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  1. Yep. Also tried to run Doom (2016) which is an OpenGL-title and there were no difference in FPS between Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 on the same machine.
  2. It is possible to run AMD Radeon "NAVI" Series on Windows 8.x using Windows Server 2012 driver but DirectX Applications's performance leaves much to be desired. Tried to run RX 5700 with Windows Server 2012 R2 but FPS in DirectX games were awful - tested GTA IV and GTA V, Serious Sam Fusion (2017).
  3. Also have plans to continue using Windows Vista. I have all updates including Post-EoL. My Vista-machine is not used to run any mission critical applications so I don't think that it is a bad idea of using Vista in 2021 since my hardware is not that slow even by today's standards. I don't even think that I will need Extended kernel in the near future.
  4. I used to run dual GTX 280s in SLI with 197.13 driver, then I bought two GTX295s 'cuz I needed more CUDA cores and my carthography software is very old, GTX 200 Series is the last supported GPU Series that I can run. I also wanted to try the latest driver. I am not too concerned about security updates, I am concerned about stability - that's why I use ECC-memory when it is possible. I had a few BSoDs on 342.01 and some other drivers from NV's site. Then I decided to install my old 197.13 driver and it just worked. Currently running Vista x64 Ultimate + Post-EoL updates. Thanks for yo
  5. [SOLVED]: It was a driver problem. Now using again old but gold 197.13 driver. If you do not want to have a headache - do not update your Nvidia driver for too long. Drivers for old GeForce 200 Series are ok only between the date of their release and up to 2012.
  6. Hi everyone! Just today I received an upgrade for my Windows Vista machine - it is a pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX295 each of them has 2GPU's on a single board. I want to use them in Quad-SLI. But it won't work. If I install a single card - everything is fine. But when I install the second I get lots of trouble. With newest driver 342.01 driver my system BSoDs on my desktop immediately after boot. With an old driver 331.58 only 2 GPUs are shown in the device manager and two of the rest shows code 43. I have already tried different drivers, tried to swap SLI bridge an cards. When 2 cards install
  7. @blackwire, I can agree. Since Apple Corp. discontinued Safari for Windows in 2012 I lost my favorite browser. It was WebKit, and I don't have or use any Mac's to use it now. And now any browser is on Blink (Blink is an engine for Chromium). Look at the browser list: Safari is dead, MS IE is dead, Edge is Blink, Brave is Blink, Google Chrome is Blink, Opera is Blink, Yandex.Browser (a browser that is very popular in Russia) is also Blink. Yes, we have FireFox, but personally I dislike FireFox. That is like mobile OS's - Windows Phone is dead, Java is dead, Symbian is dead - we are forced to ch
  8. @Xack, I don't agree. SSE3 requirement means that computers older than year 2005 will not get Google Chrome update. People should stop using such old PCs. Sometimes, when I see people complaining about software or hardware support limitation or full discontinuation, it makes me think that some people still use windows 2000 or earlier. Please do not.
  9. @SigmaTel71, had the same issue, this site never was in blacklist of RKN, but it was inaccessible, so I thought that is my ISP problem (using MA-MTS MSK (GPON))
  10. An awful experience. I have and AMD 7890K APU with integrated graphics, which require a driver. It has Windows 8.1 driver. But RX550 has a driver for Windows 7 and Windows 10. The only way to make it work for me - install Windows 8.1 driver for my APU and then install the driver for RX550 via Device Manager. However, after installing it overwrites my APU driver and I lost access to AMD Radeon Settings Center - it just crashes immediately after I open it. Also, I enabled "AMD Dual Graphics" in my motherboard UEFI, it works, but again - no AMD Radeon Settings app. So, It is a good idea to buy GT
  11. That was also interesting to me, when I registered here I saw something about rules, but it was not a list of rules as we got used to them. The only thing I can find right now is - https://msfn.org/board/forum/1-announcements/ P. S. I understood one simple thing - do NOT say about WGA/KMS activation, if you know what I mean
  12. I don't think that I will continue to use it. It is not my favorite OS. Yes, one of them, but not the most favorite. I'll upgrade my second PC to Windows 10 when the time comes...
  13. In order to use RX5700 you have to upgrade to 8.1 at least.
  14. Hi! At least I'm not the only Russian here! (Приветствую!)
  15. It so happened that I bought a prebuilt PC in February of 2014 that came with Windows 8.1. That PC is named MSI Prestige MS-7903 - it is a desktop with a micro-ATX motherboard (MSI A88X Gaming), it runs an AMD A10-7890K APU, 32GB of Hyper-X 2133 MHz Non-ECC DDR3 Memory. It uses an AMD Radeon R7 120G SATA SSD for the system and a WD VelociRaptor 10K 250GB HDD and a basic Thermaltake 430W (or whatever) PSU. Everything is packed into a Silverstone Milo ML03B case. In June of 2020 I made an upgrade - I bought an AMD Radeon RX 550 Low Profile to enable dual graphics. I needed a new PC at that
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