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  1. Welcome to MSFN! Windows 10 driver for GTX 580 can be used for Windows 11.
  2. Has support ended? OneDrive app on my Windows 7 PC and Windows 8.1 tablet still syncs files after support ended.
  3. Same error on my ASUS K55DR which is a notebook. Turning flightmode on and connecting Ethernet cable solves my problem. You should try it.
  4. It is a good idea to install a driver that is normally used for any other OS - Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  5. I think no, it was not. Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 was much more stable at the time when Windows 7 came out, but people hated Windows Vista 'cuz it was much more resource hungry than XP but Microsoft needed a new OS to leave from bad Vista's reputation.
  6. It is abandoned? There were a lot of updates release for Windows Server 2008 since the date of 2019 which is the last in this archive.
  7. Try to run nVidia Driver Cleanup, then reboot, then try to reinstall the driver. If it remains the same, it might be a hardware failure.
  8. Is it showing code 43? Have you tried official driver from nVidia Website?
  9. I am sorry to interrupt this discussion, but what you guys can say about stability of Vista with Extended Kernel? Thinking of installing it, but is it stable enough for day-to-day use, or i should stick to vanilla Vista?
  10. @Vistapocalypse, If it counts, I have a Hyper-V VM that runs 2008 SP2, and MSE 4.10 - at the time of writing it still receives definition updates, but that might apply only to me - my local ISP has some kind of WSUS: I still can update XP/Vista without any 3rd party patches. I think that Microsoft Update servers are being redirected to ISP's network. And you are right. A trick that is necessary to install it on Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2 - I had to run an installer with "mseinstall /disableoslimit" parameter. If it is not specified, I am given "OS is not supported" screen.
  11. @Tripredacus, as far as I know, they will be still able to install 32-Bit versions of Windows 10.
  12. Could you please make a standalone installer in a future? This would be great if I could install it to my machine, but I can understand nothing in this code.
  13. Yep. Also tried to run Doom (2016) which is an OpenGL-title and there were no difference in FPS between Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 on the same machine.
  14. It is possible to run AMD Radeon "NAVI" Series on Windows 8.x using Windows Server 2012 driver but DirectX Applications's performance leaves much to be desired. Tried to run RX 5700 with Windows Server 2012 R2 but FPS in DirectX games were awful - tested GTA IV and GTA V, Serious Sam Fusion (2017).
  15. Also have plans to continue using Windows Vista. I have all updates including Post-EoL. My Vista-machine is not used to run any mission critical applications so I don't think that it is a bad idea of using Vista in 2021 since my hardware is not that slow even by today's standards. I don't even think that I will need Extended kernel in the near future.

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