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  1. Do you install the pre-EOL updates through pkgmgr in CMD? I am asking this as my knowledge of this is almost nil.
  2. Hello all, I have been installing and reinstalling Vista on my old Pentium D desktop because it always had some or the other issue. I had Vista Enterprise installed first but yesterday I changed it to Ultimate through another clean install. I heard that MS has discontinued the WU services due to SHA-1 security risks, so I might have missed out on some 200 pre-Vista EOL updates including optional ones. So my questions are: 1. Is there any method to install .cab updates from @greenhillmaniac's pre-EOL update repository other than slipstreaming? 2. Is it pointless to install Server 2008 updates from @greenhillmaniac's other repository without installing pre-EOL updates? Looking forward to some positive response
  3. Which hardware to be exact? Please specify the processor and mobo
  4. Did you install it on Haswell+hardware?
  5. Okay so I tried installing it again and the screen was still throwing that error at me and anyway, I got my old desktop back after sending it to a repairman and it works very well, so now I'll keep 7 on the laptop for now. Anyways, thanks for all your replies.
  6. I'm really sorry to say that I excluded an important detail , which is I actually tried installing Vista first with an iso of vista business sp1 x86 and I got the errors. Any more suggestions to get it running on my laptop?
  7. are there logon or service failures or any such things on vista x86? and are graphics drivers available? and are there any errors during preinstallation environment like the ones I encountered?
  8. I managed to get to the beginning of setup both within Windows and outside Windows but within it, this "Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this hardware" error popped up after a couple of minutes. And outside, I was stuck at the load drivers screen that always popped up sometime after the EULA appeared. Further guidance would be appreciated and if this whole thing is impossible, I'll keep using 7.
  9. Hello all, I have been very keen on installing and using Vista Enterprise SP2 x64 on my DELL Inspiron 15 3567 laptop ( CPU: Core i3-6006U) that has Win7 installed. I have also successfully installed it on my old trusty Pentium D desktop but recently it started crashing with BSOD's, the computer shut down randomly at times and one day it abruptly shut down (maybe due to bad RAM, dunno). Since then, it refused to turn on and so I thought of doing this on this laptop. So I did some research on installing it on Haswell+ systems and saw that someone on YouTube had installed XP on a Haswell computer with Easy2Boot and Snappy Driver Installer. Now here are my questions: 1. Can someone here please let me know whether Vista can be installed the same way? 2. Someone else described a success story of installing Vista on a DELL Inspiron 15R Haswell laptop without random BSOD's or stuff like that as far as I know on the vistax64 forum ( to get this, search "windows vista on haswell" on DuckDuckGo ) . Can this be possible on Skylake? 3. I am not a noob, but am not very well experienced with advanced terminologies of some stuff. So can anyone please assist me in this? If it is not possible, then I will keep using 7 as my main OS. Looking forward to some positive response.
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