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  1. I tried to add that FireBox to Retrozilla and it not work, we would need to make special builds. It is a good idea if it have simmilar commands in comparison with JAWS and NVDA. I think that FireBox was abandoned because NVDA is very easy to download and use. However, I think that we could try to compile NVDA with the Python 2.6/2.7 for Windows 95 and make a build which probably would work with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows ME with the most updated MSAA for those systems.
  2. NVDA is dessigned originally for Windows 2000 and newer, so I don't think that it would work with and older version of MSAA.
  3. That document apparently was writen in 2003, and extended support for Windows 95 finished in 2002. In that case, NVDA apparently can't be ported to Windows 95. I think the last version of MSAA is 2.0.
  4. Sorry guys, I forgot to tell something important. Screen readers use a special technology, MSAA. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/winauto/microsoft-active-accessibility Windows 2000 and later has that technology. I remember that when I find a Windows NT4.0 VM and I ran the JAWS 6.20 setup, it installed me the MSAA. It's possible that you need to install that on Windows 9x, or even download a Setup of JAWS 6.20 and run it. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=21596 Unfortunatelly, the pages don't talk about Windows 95, so I don't know if it work with it.
  5. I will try next week the NVDA 0.6P3 on Windows 98SE with Kernel EX. But as I could see, the NVDA 2011.1 (one of the last releases for Win2K) couldn't be installed on Win98+Kernel EX. I was thinking on the possibility to install on my PC Windows 98, but I had been using WinXP/7/8/8.1/10 and I like Win98 and 2000. If anyone can, try the NVDA on Win95 with the special Python for Win9X and post the results.
  6. The NVDA 0.6P3 requires Python 2.6, and that Python apparently isn't compatible with Windows 98.
  7. You usually use the mouse to copy the text to the clipboard, but I use shift+arrow keys and ctrl+c. Jaws and NVDA have a special cursor for the web so you can browse the web and copy something of the web to the clipboard, but Jaws 6.20 don't start the web cursor in Retrozilla as well as it works on Internet Explorer 5 or 6. Consequently, I only can use the tab key to browse the web in retrozilla on Windows 98SE and I can't copy the text to the clipboard. Moreover, browsing the web with tab I only see the lincks. I create a new topic because it could be in the future only for NVDA and screen readers for Win9x.
  8. I posted about some Retrozilla problems related with the accessibility, but as I could see, the problem is on the screen reader. A person suggested me to use a text to speech application, but I can't use a text to speech system because I can't browse and select text with JAWS 6.20 and Retrozilla. Only think that I can do is saving the page as an html document and open it with Internet Explorer 6. The best screen reader for Windows 9x is JAWS (usually the version 6.20). That version of JAWS haven't any help documentation related with Firefox And JAWS isn't opensource. Consequently, I would know if could be possible port the NVDA screen reader to Windows 9x or create a special screen reader (bassed on NVDA) only for Retrozilla. NVDA is writen in Python. And NVDA 0.6P3 (released around 2009) has some scripts for Firefox. Other remarkable thin is that there are a JAWS 6.20 for Windows 95/98/ME and JAWS 6.20 for Windows NT4/2000/XP. The same happens with JAWS 7.10, but the version for Windows NT systems dropped Windows NT4 and the version for Windows 9x systems dropped Windows 95. I don't know why happens that. If anyone want to help with that, you can download one of the first nvda versions and tell what could be done. Thanks!
  9. Anyone recopiled or created a special Updatepack/Rollup/Hotfix for XP on Spanish? I also expect Microsoft will know that a lot of people upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 due to a necessity and they probably hate Windows 10. Moreover, there are a lot of people who use old PCs or simply like Windows XP. Because of that, I want a short life for Windows 10 despite it's not a very bad OS! I think there could be a Windows 10's update server exploit because that Os uses a lot of Internet on searching updates.
  10. I discovered an option which would be more efficient, save websites as an html document compatible with IE6 and as it would be possible read pages with that browser. IE6 would work with any screenreader.
  11. I recommend upload all those files (KernelEX, runtimes and drivers) to mega or mediafire in order to prevent files deleting. I noticed that some antiviruses detect KernelEX as a malware.
  12. The page where are the lincks of the drivers don't work.
  13. If you want Kernel EX on dutch Windows 2000 I recomend you to install Windows 2000 in English. Before this you can add Multi language pack. If you search in google you will find an internet archive linck.
  14. I installed Windows 10 in VMware 15 without any issues apparently. I wanted to try insider versions but when the installation starts the setup says that the adapter LSI LSAS serie 3000 isn't compatible. How can I solve it?
  15. I want to know all Retrozilla extensions related with the accessibility because apparently it don't work very well with ScreenReaders.
  16. The download lincks apparently don't work. If it's possible, I want the functions which allowed KernelEX to run NVDA 2017.3. I posted a topic about that. Thanks!
  17. @Tommy, thank you. I thought that I needed to put the linck of the iso file because I thought that the problems were in the iso file. If you search in google Toshiba Satellite C855 xp drivers, you will find a linck of driverscape. For me are very important the audio, network, bluetooth and related drivers.
  18. On June, I would install Windows 2000 and Windows 10 in a dual boot in my Toshiba C855 (computer which I bought in 2013). That computer has 8gb RAM and an I5 processor. I know that there are drivers for Windows XP. I don't know if I could install some drivers after KernelEX installation. Also, I am using on that computer Windows 10 and I don't know if I could have problems with drivers if I format it directly and install Windows 2000. I probably will use this iso image <link removed> because has functions like autologon and you can shut down it with cmd. I try it in a Virtual Machine and installed KernelEX V29I but it's not very stable. In addition, explorer and other programs crash. What updates and what I would need if I want to install Win2000+KernelEX in that computer.
  19. Where can I download those Kernel Extensions? Have it support for all languages?
  20. Work fine Windows 9x Themes on Windows 2000 and newer?
  21. I will have dual boot between Windows 2000 and Windows 10 in my Toshiba C855! BlackWingCat, thanks for your work! I'll be discusing in this forum about drivers which I need. I also will install screen readers, for my daily use and also for testing purposes.
  22. I could run a similar screen reader (JAWS 14.0). It crashes but it work. I think that this accesibility treats of old Windows NT are very interesting. I would a ReactOS and similar to be accessible because it is easy and simple to use from my point of view. If I knew something about modifying the kernel, I would to create a special patch for old Windows versions and ReactOS
  23. I install Windows 2000 with updates and KernelEX and I also install all VCRuntime dessigned for this operating system. I can't install NVDA 2017.3 (the last release for Windows XP SP2 or later). This Screen Reader is compiled with Python and it's free. Thanks!
  24. There are some computers in my school which use Windows XP. Computer which I use in the school also had XP but a person upgrade it to Windows 10 and it work so slow. That computer has got 956mb of ram

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