xA (0xDD0D30, 0x2, 0x0, 0x82898B04) Error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL file path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\usbport.sys product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System company: Microsoft Corporation description: USB 1.1 & 2.0 Port Driver The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module. Likely the culprit is another driver on your system which cannot be identified. I use vista for 2 years i never saw this error. This started with win7.
  5. yken

    windows 7 reboots

    one question, i looked at event log and similar things. Why there is not any info related to which file, or whatever caused it or what was windows7 doing lately and it rebooted?
  6. it roobots nearly every 1 hour. The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
  7. i am using vista but i never saw this in vista. In Win7 if i search a specifis word it searches inside the doc, pdf, txt files not only finds in filenames. I very much liked this new search. Try it yourself.
  8. c:\users\yourname\links. in this folder there are shortcuts to your favorites bar. If you delete these files they are gone but only favorites name is still there.
  9. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace] i deleted all from here, network and libraries gone backup first
  10. İt was easy doing this until win7 but i could not move documents folder to somewhere else. How can i do this?
  11. if you create / format drives with vista cd and then put win7 disk and install it, it doesnot create this partition
  12. after i have installed everything my applications it was time to connect the internet but i could not establish a connection .It was saying an error message about control.dll somtehing like this that i cant show a error message and could not create a connection shortcut. İ have done everything from start, vliting, installing....its ok now. Any advice what causes this error? I ddi not remove internet explorer, file sharing ... Second problem vileted vista couldnot install Creative Zen drivers, is it because i removed Mobile from vista? I thought mobile was for smarttphones. Does it affect my Creative too?
  13. my files are all MP3 files, speech files that are special in content. Do you mean if i convert them to wav /flac then edit them, then reconvert back to mp3 there will be no loss? i searched but found only 1 program that is MP3 directcut can do nondestructive editing.Should not be more software? If a 400 kb file can do this why adobe audition or sony sound forge ....cant do this?
  14. i have hundres of mp3 speech files that i have to edit them, remove some parts. These are not music files but speech. as far as i know editing decreases quality. There is mp3directcut but its not suiatbel for some of my needs. İ use sony sound forge. I can select any part and remove it.But i know when i save it quality changes. So is there any software to edit mp3 files witohut changing quality? Any web place to learn things about mp3 editing?

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