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  1. Yeah, that is true, I didn't think about that
  2. Thursday Brain Tease. What stairs, its a one-story house.
  3. Off the same 20 Movie DVD Set ... Head of the Family (1996) Director Charles Band Just a silly old movies that requires not thought.
  4. Sideshow (2000) On my 20 movie DVD set - been turning to my DVDs lately over regular internet TV and the movie sites I use hardly every update.
  5. <OT> I also like my XP desktop computers (I enjoy the control over the OS) and will likely run them into the ground until I can't use them anymore (Dell 745 OptiPlex and Dell Dimension 3000); so I'll likely hang on to XP so long as there are browsers such as Supermium and Mypal68 (My default browser) - I think we'll have to replace 360 soon when that browser is no longer useful and the last Supermium was much better than the previous version and I think it will improve. 360 Chrome served us well so I can't complain and I know all good things come to an end. <OT>
  6. Will have to revisit that project another time because I rely on live DVD sessions because I can't really give up on my XP installations (on both of my desktop computers) at this point. I use live Linux in the same fashion and for the same reason(s). I hope ReactOS will improve their live iso at some point.
  7. I like Serpent 52 myself over 55 (FF 53 beta). We miss you @VistaLover - hope you are doing alright.
  8. Tzu Chi (Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation)
  9. ^You got it Wednesdays Brain Tease. If I am holding a bee, what do I have in my eye?
  10. Thank you very much for the reassurance. I really appreciate it.
  11. Thank you, Rob. Oh yeah, I'm a teetotal for life now too, not even a drop because I don't think I could stop at even a drop. Yeah, the vivid memories are there for me too and the days waking up in bed with my own p***, those were not good days or the best of me. Whatever awaits me (I haven't a clue) I'll just deal with it sober and only on the meds my doctor prescribes now.
  12. Think I'm just going to bed early tonight. Can't cope any further. I'll likely meditate for 15 minutes and enjoy a decaf coffee and reflect upon that good things that have occurred and be thankful I am not homeless and I have enough money to purchase diet coke every day. Yet, money is not the cause of my pain oddly enough. Good night.
  13. I don't know, I also think the word was much different only 10 years ago and whilst I may have at the time thought was was doing better that was not good because I was drunk and high all the time. Perhaps, too, when I got clean and sober in 2017 I thought everything would just go back to "Normal" but that expectation didn't occur, rather it was a rude awakening, actually and sometime I question "I got sober for *this*"???
  14. I don't know, just can't shake this feeling, I see it all the time in other people I meet in public and people just have this blank stare and empty look, I know its not just me, but I am partly to blame so I need to own up to what I know I'm causing in my own misery and accept (radical acceptance) for what I've no control over. I don't know. Think I need to just see what happens after November (get this sinking feeling) and decide whether or not I'll decide to just hide away forever and stay reclusive for the better of this remaining life - I could do it and be OK. Yeah, can't even write without screwing up so today was (yet again) 'one of those days'. Tomorrow is another day. I hope I can overlook what is going on in the world before its too late. Saddened by what I see and I wish I could go back to a time when I was thriving and actually living. I was much MUCH different and I'm not even 1/2 (not even close) to the man I once was. My plants cheer me up and coffee and toast in the morning.
  15. Creepshow (1982) Writer: Stephen King Stars: Hal HolbrookLeslie NielsenAdrienne Barbeau
  16. I think Supermium is going to be a very logical choice for those using 2000 or XP, but I do wonder how many people will still be stuck on XP this time next year. Once my hardware fails and I have to get something new, I'd likely NOT install XP again because I think it had its day and were just waiting for the same reason (refusal to update/upgrade hardware)....
  17. ^I like the hyphenated words here, makes it more interesting.
  18. Oh I meant I used the latest Chrome on Linux Lite but I'm not sure if it was 114, perhaps not. I did misread that posting.
  19. I'm going to hang on till the bitter end I think.
  20. Yes, I use it but I have to make sure everything in the background is turned off because its get slower as time progresses and I the clear browser traces doesn't work well on my system but that could be a bug - It just hangs from time to time and I use to go to the task manager and close all instances of Chrome.
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