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  1. <OT> I don't mind hot weather but I don't like it humid. <OT>
  2. Well I'm stuck in a time-loop somewhere between the 80's and 90's (I'm not joking here) For some reason, even though I firmly believe live for today, most of "me" got left behind somewhere and I can not recapture it - maybe I shouldn't even try. Yep, the "old me" VS this existence of just existing rather than "Living". This isn't living! I DO really wish I could just say I was talking about computers and technology, but I really wish I had a time machine and I'd gladly go back and appreciate what I had; now, I have just 'this' with nothing to look forward to. So I carry on as best as possible, maybe that is what we all do, I don't know. Just saying whilst everything changes and everything comes to an end, where is this fresh start people speak of because I can't see it - gonna be 51 this summer and time is not my friend and I feel if I can't change my state of being I'll forever be stuck. Sorry guys if that was depressing - just been struggling as of late.
  3. Alien 2: On Earth (1980) Directors: Ciro IppolitoBiagio Proietti
  4. Hey bud ... Were you ever able to get a better score than 21%? Is it just with this test or pretty much the same with Adblock Plus on all these ad block tests?
  5. The Messengers (2007) Directors: Danny PangOxide and Chun Pang
  6. I have absolutely no social media and I intend to keep it that way and utilize forums; but, sadly, the only way to keep in touch with family is with social media nowadays. For me its not big deal because I'm not even on speaking terms with a large portion of my aged family but its not my fault.
  7. Thank you for the good suggestion!
  8. Are you going to continue to update at least the latest Redux? I hope you won't abandon your project. I realize the userbase is small, but you were once determined.
  9. Welcome to MSFN and I hope you enjoy your stay and find out forum helpful Sal
  10. I agree - there are far too many distributions and I wish the focus could be on the main reliable ones.
  11. Even though I do use Linux, I don't see it ever dethroning MS.
  12. Thank you and I will look into that dns resolver you mentioned. I hope you're doing well.
  13. Yeah I do have a Blu-ray player but an old TV so it defeats the Blu-ray experience.
  14. I also didn't know that and I have to edit my DMs and postings to correct mistakes I usually make until my brain catches it.
  15. Very very rough day today and I'm not doing very well. Gonna eat dinner soon.
  16. Searching (2018) ON DVD Directed by - Aneesh Chaganty Starring - John Cho Debra Messing and Joseph Lee
  17. Thank you VERY VERY much @seven4ever (I ran out of likes) you solved this issue with that article!!! I followed your advice and now here is my results for Mypal68. I NOW have a secure connection to Solved!
  18. I really get the feeling it is included I just don't know what to do with the settings/pfefs. Hopefully somebody can help us. Here is what I show: Also: network.http.altsvc.enabled;true network.http.altsvc.oe;true EDIT: I just manually added the string: network.trr.default_provider_uri;https://mozilla.cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query Still the same result on the test and can not get a secure connection to
  19. I don't recall that I ever had a bad experience at the theater other than I just stopped going and the agoraphobia got worse MUCH worse over the years and I'm now very isolated. I don't go out much anymore unless I need to.
  20. They still indeed do make DVD's, just check Walmart or Target and the newest releases are out every month.
  21. I believe you are right, that would account for the Secure SNI part, but I'm more concerned about Secure DNS. Anybody listening on the wire can see the DNS queries I made even though both my router and devices are set to use and It detects that I AM using a secure DNS resolver but not over a secure connection. This is directly from the test result itself as you can see in the picture. Thank you for the reply seven4ever
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