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  1. You're welcome, make sure to tell the results here after trying.
  2. To let you know, you are not the only one who asks this, it was mentioned previously here Basically, you can find tutorials and videos by clicking here
  3. I'm feeling: Cool I feel hopeful too
  4. Then, in my opinion, it doesn't look like a windows event, considering it's just some changes.
  5. I think it's nice. I hope that sun valley update is a nice one and has good changes and features. Let's see how will that "Windows" event be. Yeah, that would be good.
  6. Here: http://win32.eclipse.cx/download.html
  7. Hi @EternalSkullman, welcome to the MSFN forum! Hope you have a good time
  8. Thank you legacyfan, I wish you some good luck and may god bless you for your kind words!
  9. Ok, np. How about this then: change my name to mina354 instead. If that name is already in use too, then NP.
  10. Can my name get changed from Mina Sameh to Mina? Thank you so much in advance.
  11. hello @DbLH3liX and welcome to the awesome MSFN forum. Hope you have fun here.
  12. Ok, but actually I don't have any problems with it. Here (note: I tested this in sandbox): I bet others are gonna be interested in this as well.
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