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  1. God forsaken shame about wisevectorx not gonna lie it looked seriously promising i used to use it myself quite often
  2. All I can really say about this chromium stuff being hacked onto old windows 10 versions is that its making my head spin
  3. For me its 2008 R2 because of nostalgia and such things
  4. At least im not the only one with the same opinion!
  5. I really do like to ponder the hard questions and recently I heard this comedian (i forgot his name) say that if he was immortal he'd just keep getting new friends anyways do you think Immortality is a curse or a blessing? if it was possible that is
  6. Sorry if I posted in the wrong thread I never posted an actual thread here before & there's no dedicated *dos section i though 9x might be the best place for this I was just curious if anyone has heard of a java jre existing for ms-dos i swear i remember reading about one
  7. Appreciate all the hard work win32, It's a life-saving project ngl
  8. Exactly, Though i could've sworn M$ still did it regardless on windows server i must be ootl
  9. Well my first XP experience was when i was pretty young and we had this hulking desktop and equally hulking monitor! but i used to play the heck out of it mainly flash games, whatever games i could pickup
  10. If i may chime in ive used greenshot and it works pretty well!

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