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  1. Hi. This certificate updater is the easiest way to update certificates IMO (instead of having to download rootsupdyyyymm.exe, where y means year, and m means month). I knew about this tool recently, and ran it on my XP SP3 VM and wasn't nagged about the certificates anymore. What's more interesting is that, this tool also runs on Windows 2000 with extended kernel, and it also updated the certificates successfully. Here's a screenshot of it running on my 2000 SP4 VM:
  2. Does the sound work though? Also, when you said Firefox 52, do you mean the normal version 52.0 or 52 ESR?
  3. I think he got it from OldVersion, because that's the site that offered very old google chrome versions afaik.
  4. I'm pretty sure he meant that. I even knew he meant weird before I read this topic.
  5. Very awesome. Just curious, did you extract the msis and used a msi editor to remove the os check? Because that's the method I know so far to make some software that use msis to install on unsupported windows. I also wonder if that way worked on Windows 7 or not, give it a try if you haven't.
  6. Firefox 88.0.1 is the latest version that works:
  7. I know a method about installing Office 2019: As for the updates, you even said that Office 365 is compatible and supported, so, the updates should install normally, and it shouldn't stop at a specific version on Windows 8.1.
  8. Good to hear that. That would be actually harder and require a lot of time, considering they are unstable, and can BSOD in some cases. Understandable. And yeah, good luck with that.
  9. I hope within the next release of vista extended kernel, it will be possible to run the current latest version of firefox (91.0.2) and vmware (workstation) 16.
  10. Uh, he was just replying to @Vistapocalypse about VLC 3 vista support.
  11. Welcome to MSFN! I am very sure you will have a good time learning from this forum @Callington.
  12. IcoFX - an award-winning professional icon and cursor editor Still supports Windows XP until now. Image for proof: I mean, if you look at the app's download page, you will still see windows xp listed as a system requirement: IcoFX. IcoFX's latest version as of now is 3.5.1. I tried this on Windows XP SP3 (thanks to IcoFX's OS Spoofer). I don't know if it will work on Windows XP SP2 or not, but when I get a XP SP2 VM, I will test it and see if it works or not. That's the good thing. The bad thing is: ShareX - screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool Homepage: ShareX Latest version you can run is 12.0. Same applies to Vista, too. They explained why 12.0 is the latest version you can run for the reason here: Link. But, I can't be sure if Windows XP SP2 can run ShareX 12.0 or not. When I get a prepared XP SP2 VM, I will tell the results here. Plus, checking for updates on ShareX yields a "Update check failed" error. That's all I have for now. By the way, the screenshot above is an old one, not today's.
  13. You're not the only one here having this error. Also, read this:

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